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HOPE by Morgan Parker ~ Cover and Release Info

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One of my favourite authors is going to release a novella about two characters that played in the background of his latest release NON FRICTION. If you haven’t read Non- Friction, have a look see. A not so love love story. Different from anything you have read. Poignant, thoughtful, insightful and revealing in the stories and their characters.

On February 14th, Morgan will release HOPE a novella that plays along side with NON FRICTION. We will get to see more intimately Oliver and Olivia’s story. Their brief but powerful and forever changing time together. The story will be available on Amazon for FREE.


Morgan Barker, the lead character of Non Friction and brilliant author of Our Story, has all but recovered from the heartache caused by Emma. But when his company’s accounting firm sends a beautiful young woman named Hope to inquire about some suspicious account practices, Morgan finds himself lured back into the beautiful story that he created and wanted to forget about. Except this new story is different than Morgan’s unpublished, never-seen-before version. Read deeper into Olivia and Oliver’s ongoing and difficult love affair, their secret moments and the struggle that kept them apart for so long. – Hope, February 2014.

Check out my review for NON FRICTION…

Non FrictionNon Friction by Morgan Parker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading this, I really had to work through getting Morgan out of my head!!!

Recently I was asked to read Non Friction by Morgan Parker. I was incredibly excited since I have read his other work—Textual Encounters 1 and 2.
Let me first say that NON FRICTION is completely different from Textual Encounters. The writing style alone makes for a very different story.

Non Friction was a humorous yet a very emotional read for me. The story delves into the inner circumstances of a failed marriage between Morgan and Jennifer aka Princess B****. And in fact really looks at what makes any relationship fail or be doomed before they ever begin.
The humor in Non Friction cannot be overlooked or dismissed as merely random—at least in my opinion. Parker had me in laugh out loud, snort in public, oh my heck this woman must be mad kind of laughter. Maybe I’m reading too much into the humor but there were aspects of it, that given the circumstances, one would have to use to get through the difficult moments or, what I think to be more the case, look at the circumstances as things that are seemingly simple to repair or communicate but many find themselves unable to exhibit or execute such tasks. It’s the little things that drive the big things. Ok, enough of me trying to be overly profound or zen like.
There was one point in the story where the male m/c Morgan has a dream. I’m not even sure if I understood it to its fullest, yet it was so meaningful and so sad. It somehow put things in perspective for me.
The other female character—and she is not a secondary, both her and Princess B**** of equally valuable roles, Emma is that grounding character. She is the one that tidies things up or clears the tunnel to broaden your view, whether you want her to or not. She is a realist, she says it like it is but still hides behind the yearning of that fairy tale that women hold close to their heart. It was interesting to see both Jennifer and Emma in almost parallel—separately you might think they are so different but as you continue to read further into the book, you see that both of these strong women carried the same vulnerable insecurities between each other and probably most women.
Morgan Parker brings us characters that are so much like you or I yet somehow makes them extraordinary. Not in the Iron Man , Mother Theresa or Angelina Jolie way, but fortifies them with a resilience and an understanding to be human with real feelings and real emotions. Sorry there’s that zen stuff again. Blame Morgan Parker. I do.
Oh I almost forgot—the side story of Oliver and Olivia, which really spotlights many parts of the book, is beautiful and a reason to love and not give up on love.
Bottom line. Read the damn book. It’s so good and honestly I could tell you so much more but just find out for yourself. Parker writes amazeballs stories. I have said it before he is a ‘smart’ writer. This isn’t your typical romance story. So please when you once click, do not go into thinking there is going to be this wishy washy broad with the broken yet damaged alpha male. This is real love with an outside looking in view. One you rarely come across these days. Non Friction is a story that helps to de-clutter and sweep out the unused portions of your brain. D 5/5
This one is definitely on my TOP 10 for 2013!!!

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BREAK by Amanda Stone ~ Cover and Blurb

Hey crew,

Amanda Stone is getting set to release her second book!!!! Check out this hot cover and add it to your TBR!!! Can’t wait…




There are paths we take in life that lead us to where we are supposed to be—where we are meant to be all along. I didn’t know that my journey, which had been filled with so much pain and so much all-consuming rage, would lead me to her.

She is my salvation. My undoing. My reason for breaking…

Storm Messer has just graduated college. But instead of spending the summer traveling, like she had intended, she finds herself dumped by her boyfriend and working for her parents at their family’s prestigious restaurant.

Ryker Noakes had every intention of going away to college until he lost the one person who kept him grounded. Now five years later he finds himself spending his days working as a mechanic, and his nights working off his aggression over things he cannot change as an underground MMA fighter.

Neither could have known that a chance meeting would spark up a friendship that would lead to an undeniable romance. But when they find out their pasts collide, it threatens to destroy any future they may have together.

