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~COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY~ Villere House by Leslie Fear & C.D. Hussey


“Villere House” by Leslie Fear & C.D. Hussey
Coming Early Fall, 2013
The last thing college senior Lottie Boyd expected while on
spring break in New Orleans was having strange, yet vivid dreams of a 19th
century young widow, desperately trying to save her dying little girl. When
doctors are unable to do more, the beautiful woman in Lottie’s dreams is forced
to go beyond her beliefs for one last attempt.
Compelled to find answers, Lottie is drawn toward the historic
Villere House of Voodoo, where she meets the owner, Xavier Villere. She is
attracted to his intriguing creole good looks, but his skepticism of his
family’s century-old link to Voodoo and the occult keep pushing her away. It
isn’t until Xavier begins experiencing unexplainable events from his own past
that he begins to understand why he must help Lottie with hers.

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~TEMPORARY BLISS by BJ Harvey~ First 2 Chapters

Hey crew,

BJ Harvey is getting set to release her next book titled TEMPORARY BLISS August 29th!!! She wants everyone to know a little bit about it so she’s decided to share the first two chapters of it!!!! Check it out and add TEMPORARY BLISS to your TBR.

Temporary Bliss - BJ Harvey 2

Chapter 1 – “Stupid Boy”

I’m sitting on the bed in our dingy one bedroom apartment, having survived another day of living in Dalton, Ohio, without a job, without school, and effectively without a life. I’m waiting for my boyfriend Beau to get home from work. He works as a mechanic at the local garage down the street and usually finishes around 6 p.m. I know he’ll be home soon, even if it is only to check that I’m here waiting for him. He’s always had a slight possessive streak; it used to make me feel wanted and needed, but it seems to have kicked up a notch in the past six months.

Beau and I met in high school in our senior year. He was a late transfer student who started with only a few months left before graduation. He pursued me fervently, and despite my parents being concerned about their somewhat sheltered daughter going out with the neighborhood’s new resident bad boy, we fell in love, and we fell in love hard.

He was known for his trademark black leather jacket and dark blue denim jeans, both of which were his staple wardrobe. He’d occasionally mix it up with a wife beater in the summer, but whenever we were out he’d wear that jacket and a shirt underneath. I don’t remember a day that he ever wore shorts, and the only time I’d see his legs would be in bed. His black hair was worn a bit too long, but he always managed to make it look good. His eyes were a deep aqua blue that could strip you bare with one heated look. Yes, he was THAT guy.

He promised me the world and beyond. We’d park up by the lake and talk of the future, of our lives together and all of the things we could achieve. It was one of those high school romances that you read about. Me being the naïve, somewhat innocent and impressionable eighteen year old girl that I was back then, believed that he could give me the world.

We’d been together for a year when he lost his job in Chicago and I started noticing a change in him. Gone was his ever present smile when we were together; more often than not he would be withdrawn and seemed as if he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Then, he got a job offer from his Uncle in Dalton, Ohio. He needed a new mechanic and wanted to help Beau out. Beau begged me to go with him; said he loved me and couldn’t bear to live without me.

My parents and my best friend, Kate, were dead against it. They had noticed the change in Beau. They’d never been happy with our relationship, so they weren’t shy at expressing their concerns about moving across a whole other state to live with my “bad boy” boyfriend, and were vehemently against me giving up nursing school to do so.

In the end, Beau used the ace up his sleeve, something I didn’t see coming until it was too late.

He blackmailed me into moving with him.

We were lying in bed one night, having just made love, and I was stuck in the post-coital haze that had my mind thinking of fluffy bunnies and rainbows. He rolled over and brushed the hair out of my face. “I can’t leave you behind, so I’ve decided you’re coming with me, Mac. It’s you and me against the world. I can’t survive without you, baby.”

And just like that, it was decided.

The thing with emotional blackmail is that it is much easier to see what’s happening when you are outside of the situation. When you are at the center of it, you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Despite my deep seated reservations and the increasingly disturbing behavior that Beau was exhibiting towards me, I went with him.  I believed a change in scenery would do him good.

About a month after our arrival in Ohio, his possessive streak went into overdrive. He had made a new group of friends from the garage who were all about partying, drinking, smoking weed and having sex. Since Beau had me and was already getting the sex, he dove head first into the drinking and drugs side of that equation. Often staying out for days at a time, or skipping work because he was too hung over.

It has gotten so bad now that I’m starting to think that my sweet, loving boyfriend from high school was all an act. Whenever we are in public, he is all over me, claiming me as his, but behind the closed door of our apartment he can be distant and aloof. When he’s drunk, he berates me and puts me down constantly. He complains that I’m a burden on him and how he works his ass off to support us and I should be more thankful.

So here I am, jobless with no school to keep me occupied, and the only person I’m close to here is Beau. He seems to relish that idea; the idea that I need him and can’t get by without him. Every day he comes home from work and grills me on where I’ve been, who I’ve seen, and what I’ve done that day. I used to take it as a sign of his love for me and the naïve girl that I was still held out hope that I would get my old Beau back.

