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Where Books Are Hot!!

Click the covers to download now!

Here’s what the Flirty and Dirty girls think is hot right now!!!

Low by Mary Elizabeth


Seduction In Session by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake


The Realm of You by Amanda Richardson


Melt With You by Addison Moore


In This Life by Christine Brae

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LITTLE BLACK BREAK by Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea~ Cover Reveal


The follow-up to New York Times bestseller LITTLE BLACK BOOK


By Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea
Genres: Romance, Erotic, Contemporary


My name’s Sebastian Black, and my life as I know it is over. My little black book days were numbered the minute I met Rosslyn. She became my one and only and lightened my dark soul.
But now my past is threatening my future—threatening the woman I love. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Even if I have to lie—pretend to cheat—I need her to leave my world and remain safe.
Breaking her heart is killing me, but I refuse to let my old sins destroy the only good in my life.
If you love her, let her go. If you’re dangerous like me, pray she stays away. I won’t let her get caught in the crossfire. No matter who I have to break.




Get to know Sebastian before he was BLACK!

Get your copy of LITTLE BLACK BOOK today!



My name’s Sebastian Black, and I want to buy you. I could have any woman I want, but I choose you.
Here’s my offer…
I’ll put your name in my LITTLE BLACK BOOK, and when I want you, I’ll call you. When I call, you’re going to come, in more ways than one. It will be mutually pleasurable for both of us.
There are only two rules:
If you do either, I’ll remove you from my book and payment stops.
Do we have an understanding?
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STARTING OVER by Barbie Bohrman~ Review & Trailer


Single mom Vanessa Holt has a daughter she loves, a supportive family, and her art. Having given up on finding true love—if that even exists, which she doubts—she’s content to put romance on the back burner. But not everyone agrees. Those nearest and dearest are ready to see Vanessa let down her long blonde hair and have some fun.

To put their grumbling to rest, Vanessa agrees to go on a date with the next man who asks. Luckily for her, that man is Cameron Thomas, her daughter’s extremely handsome science teacher. She’d felt a spark of chemistry the first time she’d laid eyes on him. Now she’s ready to lay a whole lot more on the sexy bachelor.

But just as things get hot, they also get heavy. When the man who broke Vanessa’s heart reappears, her old doubts and fears about love rush to the surface. Will her fresh start with Cameron be over before it’s barely begun?

Available January 19th, 2016


Starting Over by Barbie Bohrman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first time reading from this author and I really enjoyed STARTING OVER.
Throughout the book, Bohrman mixed up the humour, angst, and swoon in just the right balance.
The story was fresh and real but also gives the reader the escape they’re looking for.
The characters are well written that even the secondary characters are memorable. Vanessa and Josie’s mother/daughter relationship was strong, endearing and the type of bond any mother hopes to have with their daughter.
I absolutely adored Cameron’s (Mr. Thomas) character. His shy, Star Wars geek was hot and not done enough in romance books. His unassuming charm and charisma made him every much as swoon worthy as the more common tatted up, muscular, obvious hottie book boyfriend.
The characters were mature, straight forward. I really liked that they weren’t whiny or wishy washy.
The humour in the story had me giggling out loud. I always enjoy a romance book that can add laughter to the story.
STARTING OVER is a quick, light, fresh read.
I would definitely read from this author again.
D 4/5


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PROGRESS by Amalie Silver~ Review

#thisbook I can’t get it out of my head. Brilliant!!!! An absolute must read.


Progress by Amalie Silver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#thisbook It’s beyond what words can convey.
From the first chapter until the very end, I was sucked into a vortex of emotions and I kept spinning and spinning until the last words on the page. I wanted the end of the book to introduce itself to me instantly, yet I wanted it to remain a figment of my imagination. Because if we met, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not.
#thisbook reeled me in then let me swim free for a while relishing in the poetic words, the sincerity of the story, only to yank hard on the line reminding me, this was not an easy story, there were hard truths, tough realizations, even harder decisions.
Amalie Silver’s words flow so effortlessly giving the reader a raw and organic story of love that maybe shouldn’t happen, can’t happen, but happens. And while you are watching the whole thing unfold in a string of the most beautiful and soulfully ernest words, it seems to hit you from all sides out of nowhere.
PROGRESS travels deep into your mind and your heart. It takes hold of you, nurturing you yet taking your breath like it’s your last. It brings a smile to your face as the tears slide down your cheeks trying to drown your hope for Jess and Charlie. #this book covers you in dark clouds of grief, guilt and shame but radiates the sun in relief, optimism and forgiveness.
This book will be on my forever favourites list. I haven’t read a book that touched me so deeply in a long time. An absolutely remarkable read.
D 5+++/5

Download to your Kindle device now–

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LOW by Mary Elizabeth~ Review

Hey crew, LOW by Mary Elizabeth is getting set to release on February 1st.

