1986 by Morgan Parker~ Review



Allana Harrison wanted out. She wanted to escape her painful, broken past and enjoy a fresh start somewhere else. Anywhere else. And while all of the boys in high school and college promised to deliver that dream, only one man actually pulled through.

Now a young adult, Allana finds herself on the opposite side of the world, in a prosperous and rich town that’s not only isolated from her past, but from the crime, grime and hustle of bigger cities, in a country where she doesn’t understand the language or know anybody else except her husband. And that’s how she likes it.

Until she meets Alex, another American who ends up being her only other friend, the one person who reminds her of what it’s like to feel desired, wanted and hungered for.

Except Alex has motives. And Alex has questions — about her husband’s work at the world’s most-advanced, leading-edge power station, questions he wants answered… and when Allana can no longer provide them, Alex threatens to reveal the secrets of their forbidden past, secrets that will destroy the man that saved her.

Caught between two men — one she loves and the other she can’t help but love — Allana must deliberate the role she plays in the moments leading to humankind’s greatest disaster… in 1986.


“Love makes us think it’s about who we love, but that’s backwards. Love should be about who loves us.”

Does conspiracy breed love? Does it prove someone’s love? Does it question one love over another? In 1986 just before the Chernobyl nuclear disaster it most certainly did.
For Vasy, Alex, And Allana, the events leading up to the Chernobyl disaster wove a complicated and twisted web of lies, deceit, understanding, lust, love and truth.

Morgan Parker is not your typical romance writer. His tales are unconventional, eccentric, and most always question the very foundation and essence of love.
In his latest novel 1986, this has never been more true. 1986 Pripyat, Ukraine, the 9th nuclear city of what was then the Soviet Union, is the backdrop for a conspiracist’s dream. While the intricacies of the politics of this time seem to be the plot line, Morgan Parker creates a smoke screen for a sad, emotional love story. Here’s where 1986 sets Morgan Parker apart from other authors. Amongst all his words about spies and nuclear reactors are three people who crave love. Who have the same romantic dreams as the rest of us. When they are hurt by love, they bleed like we do and they dismiss love like we do.
Again, Morgan Parker’s words aren’t your typical love story. You won’t find the obvious, hitting you in the face. There aren’t pages of gratuitous sex or tatted up, bad boy, rocker, billionaires. Parker gives us ‘smart’ love. A story where you question, evaluate, re-evaluate and have more questions because love is never just love.

If you want a read that is well developed, thoughtful, and has a deeper evaluation of relationships, love and one’s search for a love that one can understand, then 1986 is definitely a story to one-click.
D 4/5


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