Things are so bad now that I’ve had to put a screen lock on my cell phone. He’s checking through my messages to see who I’ve been talking to, questioning who has been texting me, and calling me during the day while he’s at work to make sure I’m home. He’s also made it clear that because he’s the one who is working and paying for us to live here; that everything I have is because of him and I should be grateful.

Some nights, when he actually does come home, he’ll berate me. He’ll get right in my face, threatening to throw me out and never see me again; saying that I couldn’t survive without him, and how I shouldn’t even try to say no to him.

I’ve started thinking about ways to escape my life, and to be honest, how to escape from under Beau’s thumb. I don’t want to live here anymore; this is not the life I envisioned for myself when I left high school.

I was born and raised in Chicago. That is where my heart lies, but when you’re young and in love, you’re willing to go anywhere to be with them.  That was my idealistic philosophy in the beginning anyway. Before Beau started to change; started to become a hollow shell of the man I first met in high school.

I’m struggling to keep up appearances with Beau now, and I’m finding it near impossible to hide my growing distaste for his possessive streak, his ability to tear me apart with hateful words, and his all-night benders filled with alcohol, weed, and God knows what else.

My problem is that I’m trapped. No friends, no money of my own, no hope of ever escaping. Beau has said a number of times that he’ll never give me up; that I’m his girl. I know he’ll never leave me, either. It will take something major for him to let me go.

As of 4.30 p.m., this afternoon, that something major became the worst news of my life.

As I sat in the free clinic bathroom stalls, watching the cardboard stick slowly show one pink line then another, my plans as I knew them were flushed down the toilet, just like the left over pee in the test cup.

I was in a daze as the doctor explained the need for prenatal care and vitamins I had to take. Congratulating me, when all I wanted to do was breakdown and cry. We’d always taken precautions, me more so than Beau, so I’ve been on the contraceptive injection since leaving Chicago. The last thing I need is to get pregnant, stuck in my soul destroying life with Beau, and living away from my best friend and parents.

Now life has decided that I need one more challenge.

I drove home from the clinic in a daze, a myriad of possibilities running through my head. The doctor, sensing that I was none too happy with this unexpected news, gave me brochures on my different options. Termination or adoption. Then there is option C; staying in my dysfunctional relationship with my possessive, emotionally abusive boyfriend and raising a baby with him. Those are my options.


That is why I’m sitting here on the couch, waiting for the bomb to drop. I can even remember the exact night of conception. It was the night of my twentieth birthday. We’d been out to our local bar, drinking shots of tequila and beer, and dancing to the jukebox in the corner. Beau said that it was my treat since it was my birthday. He’d even invited a couple of his new ‘friends’ to join us. We’d caught a cab home and stumbled in the door. Beau got that tell-tale look in his eye which signaled he was up to no good. Soon, I was bent over the side of the couch, ass in the air, with Beau pounding into me from behind. I was too drunk to fight it, or wonder whether he was using protection or not.

I was too far gone.

A bit like I am now. I’m too far gone to think about this rationally or carefully. I know there are other options, but with Beau Gregory in my life it is not worth even considering.

Beau arrives home late, a few hours after he would have finished work. I can tell that he’s already been drinking by the stench of stale beer that surrounds him as he kisses me long and hard to say hello. He’s only that affectionate when he’s buzzed.

All night I’ve been talking myself into telling him about the baby. I walk over to the couch and sit down.

“Beau, I’ve got something to tell you,” I say, being careful to keep my tone as steady and emotionless as possible.

“What is it, baby?” he asks through half-opened eyes as he lies on the couch across my lap.

“I’m pregnant.”

You could have heard a pin drop in the time it took for my words to sink in, but as soon as they did, I could see the change in his face. He sits up suddenly, giving me a fright.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he bellows, jumping off the couch and pacing the room.

“I’m pregnant, about eight weeks,” I say, standing to my feet in front of him, unable to look him in the eye. Why do I feel like this is my fault?

“For fuck’s sake, Mac. I don’t want any bastard kid, not now, and probably not ever. How could you be so stupid?”

Maybe it was the hormones racing through me, or maybe it was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, but suddenly I don’t care what happens or what, if anything, he’s capable of doing to me. I’ve officially hit rock bottom; there’s nowhere left to go other than six feet under, or to fight and get up and out of this mess.

“You’re the one who let this happen,” I say, walking towards him. “You got drunk and didn’t use a fucking rubber!” I poke his chest with my finger, my voice getting louder with every word I spit out at him. “I didn’t realize my contraception had run out early, so if you’re going to blame anyone, blame yourself, Beau Gregory!”

I don’t have time to protect myself from the back handed slap that suddenly lands on my face, knocking me over onto the couch. I instinctually curl up into the fetal position to protect myself, and my stomach, from any further blows.

