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~BREI BETZOLD Spotlight Day~

Hey crew we’ve got Brei Betzold heading up the day. She is the author of the My Misery Muse Series and Painted Lines. Both of which I loved. Check out my reviews for book #1 in My Misery Muse and for Painted Lines. There’s an awesome alternate ending for Painted Lines.We’ve also got a fabulous interview with the boss herself. She’s down to earth and we love her to bits her at F & D. also be sure to leave a comment to this post to be entered for an Amazon copy of either My Misery Muse or Painted Lines. I’ll pick two winners. Your post should include which book you want and why you want to read either of the stories.



Warning: This is not a fluffy love story – it contains and alludes to violence, torture and rape – a heroine broken in mind but not spirit – a hero with his own past regrets.

Scout has always wanted to follow in her family’s business of custom bike building. Being female never stopped her from getting greasy and slapping on paint with the best of them, and made her work even harder at opening up her own shop someday.

When an opportunity to win $500,000 dollars in prize money presents itself, Scout and her group of misfit friends sign on the dotted line to be filmed for a reality television show to win it. But like anything in life there’s always a catch to free money.

When nightmares of the past meet dreams of the future, Scout is forced to face her demons, or be quickly over run by the memories. In the midst of her inner turmoil, family will come home, and possibly a life she never expected to have could be within her grasp.

D’s review:

Click here to read my review of PAINTED LINES


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Click here to view the alt ending for Painted Lines

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First young love gets sidetracked by dreams that take them on two different journeys, but an unknown bond brings them back together again. Devi Porter an up-and-coming tattoo artist in Dallas is trying to live her life as best as possible, but never able to forget the love she had with Seth. Seth a bassist for the popular band My Misery Muse is struggling with his fellow band members with the lifestyle that he now lives. The band decides to go home to Dallas to work on their latest album as well as to work out their problems out from under the glare of the media. Seth and Devi meet up again and both realize they have a lot to work out between themselves as well. As they get reacquainted life and obstacles are thrown at them at every turn, are they able to overcome them to become the family neither really had?

D’s Review of MMM:

Click her to read my review of MY MISERY MUSE

FAITH book two in this series is also available!!!


Hey Brei,

Thanks for stopping by Flirty and Dirty Today.

So let’s have some fun with this interview. I usually leave this for the end of the interview but let’s jump right in *winks and laughs* This is gonna be good…

Tell us one flirty thing about you and one dirty thing about you.

Hmm something flirty about me…honestly I am a reserved person in some ways with expressing how I feeling but blunt with my opinions.   My husband says I portray everything through my eyes though.  Then again the first time I kissed my husband he ran away, to make sure I wasn’t drunk, so obviously I suck at flirting.  Dirty hmm lots of things dirty about me, this took some deliberation.  So I have a slight addiction to gay erotica, there is just something about reading to men going at it without the worry of hurting the other.  The lack of restraint, just works.

This is your third book. The first two were from you’re my Misery Muse Series. How do you feel you have changed or grown in your writing over the span of these three stories?

With My Misery Muse it was scary, new, and I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into, when I got the response I did to it, it surprised me.  Now though, thanks in part to Painted Lines, I have found I like the darker side.  I am not as weary to write about things that are whispered about behind hands, or hidden in closets.  I think that realization will have an effect on what’s to come, even in the My Misery Muse series.  I also am more comfortable writing about sex, the first time is scary and uncomfortable, but after some practice it flows easier.

One thing I notice in your stories, which I’m not sure many notice or not, is the underlying but very strong current of family and loyalty to family whether through blood or circumstance. Which by the way is a huge draw for books to me. What does family mean to you? And why is it important for you to portray that in your books?

Family is everything to me, I would do anything for them.   I have friends that I haven’t seen in years but if they called me at 2 a.m. and said they needed me I would be there in an instant.  It’s something that’s been ingrained in me by my parents.   Along with family isn’t always blood sometimes it based off an understanding, a friendship, something sometimes stronger than blood.

It’s important because I think it’s often something that’s overlooked, that they’ll always be there.  I’ve learned though that’s not always the case, so I hold those to me closely and I think that reflects in my books.

I love the characters that you introduce us to. The banter you create between some of them is funny as all get out. Are you funny gal by nature? Would your friends and family describe you as the joker in the group?

No, they would say I am the quiet one that likes to watch interaction play out.  Also that my sense of humor is often odd and perverse.

