~*~2013 TOP TEN LIST~*~

Hey crew!!!

2013 has been a year of amazing books!!! The list was so hard to come up with. Most of the books we read have some kind of merit to make it to our top reads list. So while we really want to put every single one we read this year on the list, here are each of our top 10’s!!! They are in order 1-10 from the left to the right.

Please remember that we loved many other books and thought they were brilliant as well but people like lists so we’ve conformed to a top 10 😉 Each of these books touched us and resonated with us in different ways. They took us on a different journey that we needed to embark on. While they may not be on your top 10 or on each other’s top 10, they are very deserving of being on the list. Ugh, we hate lists! LOL

You can click on the picture to download it to make it one of your top 10’s.


1. Arsen- Mia Asher 2. Light In The Shadows- A. Meredith Walters 3. Ruining You- Nicole Reed 4. The Thrill of It- Lauren Blakely 5. Non Friction- Morgan Parker 6. Freeing- E.K. Blair 7. Sweet 42- Andrea Randall 8. Rule- Jay Crownover 9. Can’t Go Home- Angelisa Stone 10. Watch Over Me- Tara Sivec


1. What’s left Of Me- Amanda Maxlyn 2. Beautiful Player- Christina Lauren 3. Rumor Has It- Jill Shavis 4. Fallen Too Far- Abbi Blines 5. Conversion- S.C. Stephens 6. Remy- Katy Evans 7. If Forever Comes- A.L. Jackson 8. Suicide Note- Teresa Mummert 9. Room For You- Beth Ehemann 10. The Proposal- Katie Ashley


1. Arsen- Mia Asher 2. Extreme Love- Abby Niles 3. Hopeless- Colleen Hoover 4. Worthy Of Redemption- L.D. Davis 5. Real- Katy Evans 6. Fever- Maya Banks 7. Burning Up- Marie Coulson 8. Light In The Shadows- A. Meredith Walters 9. Reckless- S.C. Stephens 10. Ruin- Rachel Van Dyken


1. Find You In The Dark- A. Meredith Walters 2. Vain- Fisher Amelie 3. Consequences- Aleatha Romig 4. Beautifully Damaged- L.A. Fiore 5. Reckless- S.C. Stephens 6. Light In The Shadows- A. Meredith Walters 7. Captive In The Dark- C.J. Roberts 8. Zane- Nicole Edwards 9. Losing Hope- Colleen Hoover 10. Ruin- Rachel Van Dyken

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