“Stupid bitch!” I hear him yell behind me as the front door slams. A few moments later I hear his Chevy truck roar to life, the tires squealing in the dirty parking lot as he takes off.

I’d like to say this is the first time he’s hit me, but it’s not. It first happened about a month after we first arrived in Dalton; that was the first sign that I’d made a huge mistake coming here with him.

We were at the bowling alley, and I had gone to get us some drinks. Beau saw me talking to a stranger who was waiting in line behind me, and that was all it took to set him off.

Later that night when we’d gotten home, and with a few too many beers under his belt, he laid into me; asking who the guy was, why was I talking to him, and asking whether I was fucking him behind his back. When I didn’t give him the ‘right answer’, his anger got the better of him and he slapped me across the face. He instantly sobered and spent the rest of the night, and the next week, apologizing profusely to me.

But the damage had already been done.

He promised it would never happen again; that he was just drunk and saw red when he saw me talking to another guy. Things started going downhill after that. Looking back, I should have gotten out then.

After lying on the bed for a few minutes, waiting to be sure he isn’t coming back, I get up and stumble to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I’m shocked at the reflection I see staring back at me. My once smooth, silky, dark brown hair is a tangled mess, my mascara, which was so carefully applied this morning, is now smudged and streaked down my tear stained face, and my cheek is red and puffy from where Beau’s hand struck me.

I see this now broken version of myself in the mirror, and the realization of the situation hits me like a freight train. I know I’m worth more than this. I can’t bring a baby into this world with an abusive father figure. I can’t have this baby. It’s not the time, and this definitely isn’t the place. I need to decide what I’m going to do. As much as it pains me, I wish this baby would disappear; go away and come back another day, at a better time, in a better situation with a better man.

Having climbed into the shower and tidied myself up, I put on some pajamas and crawl into bed. I’ve dead bolted the door because I don’t expect Beau to come home tonight, and if I’m being honest, the thought of sleeping in the same bed as him right now makes my skin crawl.

The last time he hit me, he disappeared for two days, coming back with his tail between his legs and begging me for forgiveness. The difference between that last time and now is that I’m not going to take his shit anymore. I need to come up with a plan, and I need to come up with one fast. I need to reclaim myself, my identity, my freaking backbone that I used to be known for.

It’ll have to blindside him. I can’t let him see it coming, or else I won’t be able to pull it off.

I need my best friend to help me. I need Kate now.

I fall asleep, content with my new resolution, my hand on my stomach, praying to God that he can find a way to help me.

I wake up in agony, folded over as pain rips through me. I look at the clock radio beside the bed and see it’s barely 5 a.m. It wasn’t daylight that woke me up; it was the stabbing sensation in my stomach and an aching sore back. As another wave of pain sweeps through me, I feel a wet sensation between my legs.

Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no.

This can’t be happening.

I cup myself between my legs as I jump out of bed and race to the bathroom, pulling my pants down. I see blood everywhere. I know what this is; I don’t need to go to the hospital. I’ve seen enough women come through during my hospital observation shifts with similar symptoms. This is not light spotting which can be considered normal in early pregnancy. This is a miscarriage. My baby is gone.

I turn the shower on and discard my soiled pants, throwing my top off as I hop into the cold shower, not waiting for it to warm up. I look down and see the red tinged water wash down the plug hole. I’m hit with a wave of regret, of loss, then suddenly overwhelming guilt. Deep down, it’s like I wanted this to happen; somehow I willed it to become reality. I slide down the wall of the shower and cradle my arms around my legs as I start to cry, sitting there for what seems like an eternity. I cry for the baby that I lost, for how trapped I am in this life, for the man that Beau has become, and finally, for everything that should have been but wasn’t. I stay there until the water runs cold, and I’m a shivering mess on the shower floor. Most of the blood has washed away now. All I feel is empty and free.

And guilty that I’m relieved that God chose this path for me.

I get out of the shower and get dressed, I grab my phone and call my best friend, knowing that if I’m going to do it, now is the only chance I’m going to get to escape this life and leave Beau.

“Kate, it’s Mac. I need a ticket home, today,” I spit out, my voice still shaky from spending the last hour crying.

“About freaking time, babe. Pack your stuff, go to the airport, and I’ll see you soon.”


“Yeah, babe?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Mac. I’m so glad you’re coming home. Everything is going to be okay.”

I grab whatever I can and stuff it into the two suitcases I have in the closet. I check that I’ve got only what I need, then carry the bags to the front door. I take my key off my key ring and place it on the kitchen counter. I take one last look around the empty room that has been my home for the past six months. Scratch that, I can’t even say it’s been a home. A home is full of love, and warmth, and for the past five months it’s been full of lies, deceit and if I’m going to be honest, fear.

“Goodbye, Beau Gregory,” I whisper as I click the lock and pull the door closed behind me.

Walking away from this life, I make a vow to myself; never again will my life be dictated by a man, and never again will I let love lead me astray.

But as I’ll soon find out not four years later, vows are made to be broken.