Breaking isn’t always a bad thing. — As long as you have the right person to put you back together.

HER LOVE RAN CRIMSON by Zoey Foster ~ Blog Stop and GIVEAWAY!!!

Check out our stop on Zoey Foster’s HER LOVE RAN CRIMSON Blog Tour. Be sure to read the teasers and enter the giveaway!!!!


HLRC zf final ebook


Maddie has been through more tragedy than most people would ever see in their life. She has given up on living, and only living to breathe. With nobody on her side, she has been marked as the cause of her mother’s death and lives with this guilt every day. She is close to giving up until she sets her eyes on the one person who doesn’t look at her with disgust.

Jase is the new guy in school, he was transferred to a new school after moving out of his fathers house into his mothers. But Jase knows about Maddie and knows about her past. He thinks he can keep this a secret and help protect her. When the truth comes out will they be able to survive their worlds being turned upside down? Will their connection be strong enough to make it through? Sometimes love isn’t enough...

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HLRC zf final ebook




hlrc teaser 4

hlrc teaser 3

hlrc teaser 2

hlrc teaser 1


Author Pic (4)


Zoey Foster lives in Southern California with her Husband and 3 Sons. When she is not writing, you can find her on Swoon Worthy Books posting updates on books and Authors, and let’s not forget about the Man-candy and just having a bunch of fun. She is taking her passion for books and making it her reality in writing her debut novel Her Love Ran Crimson. She loves interacting with others talking about great Books and Book Boyfriends. You can find her at the links below always encouraging people to have a fun time and live in the moment. She has a weakness for Sour Patch Kids and has inappropriate fun when she is having her wine at night tweeting her thoughts. She also likes to make up words. The best word to describe her is Winetastic!



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MAKE ME FORGET by Brandelyn Harris~ Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

brandlynMake Me Forget


*Inspired by true events*

Where do you turn when the ones who are supposed to love you most, hurt you?

When is enough, enough?

That is the exact question Chloe Evans had when she escaped her own personal hell that terrifying night. Even though the road to rebuilding her life has been tough, she’s spent the last two years trying to mend her battered soul. Doubting that all her efforts are even worth it, she begins to feel she will forever be tied to the man who took everything away from her.

Ryder Matthews is the epitome of what most girls associate with perfection. With his good looks, bad boy persona, multiple tattoos and piercings he is every girl’s fantasy; every girl except Chloe Evans that is. Ryder sees Chloe as a challenge…one that he’s more than confident he will win.

We all have things in life we’d like to forget about. Some bigger than others. When Chloe uses college as her diversion to escape the memories will Ryder be able to make her forget?

About the Author:

Brandelyn Harris resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, teenage son, and furry friend. She can normally be found hiding away in her writing cave, blogging, eating Dove dark chocolate, drinking wine, or reading a steamy romance novel on her Kindle. Her love for reading and just recently writing started once she read the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey Series. Make Me Forget, Brandelyns’ debut novel is slated to be released early 2014.

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CONCEALED by Selena Laurence~ Promo and giveaway!

Check out the promo we have for Selena Laurence’s latest release CONCEALED!

concealedTwo years ago, Gabe Thompson stood in the desert of Afghanistan and watched the love of his life drive away. When his tour of duty ended six months later, she wasn’t waiting. Now Gabe’s ready to go after the one thing his life is missing – the woman he’s never been able to forget.

Twenty-year-old Alexis Garcia rues the day she decided to volunteer for a UN mission to Afghanistan. The sexy, exasperating soldier she met there nearly destroyed her carefully constructed life with the boy next door. She’s spent two years trying to forget Gabe, working to show her parents and her boyfriend that she knows where she belongs.

But when Gabe shows up at Alexis’s door, complete with tattoos, a Harley and enough attitude to start another war, everything she’s tried to conceal could be exposed, starting with her heart.

The Hiding From Love Series (click link to download on Amazon)
Camouflaged (Hiding From Love Novella #0.5)
Hidden (Hiding From Love Novel #1)
Concealed (Hiding From Love Novel #2)
Buried (Hiding From Love Novel #3) Coming April, 2014

Concealed Trailer:

About the Author 

Selena Laurence lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and spends a hell of a lot of time at soccer games, on her laptop, and reading. She requires a Mocha Latte every day to function, keeps a goldendoodle at her feet most of the time, and has more kids than she knows what to do with. Her husband, Mr. Laurence, spends as much time as he can at the office and the gym in order to avoid the kids, the dog, the laptop and the reading, but he always shows up for the soccer games, and he makes a mean Mocha Latte.





