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Flirty and Dirty Book Blog at TFEiC

Hope that everyone lucky enough to make it to TFEiC in Chicago  is having a FABULOUS time!  Denise and I were unable to attend but our AMAZING friend Jennifer Roberts Hall was kind enough to take our “flat selves” with her.  We are so excited that we got a chance to meet some of our favourite authors 🙂


Feature Friday is here!!! We have Liz Reinhardt



This Feature Friday we have the fabulous Liz Reinhardt! She is a Contemporary/New Adult writer who just released Fall Guy (a MUST READ BTW!). Her work includes the Brenna Blixen Series — Double Clutch, Junk Miles and Slow Twitch. She also collaborated with another fab writer Steph Campbell on the book Lengths (again another MUST READ). She is also the author of Inherit, a mature YA Paranormal, and Forgiving Trinity.

Flirty and Dirty got a chance to catch up with Liz and got a little interview. Here’s how it went down…

Thanks Liz– you know you rock right? We love you.

1. What is it about romance that makes you want to write about it?
I’m kind of a romantic at heart! I met my husband when we were pretty young, and it wasn’t always 100% easy and rosy. We had our ups and downs, but, in the end, we always worked really hard because we are just very much in love. And I love reading about that…about couples who work really hard and do the best they can and seem like maybe they make no sense together, but love each other so much, everyone wants to root for them! After more than 10 years together, I think my husband and I like each other even more than we did when we first me!

2. Do you think you might venture into other genres? (although we really like that you enjoy contemp/romance)

I actually did write a YA para, called *Inherit,* which was an incredibly fun experience and really made my brain work in a whole new way! And I started out writing adult contemporary romance, which was fun, but wasn’t drawing me the way Young Adult and New Adult romance. One thing I’d love to write about is those first few crazy, amazing years of marriage when you’re trying to get your footing and learn how to go from being two separate people to a working unit. And maybe the years with young children. Because little kids are hilarious and I honestly cannot think of anything sexier in my personal life than watching my young, crazy husband become this patient, loving father. It’s absolutely amazing!

3. You co-wrote Lengths with another amazing writer Steph Campbell– how was that? It seems like it would be a difficult task especially to get the right vibe to the book? (Lengths was some AWESOMENESS by the way)

Thank you so much! I’m so thrilled Steph agreed to work with me! What happened was that she was reading my book (*Forgiving Trinity*) while I was reading her book (*Grounding Quinn*), and we’d always been friends, but we suddenly got to emailing more and more. And we were joking that Trinity and Quinn were basically like sister separated at birth, and then I said that we should, maybe, someday write a book together. And Steph was like, “Dude. Don’t joke. Cause I’d love to do that.” She sent me this gorgeous picture from Pinterest and the idea of Marigold, Deo’s mom. Then I wrote a chapter. And she wrote one back. And I wrote another. It was amazing. The story just poured out of us, and I woke up every morning so excited to see if there was a new chapter. It was incredibly fun and Steph and I wound up developing this incredibly fun, easy, lovely, amazing relationship! We plan to write more books together, AND I’m super, super, super excited because I get to meet her at an indie writer get-together this weekend. After countless hours on the phone and online, this will be the first time we meet in person, and we absolutely cannot wait!

4. We gotta ask a couple of Fall Guy questions (I can’t just ignore the fact that Winch is one of the HOTTEST book boys ever!) — was there someone who was an inspiration for his character? or how did you come up with his whole timber/persona? He has just the right amount of bad boy.

This is so incredibly weird, but my first inspiration was this show called *My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.* My mom made me watch it. And there were these travelers who live in Great Britain and they work very hard, but are a little bit of outcasts. And it made me think, ‘What if you were a good person, but got tangled in bad stuff? What would you do?’ And I started re-watching movies like *The Godfather* (which I LOVE), and Winch just took shape in my head. I have a huge crush on him, and am so glad readers have loved him the way I do!