Chapter 2 – “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”

Four Years Later

I’m on my way home after finishing a shift at the hospital. I’m just getting comfortable and texting Kate, when I drop my phone. Of course, it had to slide down the train away from me. Thankfully, being 8 p.m., the cab isn’t too full. Just as I’m about to get up and search the floor in a desperate last attempt to regain my life, hey, my phone is my life, don’t judge, I see him.

As luck would have it, my phone hit a strange man’s black loafer clad foot, and when I look up, I see said man making his way towards me. This man is sex on legs delicious. I totally clocked him when he got on the train at the stop after me. I’m amazed that I’m even coherent enough to notice anyone, given that I’m at the end of an eight hour day shift where I was rushed off my feet. I’m dog tired, but my mind is restless, wired, and you guessed it, horny.

Noah has been on a training course for the week, so there has been no chance of any on-call room hook ups, Sean has been out of town for business for the past few days, and Zander has had back to back bookings all week. It’s just been me, my trusty rabbit who, as luck would have it, has run out of juice, or option number three, this delectable man who is now walking towards me.

Ding, Ding, Ding! I pick door number three.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

He’s wearing a granite colored suit, the jacket hanging over his arm which is carrying a black leather briefcase. His white dress shirt has the sleeves rolled up, and he’s obviously finished work for the day because his top two buttons are undone, giving a slight glimpse of a tanned and toned chest that you just want to lick. I’m in businessman fantasy heaven, and he is being delivered to me on a plate, or in this case, a rattly, somewhat dirty, Chicago train.

But beggars can’t be choosers.

He’s totally caught me staring at him, his pearly white smile growing on his gorgeous face as he gets closer. I give him a slightly embarrassed, yet cute smile back, knowing that I’ve been caught checking him out.  He holds his hand out to me when he reaches my seat, and being the socially awkward idiot that I am, I put my hand out to shake his, feeling absolutely mortified when I realize that he was only trying to hand my phone back.

“Sorry, is this your phone? It slid down the floor from this direction, and you’re one of the only people on the train without a phone or an e-reader in your hand, so I’m taking a lucky guess,” he says with a sly grin, thankfully not laughing at my social ineptitude.

“Yeah, that’ll be mine. Sorry to make you come all the way down here,” I reply, an uncontrollable blush creeping up my cheeks.

“Hey, it’s no problem. I don’t mind being given an excuse to talk to a beautiful stranger, on the L, at night, alone…”

His words are calculated. He somehow has managed to compliment me at the same time as chastising me for traveling alone on the L at night. Now that is talent! I feel a chill run up my spine at the sheer presence of this man.

“Makenna Lewis, but everyone calls me Mac,” I say, this time actually holding my hand out to shake his.

He looks down at my outstretched hand and drags piercing caramel colored eyes down my scrub clad body, his jaw twitching as he returns his gaze back to my face.

“Daniel Winters,” he replies, taking my hand in his and shaking it once while very deliberately dragging his hand slowly from mine, running the length of my fingers as he pulls away. I bite my lip as warm tingles travel from my fingers and up my arms, then shoot right down to my girly bits.

Holy hell, he’s got game, and it’s a game I want to play!

This man leaves Zander in his wake, and Zander is a professional stripper who gets paid to flirt.

“Where are you headed tonight? Have you just finished work, or just starting?” he asks, reaching up to hold on to the cabin’s overhead rail while he looks down at me with a raised eyebrow. That move brings my attention to his tailored shirt tightening over his toned biceps, and then I see it. It’s like my eyes are homing beacons looking for the slightest hint of skin. A small part of his shirt has come loose at his waist and has ridden up, giving me a glimpse of a tight set of abs and the smallest smattering of hair leading a trail south below his waistband. Lord knows I’m a sucker for tight abs and a happy trail.

C’mon, Mac, get it together, you’re drooling, and he’s waiting for an answer.

“Ah work, yeah, I just finished my shift at Northwestern,” I mutter, shaking my head to get rid of thoughts of him shirtless, and in my bed.

“Ah, a doctor then?” he asks with a smile.

“I’m a nurse in the ICU,” I answer back, the now stupid grin on my face getting wider as we sit there, smiling at each other.

“And how about you? Let me guess…a lawyer? No, wait, maybe an accountant? Nope, not that either. My last answer is undertaker.” I tilt my head and give him a returning ‘What’cha got for me now’ look.

He laughs and I literally stop breathing.

All of Daniel’s physical attributes are already measuring mighty high on the Makenna scale of hotness, but that laugh…the low baritone timbre that can stop wars, solve world hunger, and cure women of their need for underwear all at the same time…it is the work of the devil. I swear to God, all he’d have to do is lie there and laugh all day, and I swear I could sit on his chest and get off.

“I’m a stockbroker,” he finally tells me, leaning in and putting his spare arm on the back of my seat. “And I guess none of my sexy nurse jokes will win me any favors with you either, right?” I notice a slight upwards curl of his lips, and realize that he’s not only sexy and has a laugh that could make a nun horny, but he’s funny too.