What does writing do for you? What could you do without in the writing world?

Writing helps keep me sane, it’s my outlet.  If I didn’t have writing I would probably make an attempt at something like photography or painting.  A different way vent.

What is it about the NA Genre you enjoy writing about? Do you plan on trying your hand at any other genres?

I love the age group of NA, early 20’s when it’s still socially expected to do stupid shit and fuck up.  It’s a fun age that I thoroughly enjoyed, because all too soon real life creeps in.  When that happens you lose the last visages of naiveté and childhood.  You’re expected to grow up and conform to do things like pay rent.  Yes I do plan on trying out other genre’s, paranormal holds some interest, I have a love of Urban Fiction.  I’ve also thought about a YA novel but we’ll see.

Where do you get the inspiration for your characters? The girls are kickass, funny and sexy.  I love their strength. And the guys well… *blushes* the guys will have you dropping their panties.

Some of it is my life, the people I know and met along the way.  I have met a lot of interesting people in my life, a lot of strong women.  I like to write about strong women, they are interesting multi-faceted.    Other parts I have no clue they just sorta pop up as I am writing and I just go with it.

How do you come up with the settings for your books- I mean My Misery is a tattoo and rock mash up and Painted Lines… omg Painted Lines—the custom choppers base for the story is sick! I loved that premise.

You write what you know right?  My parents are interesting people, I was raised around musicians, artists, bikers, race car drivers and many others.  So I just took what I know and ran from there.

I will say both MMM and PL both dealt with subjects that are difficult- especially in Painted Lines. How do you balance the sensitive nature of that sort of topic along with keeping the story sexy and hip?

Beta readers lots and lots of help from beta readers, they are truly a life saver.  Part of it is also instinct.  Instinct played a lot with Painted Lines, there were things that happened in that book that gave me nightmares as I was writing it.  So I walked a thin line with giving enough of the details but trying not to get too involved with the details.  Painted Lines was difficult to write for me, but I am glad I did.

Do you have a release date for the next My Misery Muse instalment? How about Painted Lines? By the way, you stole my heart with Painted Lines. I absolutely loved that one.

Tribal (My Misery Muse 2.5) has a hopeful release date of September 13th better well known as Friday the Thirteenth.    As for Painted Lines, I have decided to write a follow up only it will not be in Scouts POV, as for a release date I am hoping for spring of 2014.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to talk with us. Can’t wait to read more from you.  Keep it flirty and dirty girl.

Author deets:

Bio— Brei Betzold is a stay at home mom to one very interesting little boy. She has been writing since 7th grade when her English teacher turned her onto poetry and never stopped. In high school, she had yet another English teacher inspire her to start writing short stories where she found her first true love, turning words into something so simple yet complex that it can move other people to love it or hate it, but in the end to feel emotions about something she created. She can usually be found reading, writing, playing Lego’s with her son, or snuggled on the couch while her two favorite boys battle it on the Xbox.

Social Links


Twitter— @breibetzold





2 Winners!!! Amazon of either My Misery Muse or Painted Lines. Enter a comment to this post telling me which book you would like to read and WHY!!  Don’t forget the why part.

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~PAINTED LINES by Brei Betzold~ Review

17396742Well Brei Betzold threw me off the track. Painted Lines was so not what I was expecting it to be. In fact it blew me away. In her debut novel My Misery Muse, she wrote about tatted up rock boys and tattoo shop guys. Painted Lines was none of that. This series went after your heart in ways her other book couldn’t even touch—and My Misery Muse was a great story. Painted Lines is not an easy story with a grim but real premise to it. Be prepared to get your hands dirty with this one.

Painted Lines departed from the typical book boy god premise. She gave us a team of misfits if you will, that inch their way into your heart without you even knowing how deeply rooted they become. What is so cool about the characters in this book is how they work as one unit. Their loyalty and love for one another is not without fault but they stay tightly tethered to one another. The boys in Painted Lines earn their book boy rights not through their good looks or alpha male dominance but because of their fierce protectiveness towards the female m/c Scout, their heart and even their fear for their family ties becoming severed. These boys are not individuals but a whole. Another thing that is on my list of why I love Brei’s books is- even though the girls in the stories have problems or are damaged, they are not wussy pushovers. There is still a spark to them that makes them feisty and beautiful.