5. Will there be a follow-up to Fall Guy?

There will! I’m currently writing Benelli’s story! And it’s been so interesting, because, where Winch was stuck and looking to get away, Benelli is something of a daddy’s girl and wants to be more involved with the family. It’s just an extremely compelling premise! And I am so in love with Benelli and her man!

6. What do love most about writing? Cuz let’s face it– it’s not always easy.

I absolutely love it when the characters just jump up and down in my brain and demand I write their stories, even when I don’t want to or don’t feel like it. Some days it’s a bit of a grind, but when I go back and re-read, I realize that what was easy for me to write (or hard) is indistinguishable as long as I follow my characters’ voices. I just love when a seed takes root and blossoms in these crazy directions you never expected. It’s almost like looking at a baby picture of your child and thinking, “I have no idea what this baby will look like or be like.” And then, five years later, you look again and say, “Oh, of course! That’s exactly the way she was going to turn out and she’s perfect!”

7. Tell us one thing about Liz Reinhardt that isn’t related to books.

That’s a good question! I love violent, gory mobster movies! And documentaries about anything from the Dali Lama to marijuana! And crazy teen ballet dramas from Australia! I am a very eclectic movie/TV viewer! I hate cooking, I love travelling all over the world, and I plan to learn to ballroom dance one of these days, even if I’m a total klutz!

Thank you SO MUCH for asking me these great, fun, funny questions!! I had such a blast answering them! You girls ROCK!!

Liz is ROCKTASTIC!!! We love her here at Flirty and Dirty and we absolutely love her writing. If you haven’t read any of her books, you are seriously missing out and need to get them right away!!

Here are some links to her blog site and to her books available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble —                                                                                                                            (blog site) (Amazon link)               (Barnes and Noble link)

~COMING SOON~ Reflected in You by Sylvia Day


October 2nd is the much anticipated release date for the sequel to Syliva Day’s novel Bared to You.  Reflected in You is available on for pre-order now.  Just ordered my copy 🙂

Reflected in You: A Crossfire Novel: Sylvia Day: Kindle Store.

~~NEW REVIEW~~ Fall Guy by Liz Reinhardt

Everyone has been buzzing about Liz Reinhardt’s latest novel Fall Guy.  If you haven’t read Fall Guy yet, I would highly suggest adding this to your to-read-next list!

Evan Lennox has had a complicated young life, she has recently moved in with her Grandparents.  She also has a knack for making bad choices, one of which lands her before the courts where she meets Winchester (Winch) Youngblood.  Instantly drawn to each other, Winch is exactly the type of guy Evan should stay away from.  Winch has a complicated life and he knows he should stay away from Evan.  Do either have the strength to stay away??

I loved Fall Guy, it’s a light read without being light on the story.  So much takes place in Fall Guy and yet the story flows with such ease.  Liz Reinhardt is great at character development and I absolutely loved the characters of Evan and Winchester.  I also loved how strong the supporting characters were as they played an important role in this novel.

I couldn’t put Fall Guy down, I kept wanting there to be more.  I am really hoping that Liz Reinhardt keeps the story going… please!!!  Don’t miss out on this great read 🙂   N.  5

(Read September 23,2012) Liz Reinhardt definitely knows how to balance out the sweet Georgian charm and the sexy bad boy in Winchester Youngblood. Just his name is enough to make you fall for this book boy.

Winch is gorgeous, sexy, and he’s hiding something. Evan(Lennox) is beautiful, fierce and trying to compensate for a family that has always been broken. A chance meeting has these two drawn together like a moth to a flame. Both think that maybe they should retreat and not be with one another because of what each thinks is wrong in their life. But they can’t let each other go. They fall hard for each other and discover things that aren’t easy to deal with. Evan does not hold back on what she is feeling– she let’s you know what she is thinking all the while being somewhat guarded yet fierce.
Winch has baggage! Evan is determined to get him to lighten the load and Winch is trying to find balance. He feels responsible and obligated. Together they will find a way to free themselves and let go to really love. Love one another.
Liz is phenomenal at writing this genre. The characters are raw and intense while being funny, honest, and sincere. I really enjoy how she goes back and forth with POV’s yet manages to keep the story fluid and smooth. She adds humour in the banter between characters and being a New Adult book, adds just the right balance of sexy and desire. There always seems to be a character in any of her books that you can relate to on some level. Her secondary characters always play a pivotal role in her stories and aren’t just there for fluff and filler.
FALL GUY is a definite must read! Praise to Liz Reinhardt. D 5

