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~NEW REVIEW~ Escalation Clause by Liz Crowe


If you have not read the previous novels in Liz Crowe’s Stewart Realty series I would advise you not to read Escalation Clause first.  Without the background from the previous novels in the series, Escalation Clause will not make sense.

 Jack, Sara and the rest of the characters we have come to love from Liz Crowe’s Stewart Realty series are back in Escalation Clause.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been counting down the days to get my Jack and Rob fix 😉

 Escalation Clause does not disappoint!!   Picking up where Essence of Time left off, everyone is left trying to cope with the aftermath of the devastating tragedy that has profoundly changed them all.   Jack and Sara are up to their old tricks, isn’t this why we love them 😉  Will they be able to break old habits or will this finally be their end…  Rob and Lila are struggling to cope and keep it all together but is their love really strong enough, can they make it as a couple…  Then there’s Maureen (Mo), we have been acquainted with Maureen in previous Stewart Realty series novels but Escalation Clause gives us so much more of her, I absolutely LOVE it!  Getting to know Maureen’s story (and what a FABULOUS story it is!) for me, was such a highlight in this novel. 

 I have always felt close to the characters in this series, feeling that I know them all so well until I read the next novel.  Liz has such a talent for character development, she keeps digging deeper into her characters giving the reader so much more that you can’t help feeling even more connected to them.

In true Liz Crowe style, Escalation Clause is packed full of life… This HOT treasure will have you heart breaking, your blood boiling and your pulse racing!  Liz Crowe has done it again!  N   5/5

To pre-order your copy:

~NEW REVIEW~ Take Me by Olivia Cunning

(Read October 29, 2012) Olivia Cunning never fails to impress with the HOT factor!!!!!! Take Me definitely lit up the pages and burned in the sexiest way possible.
In the first 2 novellas of this series we are introduced to Shade as an obnoxious, cold- hearted man-whore. Take me paints him with more feeling and layers. You will fall in love with the mysterious, detached man behind his shades. I found myself saying, “AWWW” or “That was so sweet.” In Take Me there is so much more to him that he does not want the world to see but Amanda Lange knows otherwise. Spend one night with the front man of Sole Regret and you’ll want him forever.
Although the books in this series are considered novellas, Cunning does an amazing job of not letting the gaps get too big or leaving the story too vague. She does leave you craving for more though. You do have to read all the novellas and in order to get the full picture of all the members of Sole Regret. However, that being said if you read this on it’s own you would definitely get a story of lust, love and need. You would miss out on the deeper story [no pun intended ;)]
Take Me is the third in the series and I can’t wait for Owen and Kellen’s stories. Olivia knows how to do rock and good lovin’!!! D. 4/5

~NEW REVIEW~ Devoured by Emily Snow

(Read October 27, 2012) Took. Me. Under. And consumed me. This was HOT!!! Gorgeous, dominating Rock Star, beautiful, determined woman and vulnerable hearts. Emily Snow rocked this!!!!

Snow brought the right balance of strength, determination, vulnerability, heartache, wanting, lust and love throughout the story. The balance was between characters as it was within characters. The secondary plots of supporting characters were well woven into the main story making it flow; making it more multi-dimensional and layered. I loved how the characters were not completely perfect or completely flawed. You definitely could envision the chemistry between Lucas and Sienna.
There were some moments I found myself completely frustrated with Lucas and Sienna. I’m hoping it is because these moments will be revealed in book two. But I found myself wondering what it was that made their previous history so complicated and why, other than the past is now the past, why it would be a big deal now. This didn’t make the book fall apart or anything. It was just something I found myself asking more than once.
The plot was believable and nothing too over the top- especially being that Lucas is a famous rockstar. Many of Lucas’ secrets have not been divulged but you know they are hanging in the story somewhere. That being said, it was great to see that there was some growth and change in both the main characters.
Devoured is Emily Snow’s debut novel. She did a freaktastic job!!!! I can’t wait to be taken and completely “Consumed” — which is set for release in 2013.
Devoured is one that should be on your TBR list. D. 4/5

~NEW REVIEW~ Showtime by Chloe Kayne


(Read October 26, 2012) A dark and eerily beautiful love story. Love for a new life, Love for belonging. Love for new family. And a love that will make you run away with the circus.

Lose yourself in a world of wonder and deceit as you get to know Laila Vilonia and her crew of misfits in the Marvelle Circus. It’s 1918 and Laila suddenly finds herself thrust into a world that demands hard work, strength, tenacity and that you always check over your shoulder.

I absolutely love how author Chloe Kayne portrayed life in a traveling circus. From the outside looking in, it is all glamour, beauty and the big white top. But circus life is dark, mysterious almost haunting. Kayne portrayed this so well in Showtime; giving it an edge and bitterness making the most spectacular show come alive.
There were a few moments, where I felt the story lost its historical feel— mainly through some of the dialogue of Laila and her friends. However, being a YA novel, it is almost needed to convey the relationships between some of the characters. You can actually understand and see the parallels of Inter relationships of current day teenagers and those of Laila and her crew in a world of love, jealousy and deceit.
I so enjoyed how Kayne introduced us to this new series through her character development. She invited us in just enough to get a keen sense of who these people were and where they had been but cloaked us in enough vagueness that book two (Spotlight) will be eagerly anticipated and a thrill to read. This is a bit of a longer read, yet I never felt like it dragged on or there was too much monotony. The story flowed and was well thought out and sequenced. Stay tuned because the circus is coming to town again. Enter the dark and look for the Spotlight…. Spotlight (Marvelle Circus #2) is set for release in 2014. D. 4/5

~NEW RELEASE~ Checkmate by R.L. Mathewson

For all of you who have been waiting patiently for the next installment in R.L. Mathewson’s Neighbour from Hell series, CHECKMATE….. Check out what R.L. has to say via the link below.  You can download your copy today via Smashword thanks to R.L.’s CHECKMATE for charity.  I downloaded mine and can’t wait to get home and read it 🙂


~NEW REVIEW~ Exquisite by Ella Frank

I have just finished reading the most amazing novel, Exquisite by Ella Frank. There are some reads that you know, just by the first few pages; you are going to be hooked. Exquisite did just that to me!  Right from the beginning Exquisite grabbed my attention and didn’t let go!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down!

 I absolutely loved the characters in Exquisite, each character being a strong and well-developed personality.  I love when an author can make me feel emotionally attached to the characters in a story.  I felt a strong connection to each of them, especially Lena.  Lena is a complicated character and I felt an instant love for her.   I wanted to know what she was about and where she was headed. Then there’s Mason, what can I say about Mason except that he has become another Book Boyfriend of mine (shhhh don’t tell my husband, LOL)!  Mason is a fabulous character, strong, fun and a little dark.  Just when I thought I had him all figured out…

Exquisite is a beautifully written story that has so much to offer the reader.  If you are looking for a read that will engage all of your emotions, look no further. While my emotions were taken on quite the rollercoaster ride I wasn’t left feeling devastated.   

 Exquisite has everything I look for in a novel, a nice flow, packed with lots of story and loveable characters.  Exquisite is also very HOT, very sexy HOT!  Ella Frank has written a brilliant novel, one that I am still thinking about!  N  5/5


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