“Probably not, but you never know your luck in the big city,” I muse.

He nods in agreement. “Duly noted.”

“So, you like to play with money then.” I can’t believe I’m being so blatant with this man. He smirks, and wouldn’t you know it, out come the dimples. Freaking adorable, cute as all hell divots on either side of his cheeks, dimples!

They’re going to be my downfall.

“I like playing with other people’s money,” he murmurs. His eyes have gone dark now.

“Sounds like fun. What else do you like to do?” Holy shit, Mac! Why don’t you just hump his leg already? Damn, I must need some sleep, or some rabbit relief, or something. I look down and blush again. I may talk a good game, but my blush always gives my self-conscious side away.

“Lots of things.” He pauses for a moment, long enough for me to look back up into those gorgeous eyes of his. My breath hitches when I see him looking back at me like I’m water and he’s dying of thirst. “Candlelit dinners, long walks…sex on the beach…”

He smiles as he says that last thing, especially when my eyes go wide.

Confidence simply exudes from him; he’s sure of himself, but not in an overly cocky way. But lord knows that I really want to know what he could do to me and vice versa.

“How about we start with my bed?” I say with a sexy smile and a wink.

And that is how I met Daniel Winters.


Now go add it to your TBR…

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Release date is August 29th.


~HELL’S KNIGHTS by Bella Jewel~ Release Event

Hey crew check out the cover and excerpt of Bella Jewel’s new book HELL’S KNIGHTS. I’ve got it on my TBR and am looking forward to this. I think when you get done reading the excerpt you will be too!!!! Check it out.

Release Date: 20th August 2013
Sex. Who really knows sex? I mean, we’ve all had sex, great sex even but when you get down to the details, how many of us actually see sex for the raw, primal act that it is?

I thought I knew sex. I’ve had sex. Heck, I’ve felt lust. Once, I’ve even felt love. I thought I knew exactly what sex was. 

Until I met Cade.

He’s the meaning of sex. 

He’s a biker.

He’s dangerous.

He’s powerful.

He’s dominant.

He wants me.

My world is about to change, for the better? I don’t know. But here’s my story, I hope you’re ready for it because it’s not the beautiful, heart wrenching story most people have to tell. It’s passionate, forbidden, morally incorrect and downright, fucking beautiful.
I don’t know what I expected Cade to do, but what he does, has my
head spinning. He takes me to a private bar out the back, and locks the door.
It’s empty, and my guess, not used a great deal. I watch as he stalks over to
the bar and walks around, picking up a bottle of whiskey. He flicks the top off,
and puts it to his mouth, drinking. I watch as his throat moves, and oh my, I
think my panties just went from soaked to drenched. When he puts the bottle
down, he opens the nearby freezer and pulls out some ice. He shrugs off his
leather jacket, grips the hem of his shirt and tears it off. I stare, eyes wide.
 Cade is f**king beautiful. Every inch of him would make any
woman’s panties soaked in seconds. He comes around the bar and stops in front of
me. His face is hard to read, but I can still see the lingering anger behind his
stony expression. He’s angry at me, no, he’s fucking wild at me. Understandable,
I suppose. I watch as he reaches down, gripping his jeans and popping the top
button. I swallow and my palms become damp. When he lowers them and his c*ck
springs free, I shudder. He steps forward, gripping my jaw and running his thumb
over my bottom lip. His gaze is intense, fierce, even a touch feral. He grips a
couple of ice cubes, and puts them towards my mouth.
“Suck these, then get on your knees sugar, and suck my
About the Author
Bella Jewel is an aussie girl through and through. She
spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the
state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass
amounts of pets. She’s crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her
passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to
publish, and her first novel Hell’s Knights will be released in August 2013.
Connect with Bella: Facebook | Goodreads
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~COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY~ Come To Me Quietly by A.L. Jackson

D and I are so excited about A.L. Jackson’s new novel Come To Me Quietly. I absolutely love the cover, isn’t it GORGEOUS!!!  It looks so serene yet we fans of A.L. Jackson’s books know better… Don’t we 😉 LOVE A.L. Jackson’s books!!!

154603_371620382966840_1239111589_nTitleCome To Me Quietly

Author:  A.L. Jackson

Expected Release Date:   January 7, 2014

Genre:   New Adult Erotic Romance

Cover reveal organized by: Shh Moms Reading



Come To Me Quietly Synopsis

From the acclaimed bestselling author of Lost to You and When We Collide comes a new adult novel of one woman’s obsession: a man who’s as passionate as he is elusive—and as tempting as he is trouble.… 

Aleena Moore is haunted by Jared Holt. It’s been six years since she’s seen her brother’s best friend, the self-destructive bad boy she secretly loved in high school. As the years pass, she knows it’s time to move on. Time to decide between a practical nursing degree and her true dream as an artist. Time to get over Jared and give another guy a chance…

Just when she opens her heart to her friend Gabe, Aly returns home to find Jared sleeping on her couch. The teenage boy she loved has grown into a man she can’t resist. Covered in tattoos and lost in rage, he’s begging to be saved from his demons—the memories of the day he destroyed his family. As the two reconnect, their passion is hot enough to torch Aly’s judgment. But can she risk her future for a man who lives on the edge of destruction?