2016 is the year for some amazing words. Low makes that list because beyond the story, is how Mary Elizabeth tells the story.



Low by Mary Elizabeth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where do I begin? This was such an incredible read.
The grittiness, rawness, the on the line, stripped down to the core words on the page. They leave you breathless and clawing for more. They clutch at your soul, at your heart, they jumble your mind and scramble everything you thought you knew about love and freedom. And maybe, just maybe there’s a little bit of a crook in all of us.
What an intricately and multi-faceted story Mary Elizabeth has written. With every turn of the page, I was pulled more deeply into the passion and the exhilaration. The story runs for its life but there are these moments where it stops for a breath and takes a minute to remind you that its a love story and love is worth taking a moment. Love breathes in the ugliest and most desperate situations.
More than the story or the characters, I fell in love with the writing itself. The descriptions in this book (specifically in referencing Poesy)- poetic, poignant, stunning. I know most people fall for the book boyfriend. But in my opinion Poesy made the book without a doubt.
This author has talent. She took a simple story and made it so incredibly dynamic, powerful, symbolic. All your senses are brought into this story. Every piece of you tingles with excitement, anticipation, sadness, reverence, appreciation.
And the ending… perfection, grace.
LOW– an absolute must read!
D 5/5

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Be sure to one click this read.

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IN THIS LIFE by Christine Brae~ Review and Giveaway

Check out my review of this absolutely beautifully told story. Stunning and poignant. Enter the giveaway too!


In this life, there is promise
In this life, there is truth,
In this life, there is happiness
And the hopeful dreams of youth.
In this life, there is someone
Who loves me for all time.
But none of that matters,
Because in this life – in my life,
I know you can never be mine.

This is a story about love, found in a faraway place by two very unlikely people. It is also a story about friendship and loyalty and fighting for what you have despite the illogical mystery of fate. It is a story of faith and acceptance, and learning that even the best-laid plans are powerless against the alignment of the universe.

From the beaches of Thailand to the streets of New York, three friends, Anna, Dante, and Jude will learn the hard way that once providence steps in, there is nothing in the world that can change what is truly meant to be.


An absolutely stunning story from Christine Brae. I have read all of her books and IN THIS LIFE hands down is her best work. The story is raw and down to an organic level that the characters are forced to study what drives their love for someone and whether or not it is enough to propel them forward to have a future with them.
In her fourth novel, you can read through the pages and see how much Brae’s writing has evolved and matured. She left nothing of herself hidden between the lines. I couldn’t imagine how she was able to bare it all in this story after I felt stripped and wounded when I finally came to the final page. And I was just a reader. In This Life roots itself deep into your soul, your heart and your mind. Love is never logical or easy. I was given such an emotional hangover yet with more clarity and understanding as a woman who wants love,but needs to love.
IN THIS LIFE isn’t one of those books with tattooed, rock star hotties but with it is filled with emotional twists, characters who are multifaceted and layered with so many versions of love and emotion. Jude Grayson is an unassuming yet strong book boyfriend. I fell head over heels for him within the first paragraph of being introduced to him. He’s kind, in his strength came his weakness.
Overall, all the characters had the best of intentions, no ill will which made them all likeable and brought you deep into the story. They all fit extremely well within the entire scope of the story.
Christine Brae brought us a poignant, introspective story of love and the many layers of love. I highly recommend this story.
D 5/5 beautiful stars.


Enter for a chance at winning a 1 signed copy or 1 of 3 e-book copies of IN THIS LIFE.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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SLAVE TO LOVE by Julie A. Richman ~ Review



There are risks to mixing business with pleasure…


He was a royal prick.
The night we met, he ignored me.
Then Mr. Big Shot CEO grabbed my ass in a business meeting.
My boss just loaned me out to this guy.
Now, we’re working on a major project together.
And our chemistry is dangerous.
If I allow it to ignite, I’ll risk losing that promotion.
Worse, what if I lose myself in him?