I absolutely love that Brei Betzold has such an intense undercurrent of family in her stories. Painted Lines really solidifies this and that family is made not only from blood but also by circumstance.  Brei also pushes the atypical boundaries especially in writing NA/Contemporary stories. Her characters aren’t perfect, or perfectly imperfect. She doesn’t build them with societal stereotypes or conformities. And you will never see this ring truer than in Painted Lines.

The humor in Painted Lines and Betzold’s other stories is funny as all get out. I love that there is this element so that you are not taken under and suffocated by the darker situations of the story. She’s got a wicked sense of humor that plays so well into her characters and the story line.

Painted Lines had me wanting more. I found myself disappointed when there were no more pages to read. So now I wait—hopefully not too long because I need more of Scout, Thayne, Cas, Simon, Kale, and Liam. I also love the motorcycle/ custom bike side story. Bikes are hot!!

Although I found there were a number of spelling/grammar errors, this was still a great read. The only thing that stopped this from being a 5 star read for me was there were a couple of areas I felt were a bit rushed in the story or I just wanted more out of the development of a couple of scenes.

Painted Lines will still be listed as one of my favorite reads. D 4/5

Link to Amazon:



~NEW REVIEW~ Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea


First let me say congratulations to Rebecca Shea for an incredible debut!!!  You know that feeling you get when you start a book and BAM you’re instantly hooked?!?!  That’s exactly what happened to me when I started reading Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea.  I just knew it was going to be amazing and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put it down.  This beautiful love story melted my heart but then it broke my heart and I wasn’t sure if it was ever going to be repaired.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and for me to be completely emotionally destroyed.  While I wasn’t emotionally gutted by Unbreakable it did have a profound affect on my heart.    Unbreakable is sexy and hot but not over the top hot.  The connection and sexual tension Ms. Shea created between the characters is what made Unbreakable so sexy… fabulous!!  I know I was biting my nails!!  😉  Rebecca Shea has created beautiful characters in Jesse, Gabe and Landon and, I felt emotionally invested in each of them.  But honestly, all of the characters in this book were brilliant.  I felt that each and every character played an important role in the story and that the story wouldn’t have  been the same without them.  They will all find a place in your heart.

Rebecca Shea broached a tough subject and she did it with tact and class.  I was grateful to her for not leaving me a complete emotional wreck.  Don’t get me wrong, I was completely affected by what I read and I felt that my heart had been stomped on BUT, I was able to get past it and move on. 

If you are looking for a beautiful angst filled sexy love story that will touch your heart so profoundly… look no further!   You will want to read Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea!  N. 4/5
Amazon Link

B&N Link:

Kobo Link:

imageAbout Rebecca Shea

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and currently reside in Phoenix, AZ with my family and our beagle “Miles”.

Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy spending time with friends, hiking, watching my boys play football, my daughter dance, and baking (not cooking…those are two very different things!)

I am obsessed with coffee and diet coke and can’t live without my iPad.

~SPOTLIGHT & REVIEWS~ Scarlett Metal’s I Remember You Series

Today’s spotlight is on Scarlett Metal’s Rock Star romance series, I Remember You.  These novellas are incredible!  For those of you who love stories about Rock Stars I encourage you to read these!!! You do not want to miss out on Lance and Sam’s story <3



I remember youI Remember You

Lance never got over his teenage love despite years of trying to forget her with alcohol, music, and other women.

Samantha dated lots of different guys after Lance, guys most girls would love to have even a chance with. No one can make her happy though; she compares them all to Lance.

Fate brings them together when Lance is in town for some family business. They end up spending a passionate night together but can they be more? Can they finally find their happily ever after?


“We spent the summer with the top rolled down.  Wished every summer would be like this.  You said I love you babe, without a sound.  I said I’d give my life for just one kiss.  I’d live for your smile and die for your kiss”  I Remember You – Skid Row




Nic’s Review of I Remember You

Being a teen in the 80’s I was into all of the metal hair bands so when I saw the title I Remember You I was reminded of one of my favourite songs from way back when.  Little did I know that when I one-clicked I Remember You by Scarlett Metal, I would fall head over heels in love with this story.  I Remember You is Lance and Sam’s epic story!  Being a novella, I wasn’t expecting too much just a quick hot read…Boy was I wrong.  I Remember You is full of story.  So much happens in this sexy, hot, slightly angsty read that you will forget you are reading a novella!  The only problem I had with I Remember You was that I wanted more!  I was completely addicted to this novella and its fabulous characters!  Honestly I felt like I had just uncovered a hidden treasure with I Remember You.  If you are looking for a quick and sexy hot read that will steal you heart away… I Remember You by Scarlett Metal is your next read!!!  N.  5/5



Home sweet homeHome Sweet Home

Things for Lance and Samantha have been picture perfect since they reunited four years ago. They are happily married with a little girl and another baby on the way. Lance’s career with the Forbidden Gods is stronger than ever. Samantha has some best-selling books to her name and her writing career is taking off.