What the hell was I doing?

Everything about this situation was wrong. Aly kneeling in front of me. Touching me. She was close, too close. I could taste her breath, and I kept catching hints of that fucking delicious coconut body wash I’d used last night. Somehow it smelled a thousand times better on her.

These urges constantly hit me, and I couldn’t help imagining what it’d be like to bury my nose in the haven behind her ear, to press my mouth at her jaw, to tangle my hands in her hair. Against my better judgment, which could so easily be called into question, anyway, I gave in. Took a little.

I was always so good at taking.

The strand of hair I tugged between my fingers was soft, like silk against my callused skin. The action should’ve been innocent enough. I remembered doing it often when we were children, just a small act of affection to let her know it was okay she was there. There was never anything more to it than that.

But I knew better now, knew it would stir the need I’d felt in the pit of my stomach since I found her backed against that wall last night, since she’d driven me half-mad in her kitchen this morning, since I’d stumbled into her apartment like the piece of trash I was tonight. Somehow she still found me worthy, kneeling in front of me as if I deserved even a scrap of the attention she gave me now.

With her head down, she attended to the wounds on my other hand. I allowed my gaze to fall, to trace the face I wanted to trace with my hands.

I didn’t think I’d ever felt intrigued by a girl before the way I was now, had never wanted to crawl inside someone’s mind to dig through her thoughts, to find out who she was. Why she was. Aly’s green eyes were both fierce and soft, her touch both intent and gentle. She was kind, yet she didn’t hesitate to call me out on my shit. She made me itch and squirm, made me want to run and want to stay.

She began taping up my second hand, forging this little truce between us, steadily sucking me deeper into a place I knew I shouldn’t go.

But I couldn’t stop it.

There was something about being alone with her in the seclusion of this apartment that I liked, like maybe we were sharing some kind of secret that no one else could touch.

A distorted sense of security.

For just a little while, I wanted to drift in the delusion.

I watched her as she worked. Every couple of seconds, she glanced up at me with those eyes that seemed to know more than they should.

Aly shifted closer. I attempted to scoot back without her noticing, but she tugged on my hand. “Would you hold still? You’re worse than a two-year-old,” she said.

Was she oblivious of what she was doing to me? Every time she moved, her chest brushed against my knees, and damn, if it wasn’t the greatest temptation I’d ever had to endure. Did she know how badly I wanted to touch her? To take a little more? Maybe take it all? My thoughts raced ahead, and I wondered what she’d do if I edged off the couch and laid her back on the floor. Would she stop me? Or would she allow me to feed off her compassion and goodness? Would she let me wreck her? Destroy her? Because that was the only thing I knew how to do.

I sucked in a breath and held it. No fucking way was I going there. Not with her, even if she was the only girl who’d ever made me feel like I had to have her. The first who’d ever made me want. That in itself was a pretty damned good reason to stay away from her.

That and the fact that she was Aly.

My Aly.

She sat back on her haunches. Her smile was soft when she looked up at me. “See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Thank you,” I said honestly, because it’d been a long time since anyone had taken care of me. It hurt to think of the last time someone had.

“You’re welcome.” Her voice was quiet, and she sat there, just staring at me, a lot like we had last night, although now things seemed completely different.

“You’d better get some rest. It’s really late,” I said. I’d lain flat out on the hard ground for hours while I let myself sober up to the point where I could at least get myself back to the apartment, and I hadn’t come crawling up the stairs until three in the morning.

“Yeah, you’d better, too.” She sounded a little disappointed.

Her delicate hands pressed into the couch on the outside of my legs as she helped herself to stand. This time her hair did brush against my chest. We both froze with the contact, and she looked down at me, her face three inches from mine. She hovered there, her eyes searching.

Motherfucking trigger.

I wet my lips and found my voice, although it was heavy with strain. “Please go to your room, Aly.”

Blinking, she nodded before she pushed herself the rest of the way up. She paused at her door, whispered, “Good night,” and then disappeared inside her bedroom.


Come To Me Quietly Buy Links

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1185104_371620856300126_34357917_nAbout the Author

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of Take This Regret and Lost to You, as well as other contemporary romance titles, including Pulled and When We Collide.

She first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student.  She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life.

Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends and, with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel. A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her husband and three children. Her favorite pastime is spending time with the ones she loves.