~~NEW REVIEW~~ Down To You by M. Leighton


If you haven’t already read Down To You by M. Leighton, put it on your WHAT-I-NEED-TO-READ-NEXT list, better yet put down what you are reading and read Down To You!  You DO NOT want to miss out on this gem, I promise you!!

I loved M. Leighton’s last novel, Wild Ones so I was really excited to hear that she had a new novel coming out.  I downloaded Down To You the day it was released (at 12am precisely).  As soon as I started it I knew I was done for 🙂  I was completely hooked by the first few pages, and so far by the buzz around, so was everyone else!  The characters are AMAZING!!!  Olivia is fun and fiery, and well Cash and Nash… what can I say except, OHHH MMMM GGGG!!  These are characters you won’t forget anytime soon!  The story is an easy read; it flows effortlessly with a few unexpected twists (I love twists).  I will warn you, this is one of the SEXIEST novels I have ever read 😉  Down To You is HOT but it’s classy SEXY HOT!  I was so upset when I finished it, I needed more.  Thank you Michelle Leighton for writing such an addictive novel!!!  

I promise you, if you are looking for an entertaining sexy read, one that you won’t be able to put down, you need to read Down To You by M. Leighton… my new number 2 read!!!!!  N.   5


~HOT NEW CONTEST~ Win a signed copy of Down To You by M. Leighton

The lovely and talented Michelle Leighton has graciously offered to give one lucky winner, a signed copy of her newest release Down To You!!!  How FABULOUS is this!!!!!

How do I win a copy you ask????  Well since we want to spread the “Down To You” love, we need you to do the following:

Like Flirty and Dirty Book Blog on Facebook
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Follow @flirtydirtybook on Twitter
and post the following to either your Facebook Status or on your Twitter:  “Flirty and Dirty Book Blog LOVES  #DownToYou by @mleightonbooks”.   We’ll show Michelle the love 🙂
(make sure to set your privacy setting to public so we can see your post)
Once you have completed your task respond to this post.  As soon as you see your comment you are entered!  Simple, right?!?!
Contest starts now and will end at 12am PST October 5, 2012

~NEWS~ TFEiC Book Signing Event

For those of you wanting more information about this weekend’s TFEiC book signing event, here is the link:

TFEiC Book Signing Event.

~NEWS~ TFEiC Book Signing Event 2012 – YouTube

This weekend is the TFEiC Book Signing in Chicago.  For those of you luck enough to be going, we are SUPER JEALOUS, LOL!  Have a fabulous time.


TFEiC Book Signing Event 2012 – YouTube.

~TUNES TUESDAY~~ A little something for our Kellan Kyle fans…..

Ok so we know we have a lot of fans of S.C. Stephens novels Thoughtless and Effortless.  Thanks to the lovely Ms. Stephens we have become HUGE fans of Every Avenue.  Listen to Only Place I Call Home by Every Avenue and see if you think this would be Kellan singing to Keira!  Enjoy 🙂

~NEWS ALERT~ Tina Reber and Molly McAdams on USA Today Best Sellers List

Two of our MOST favourite authors are climbing the charts with their recent releases and we couldn’t be happier for them.  Congratulations Tina Reber and Molly McAdams!!!

USA TODAY Best-Selling Books

Tina Reber – Love Unrehearsed is in at the #18




Molly McAdams – Debut release Taking Chances is in at the #23


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