In just a few short months, that perfect world starts to shatter. Lance has to go on tour without Sam. He has creative differences with management over the band’s latest album that have left him frustrated. He suffers loss after loss, not knowing if he can take much more. He turns to alcohol to numb the pain just like he did all those years ago when Sam left him.

Sam tries to be strong for her family when tragedy threatens to pull them apart but when Lance isn’t there for her when she needs him the most, she questions everything she ever believed about them and their love.

Lance is lost and hanging by a thread. Can Sam save him? Or is it too late? Will Lance be able to find his way back home?

Take me to your heart.  Feel me in your bones.  Just one more night and I’m comin’ off this long and winding road” Home Sweet Home – Motley Crew

Nic’s Review of Home Sweet Home

LOVE <3 this series and LOVE <3 Sam and Lance!!! I promise this novella has everything you are looking, it’s the WHOLE package!! Romance, angst and some serious SEXYNESS! I have am having a major book hangover right now because I love this couple so much and didn’t want this story to end!!! I was beyond excited when I heard that Scarlett Metal had written a second novella to I Remember You. Home Sweet Home, another FAB read titled after one of my favourite 80′s hairband metal songs was everything I had hoped for and wanted, the only problem…. AGAIN, I wanted more!!! Home Sweet Home was just as sexy as I Remember You but I also found it more gut wrenching then I Remember You. I love how Scarlett Metal incorporates real life in her stories which, had me feeling even more of a connection to the characters this time around. BUT, what I loved the most about Home Sweet Home is the love connection I felt between the characters. Home Sweet Home is a sexy romantic love story . This novella is packed with just as much story as the first and again, you won’t believe that so much story came out of this little treasure.  N. 5/5

Other Titles by Scarlett Metal


~JAKE UNDONE by Penelope Ward~ Cover Reveal and Blurb

Hey crew check out this cover for Penelope Ward’s second book JAKE UNDONE!!! Due out this fall, it’s the companion book to GEMINI. It can be read as a stand alone though.

Jake Undone Penelope Ward Cover

TITLE: JAKE UNDONE by Penelope Ward



Nina Kennedy was alive…but not living…until she met him.

Planes, trains, heights…you name it, Nina was afraid of it and led a sheltered life ruled by irrational fears and phobias. When she moves to Brooklyn for nursing school, that life is turned upside down, as she develops an intense but unwanted attraction to her gorgeous roommate, who’s pierced, tattooed and just happens to be the smartest person she’s ever met.

Behind Jake Green’s rough exterior and devilish smile, lies a heart of gold. He makes it his mission to change Nina’s outlook on life. When he agrees to tutor her, they forge a bet and the stakes are high as Jake forces Nina to face her demons. He just wasn’t expecting to fall hard for her in the process.

What Nina doesn’t realize, is that Jake has been living his own private hell. Once he drops a bombshell, will their love survive it?

*Told in two parts from both Nina and Jake’s points of view, Jake Undone is a standalone story and a companion to the novel, Gemini.

Want to read Gemini first? Click the book cover to download to your Kindle or Kindle App supported device…


~NEW RELEASE~ Fatalism by LK Collins is LIVE

Fatalism  by LK Collins is LIVE on Amazon!!!  This is on my TBR and fingers crossed I will be reading it later this week.  Looks FAB!

~COVER REVEAL~ Undying Love by Teresa Mummert


I am FREAKING out!!! How gorgeous is the cover for Teresa Mummert’s new book, Undying Love?!?!? Brilliant job by the talented Berto Designs!


~SEARCHING FOR TOMORROW by Katie Mac~ Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

Hey crew we are so excited and happy to be able to share the cover for our girl Katie Mac’s debut novel SEARCHING FOR TOMORROW!!! Check it out and the synopsis. You’ll want to add this story to your TBR. And be sure to enter the giveaway.