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2nd prize: print ARC copy of Come To Me Quietly (will send out when ready to winner)
3rd prize: signed paperback copies of 4 books currently released

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~COVER REVEAL~ Making Thyme by TJ Hamilton

imageShe may have left prostitution, but can Mia face the demons of her past? Now working for a different kind of Agency, with a new set of rules and a new life. There is so much to learn in so little time. The world of espionage is not too far from the secret life of prostitution that she’s trying to leave behind. Can she withstand the mental and physical training that’s involved in becoming a secret agent?

Agent Nick Davis is Mia’s mentor. He’s also all that she desires. He is everything she ever wanted in a man and he is the one person who understands and accepts her. She may have known him before but the more she learns about him now, the more she loves. Their love may grow stronger by the day but is it strong enough to survive her return to Tench?

Her quest to find the truth about Sally may continue to lead her further into the dark life of crime boss Joe Tench. While at the same, time his obsession for her is developing into something sinister. Can she discover what evil he is orchestrating in time before he discovers the truth about her?



Twitter: @T_J_Hamilton

Web: email:

Buying Thyme (Book #1 in the Thyme Trilogy) is currently $.99

The Naughty Mafia Rocks Vegas and boy did it ROCK!!!

We had an amazing time at the Naughty Mafia signing last week in Vegas!!!  We thought we would share a few pics with you!  We would love see any pictures you have taken or hear your thoughts on the event 🙂IMG_0049 IMG_0070 IMG_0048 IMG_0067 IMG_0094

We’re Celebrating the paperback release of Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller!!!!!

It’s no secret that D and I are HUGE fans of The Blackstone Affair by the Brilliance that is Raine Miller!!!!  We Love Raine Miller and we LOVE Ethan Blackstone, seriously is there a woman alive who hasn’t been affected by Mr. Blackstone?!?!?!  We are beyond excited that Eyes Wide Open is now available in paperback and we would like to celebrate with a little Giveaway 🙂  Ok, it’s not so little of a Giveaway!!!  Keep reading 🙂

16122643Eyes Wide Open (The Blackstone Affair #3) by Raine Miller

The third instalment The Blackstone Affair series: A love on the brink of being destroyed. The fight of a lifetime to keep it alive.

Big surprises are on the horizon for Ethan and Brynne as they struggle to adjust to what life has thrown at them. Demons from the past are threatening to destroy the passionate bond they’ve forged despite their vow that nothing will ever keep them apart. A truly devastating loss coupled with the promise of a new hope opens their eyes to what is most important, but is it possible for the lovers to move on from the painful histories that continue to haunt them? A stalker is still lurking in the shadows, plotting evil amidst the distraction of the 2012 Olympic games in London. Brynne and Ethan are on the cusp of losing everything as the stakes rise. Will they yield to circumstances beyond their control or will they give every ounce of fight they have left to save each other and win the ultimate prize of a life together?

Eyes Wide Open is a passion-wrought story that shows us what pure love can achieve when tested and what the heart can accomplish despite danger and adversity.


Eyes Wide Open Teaser ~Ethan~

I don’t know what compelled me to open my eyes. Probably the breathing on my face smelling faintly of jam, but regardless, I now understand why horror movies with children in them are without a doubt, the most terrifying films of all. There is nothing quite like a silent child staring at you while you’re sleeping, or even better, when you wake up.

Some questions come to mind pretty fuckin’ quick. Like how long have you been standing there watching over me like one of the ill-fated Grady sisters from The Shining ?

Scared the ever-living shit out of me for about two seconds. 

And then she smiled.

“Uncle Ethan is awake!” she yelled at the top of her lungs as she ran to the door, flinging it wide open on the hinges.

Ethan–Eyes Wide Open 

~Nic’s Review of Eyes Wide Open~

Ever since I finished reading All In by Raine Miller I have been counting down the days until the release of Eyes Wide Open!  I can’t get enough of Brynne and Ethan, I’m so addicted to the Blackstone Affair series!  I promise you Eyes Wide Open was worth the wait 🙂  I can’t put into words how completely Eye Wide Open consumed me with love for Ethan and Brynne and their powerful love story. By far the best Blackstone Affair novel yet!!  Raine Miller has once again completely captivated me, I couldn’t get enough of Eyes Wide Open!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this read!  

Eyes Wide Open continues where All In left off, with Ethan and Brynne at Ethan’s sister’s house.  It was fabulous meeting “Uncle Ethan”,  I think it made me fall in love with this series even more as Ethan has become much more real, for lack of better words.  I definitely felt that we got a much better look at who Ethan really is and what happened to make him the man he is now.  I also felt that the connection between Byrnne and Ethan was much stronger and more developed.  It reminded me why this is one of my favourite love stories.  