From the moment I saw her I knew she was trouble.
It was the combination of her fresh face, smart mouth and nipples that seemed to know my name.
This woman could satisfy my needs both in the boardroom and the bedroom.
But there was more to it than that.
I wanted her.
Really wanted her.
And I was in the position to change the course of her life.
But I’ve got secrets, secrets that could destroy her.
And either make her mine or drive her away forever.

This is a STAND ALONE novel.

12494725_10153855693439921_2691698649373482947_nREVIEW ~ 

Thoroughly enjoyed this story. Julie Richman has a fabulous talent for bringing social awareness into her stories without feeling like we’re being lectured. She pulls in current events and pop culture without it coming across as a teen gossip magazine.
Inevitably there is always one point in a Julie Richman novel that will leave you in tears. Slave To Love was no different.
Richman creates strong characters both male and female. I love that when she creates an alpha male there is an equally charged and feisty alpha female. The chemistry between Hale and Sierra is perfect. Their banter and sass is trademark to a Richman novel. I fell in love with both of these characters right out of the gates. Richman balances her stories with a great sense of humor, great dirty bits, cheeky flirty bits and just enough angst to tug on your heart strings.
The storyline fits the characters and flows flawlessly. I didn’t want the story to end. I’m hoping there will be a follow up story involving one of the secondary characters– Jeff.
If you haven’t read a Julie Richman book, Slave To Love would be a great introduction.
D 4/5


Slave To Love is available January 14th, 2016

Amazon link: 

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Pushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland ~NEW REVIEW~

Pushing the Limits511s2uMDyEL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Pushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland
My rating: 5 of
5 stars

So, this is my 3rd Brooke Cumberland book and I
have to say that it has cemented her as a must read author for me now.
Each book has been amazing and kept me up until the wee hours of the night
going, “just one more page”.

Pushing the Limits follows Aspen, a
young art student away at college. We learn early on that art for Aspen
began as a coping mechanism for a tragic event that occurred in her youth.
As the beginning of a new semester starts, a new professor begins teaching
at the college. Enter Morgan. The young, sexy, art professor who comes
with some baggage of his own. From the start there is an instant
attraction between Aspen and Morgan.

Quite frankly, the blurb
doesn’t do this book justice. It kind of boils a well though-out and
written book down to one moment within one chapter. However, Pushing the
Limits is so much more than that. Aspen is a phenomenal character. I loved
her from the first moment I met her. She was strong while still being
vulnerable. She was funny without falling into becoming a caricature. She
was young but not immature. She was just everything you want in a lead.
And Morgan is fantastic as well. He’s damaged yet still strong, but not so
strong that he’s unable to lean on someone when he needs help. He’s never
too perfect. I believe that a man like him could exist. As the reader, I
totally understood how these two could fall for each other because I fell
for them too.

Cumberland did an amazing job of building and then
stoking the slow burn. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I need a build up to
two people getting together. Insta-love in books MAKES ME NUTS. The
relationship that Cumberland built between the two throughout the story
was fantastic and paced to perfection. She also was able to keep the
relationship from entering into “icky” town. Sometimes when you start to
get into taboo love stories (like teachers and students) the books can
easily slide into the icky. This book never did. I never once questioned
whether or not this was right or believable. The other thing I loved about
it was the supporting cast of characters. Aspen’s friends are fantastic. I
sometimes feel like author’s have this handbook that says that best
friends need to be vapid and shallow in books, but Cumberland doesn’t
write women that way and I applaud her for it. The other standout was
Morgan’s niece who is filled with personality and wit.

The book
alternates between Aspen and Morgan’s 1st person narrative and this a
standalone. So for all you readers out there burned out on series you just
found your next read.

I honestly didn’t want this book to end. It
kept me turning the page until I had finally turned the last page at 1
a.m. and then I cursed myself for not slowing down and savoring it more.
If you have never picked up a Brooke Cumberland book before then Pushing
the Limits is a fantastic place to start. Solid 5 star read from start to
finish. Brittany

Read Pushing the Limits by Brooke Cumberland here:  http://amzn.to/1IS3iz6

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