What happens when you find
the one person who completes you, and then life conspires against you? How do
you set your grief and anguish aside? How do you pick up the shattered pieces,
put those pieces back together again, and try to move on?
Katie and Tripp met on the
playground the first day of third grade when Tripp tried to rescue Katie from
Zack, her twin brother. A lifelong friendship that later blossomed into love
began that day.
Broken beyond her own
ability to repair, Katie boxes her grief up and attempts to raise her three
girls the best she can on her own. As time slowly passes, Katie relives her
times with Tripp while struggling most days to even get out of bed. She is
reminded of him at every turn.
Zack is Katie’s twin brother
and was Tripp’s best friend. Having lost his own love, he dedicates himself to
helping Katie put her life back together. Throw in a mother-in-law who torments
at every turn and poor Katie can’t even find a chance to breathe, much less a
desire to somehow search for tomorrow.

Author Interview:

Tell us 5 surprising things about yourself.
  • 1.
    I am a PK. If you know what that means, then you
    know what that means.
    I have always wanted to be a red head with long,
    beautiful corkscrew curls.
    No matter what I’m doing, I would rather be
    outside, day or night, hot or cold, rain or shine.
    I was awarded two separate scholarships when I
    graduated high school. One was a teaching fellowship and the other was for
    I love to cook, almost as much as I like to eat.
    I spent a couple of years as a private cook for a local family and loved every
    minute of it

    What is your writing environment?


At the moment, I have a makeshift
office in my pantry! If need be, I can shut the door and cut off part of the
noise. I hope to have a more permanent space soon.
One of your favorite quotes.
whom much is given, much is required.          
Random things about my novel.
Just a bit of nonsense. I am Kathryn
Anne, and my two sisters are Rebekah Elizabeth and Sarah Margaret. My husband
is Channing, and my son is Zachary. One of my daughters is Elizabeth, and I
still have to work my daughter Brittany into the book. Highlands is my most
favorite place in the world to go when my soul need refreshing. Last, but not
least, I actually had a great-grandma Tiddy!
Flirting Questions
What does love feel like? 
Warm, fuzzy, secure, safe,
How did you meet your significant other? 
In the lobby of the
bank that I worked in. I was on all fours under a Christmas tree tightening the
screws in the base. What can I say? Baby got back!
If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be? 
trip I take with Hubs is romantic. One of his favorite things to do is to whisk
me away to wine and dine me.
Do you believe in love at first sight? 
Absolutely! Ask me
how I feel about my grandson Grayson!

Author Links

About this author If you are reading this, I think you should know that “About me” sounds so very pretentious to me. I guess that is what I am supposed to write about, so here it goes!

Katie Mac is a simple country girl who likes to spend time with her hubba, hunka hubby, her three kids and her friends. She loves to cook and really loves to eat! During the spring and summer, you will more than likely find her outside puttering around in her garden. When the veggies start coming in, she will probably be sweating over a hot canner in the kitchen, canning all the goodies she is blessed with. Katie likes to hike and go camping, and as a Girl Scout leader, she gets to do this pretty often! On cold winter nights, you will probably find her wrapped in a warm blanket, lost in a good book, while sitting in her rocking chair on the front porch!
Katie was born and raised in North Carolina, and while she loves to travel, she can’t imagine ever leaving the mountains that she has come to call home. Not a day goes by that Katie doesn’t thank God for abundantly blessing her. He has been so good to her, and she is very grateful. She holds Jeremiah 29:11 very close to her heart and believes it with every fiber of her being. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Katie loves flip flops, chocolate, sweet tea and dirt between her toes. As far back as she can remember, she’s had a book in her hand. Reading has carried her to places she will never go. It has introduced her to people that she will never meet. When life is great and when it is rough, she’s always been able to find a book to carry her through. She finally decided to write down some of the stories in her head (yes, be scared) and heart after dawdling around and wasting years dreaming. She hopes you enjoy reading those stories as much as she loves writing them!/span></span><o:p></o:p></div>


Enter to Win!


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Home Sweet Home by Scarlett Metal is LIVE on Amazon!!!!

I LOVE the I Remember You series by Scarlett Metal.  These novellas will blow your mind, fabulous stories and HOT HOT HOT reads!  Home Sweet Home, the second instalment is LIVE on Amazon and it’s AMAZING! If you love Rock star reads do not miss out on these incredible novellas!! Both are only $.99 each which really is a ridiculous price for these amazing stories!!!


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