I have to give kudos to Raine Miller for writing a series that reads like it was written by a Brit, not an easy feat.  Being English I speak, read and write North American and British english.  North American english is nothing like British english and it amazes me how simple little words and phrases helped me connect more to this series, I feel like I’m home when reading The Blackstone Affair.  I love reading about my sexy alpha dirty mouthed english gentleman 😉

For those of you not familiar with The Blackstone Affair series you are missing out on a brilliant series.  For those of you who have not yet read Eyes Wide Open, what are you waiting for?!?  Eyes Wide Open will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation as to what will happen next. There are some brilliant twists and turns that I can assure you, will leave gobsmacked 😉  And lets not forget, in true Blackstone fashion, Eyes Wide Open  is a scorching SEXY HOT read!!  I can’t wait for the 4th instalment in The Blackstone Affair, Ethan and Brynne’s love story continues!   A sexy hot romance full of suspense that will leave you begging for more.  5+++/5  N.

~D’s Review of Eyes Wide Open~

Raine Miller you have rocked my socks once again!!!

What can I say? Ethan Blackstone has become an iconic book boyfriend. When he was introduced to us in Naked, he was hard, closed off and sexy as hell. In All In, Raine Miller showed us the vulnerable side of Ethan. It made us want him even more because not only was he still sexy as ever but you want to hold his heart.

In EYES WIDE OPEN, Raine pulled out all the stops.  She made Ethan Blackstone the ultimate book boyfriend. There isn’t a thing that women everywhere wouldn’t do to own his heart were he to be real rather than fictional.  This time we saw his filthy, dirty and hot as all get out side where you wish he were buried inside of you and never leave. We got to see his vulnerable side and this time much more so than the last two installments. He pulled at your heart that you would do anything to take on his pain and relieve him of his demons. There was still hard and edgy Ethan whom you knew meant business and that he just didn’t play around when it came to keeping Brynne safe. But aside from all of this, Raine Miller added another layer; another dimension to Ethan and it was this side of him that has me wrecked and putty in his fictional hands. She showed us an Ethan who is so warm, compassionate, caring, playful and endearing.

Holy hell pin me down with those hands that command you to do his bidding. Rivet me with the intensity of those blue eyes that tell you so much and are a window to all that is Ethan.  Consume me with those words that speak of everything that his body cannot and that promise you forever.

The story—the suspense and thrill of it was fantastic and held you captive. I did not want to put it down.  Raine Miller had your ‘spidey senses’ tingling throughout the last half of the book. She added more layers to the story without rehashing things into boredom.  There were more dimensions not only through the characters but through the story as well. She brought secondary characters to the forefront a little more which added to the depth of the main characters.  The continuity of the story from the second installment to this one was seamless. 

Another aspect of Raine Miller’s writing that I absolutely love is her attention to small details. Especially when there is a suspense/thriller aspect to it.  You find yourself having these light bulb moments when you realize how these little details all came into play in the big picture of it all.  Simply brilliant!

There is so much more that I want to say about EYES WIDE OPEN but that would mean giving you spoilers so… you’ll just have to read this one to see what has me ramped up and high on Raine Miller and Ethan Blackstone.

Raine Miller knows how to write it all and had my emotions going form 0-60 with a page turn. Step into the world of Ethan Blackstone with your ‘eyes wide open’ cuz you don’t want to miss a thing.  D 5/5



Raine Miller has been reading romance novels since she picked up that first Barbara Cartland book at the tender age of thirteen. And it’s a safe bet she’ll never stop, because now she writes them too! Granted Raine’s stories are edgy enough to turn Ms. Cartland in her grave, but to her way of thinking, a hot, sexy hero never goes out of fashion. A part-time teacher and writer of sexy romance stories every other chance she gets pretty much fills her days. She has a handsome prince of a husband, and two brilliant sons to pull her back into the real world if the writing takes her too far away. Her sons know she likes to write stories, but gratefully have never asked to read any, thank God! Raine loves to hear from readers and to chat about the characters in her books.



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The Blackstone Affair

~NOW THAT’S A GIVEAWAY~ Seattle Signing Edition


The FANTASTIC Authors of the Seattle Signing Event are giving one lucky winner the chance of a lifetime…. One signed book from EACH and EVERY author!!  Seriously folks, is there anyone on the planet who wouldn’t like a chance at this prize booty????  Make sure to enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win!  Winner will be announced at 12pm PST on September 6th 🙂

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~PLAYING WITH HER HEART by Lauren Blakely~ Giveaway!!!

Hey flirty and dirty crew.

We’ve got a fun giveaway for you. All it will take is a bit of reading, a quick post and enter into the rafflecopter!!!! It’s your chance to win a signed copy!!!! Get on it!!! Oh and to entice you check out the hot teaser!!!


Here’s what ya gotta do…

“Have you read Lauren Blakely’s new book PLAYING WITH HER HEART? It’s both flirty and dirty and the hero is one hell of a dirty talker. Lauren wants to offer something special for our fans here at Flirty & Dirty, so she has one signed paperback up for grabs, but everyone who enters wins a signed postcard from her. All you have to do is go to her FB page and leave a post telling her your fave scene from Playing With her Heart AND enter in the Rafflecopter that you’ve done that. Go read! You have four days to enter! And everyone wins!”

Amazon link- click the pic to download now.


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