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~FIFTY SHADES MOVIE UPDATE~ Some of the pics we found today

Video of Christian Grey running scene
1653374_10203312165713341_1812101571_n 1797476_702576846442012_345109789_n 1653854_702568219776208_1210723007_n 550314_702576813108682_1705180019_n 1625478_702576773108686_1206962911_n 1560525_702572179775812_692480401_n1893_727944417224058_673498542_n 1555580_10201047602782120_2018858050_n 1622734_10203042353518931_886408327_n 1507686_10152135246656066_1771732570_n 50shades-cg_marked 50shades-jj0_marked



NASH (Marked Men #3) by Jay Crownover – Cover

Oh my heck!! This cover is absolutely gorgeous. My heart stutters every time I look at it. I’m pretty sure when you get to meet Nash and read his story it won’t be just your panties that melt. *sigh* Love Nash!!! April can’t come soon enough!!!



Coming April 29, 2014 Pre-order on Amazon now!!!!


Will their past determine their future?

Saint Ford has worked hard to achieve her childhood dream of becoming of nurse. Focused on her work and devoted to her patients, there’s no room for love. She doesn’t need a guy making waves in her calm, serene life—especially when he’s the unforgettable hottie who nearly destroyed her in high school. Dark, brooding Nash Donovan might not remember her or the terrible pain he caused. But he turned her world upside down . . . and now he’s trying to do it again.

Saint has no idea that Nash isn’t the cocky player he once was. Uncovering a devastating family secret has rocked his world, and now he’s struggling to figure out his future. He can’t be distracted by the pretty nurse he seems to meet everywhere. Still, he can’t ignore the sparks that fly between them —or how she seems so desperate to get away from him. But the funny, sweet, and drop-dead gorgeous Saint is far too amazing to give up on—especially since she’s the only thing in his life that seems to make sense.

When Nash discovers the truth about their past, he realizes he may have lost her heart before he could even fight for it. Now, Saint has to decide: is Nash worth risking herself for all over again?

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~FIFTY SHADES MOVIE UPDATES~ What’s floating around the web today….

Here are some of the latest pics you can find floating around the web from the Fifty Shades filming in Vancouver, British Columbia. Enjoy 🙂








Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.38.56 PM




~COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT~ Seven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac


I am SOOOO EXCITED that Seven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac will be re releasing this spring!  I absolutely love the new cover. This is definitely a MUST have on your TBR!

When twenty-six year old Kathleen Cooper realizes that she forfeited her dreams and aspirations of becoming a lawyer after a brash decision to run off and marry the insanely charming Aidan Cooper, she decides to regain what she lost over the course of their seven-year relationship and start fresh.

With a renewed sense of hope and determination, she moves to a different city, lands a new job, and meets the handsome Benjamin Chase in a serendipitous way.

But even with all of these changes and hopes of gaining a new life, Kathleen is still not happy with the person she sees in the mirror staring back at her. She is an insomniac. She generally has bad luck in just about everything she attempts. She’s clumsy, and even if Prince Charming fell into her lap, she would likely push him in the opposite direction, for fear of getting hurt or worse, hurting someone else. This time she can’t blame any of these things on her bad luck or her destructive marriage. This time, it’s not her heart that’s in danger. This time, she has much more to lose and everything to gain.

Will she realize her mistakes in time to repair the damage? Will she be able to reverse her shattered self-image and discover true happiness? Will she ever find her way back to the person she was before seven years of bad luck?


Chapter 1 

Favorite coffee cups

I sat up in my bed and glanced over at the too bright, green numbers on the cable box to check the time. I was two hours behind my best friend and it was late on a Sunday night but I had the sudden urge to call her. As cliché as it sounded, Cheyenne Reed was my best friend and she would be the only one who could possibly understand the mess I was in. Mess was an understatement. My situation felt more like a catastrophe that had lasted a lifetime. She was in Florida, and according to the time it was two am for her. I knew she was sleeping, but I grabbed my cell phone anyway. Quickly scrolling through my recent calls, I swiped her name with my thumb and waited for the phone to connect while preparing for the unpleasant chat that awaited me. On the third ring she answered in her – not-so-happy, half-awake voice.

“HELLO?” She nearly barked at me. I wondered if she had even checked the ID on her phone to see who was calling so late.

“Hey Chey, it’s me,” I said calmly.

“Ugh, what time is it? Why are you waking me up in the middle of the freakin’ night Kat? What the hell?” Cheyenne was less than pleased with being woken up in the middle of the night, or at any time for that matter. She was infectiously bubbly, giddy even, but if you woke her from sleep, watch out! I, however, was immune to her wake up attitude. I was completely unaffected which was great for me and, incidentally, our friendship. Most people would probably offer up a few choice words at the sight of her unprovoked laser eyes every morning, but I didn’t mind. If being a grump in the morning was my very best friend’s only downfall, then I was more than grateful.

“Sorry, sorry. I know it’s late. Well, early. Whatever. Anyway, I have to tell you something important.” I stuttered out words like a dodgy car moments away from stalling due to lack of fuel.

“What’s so important that you had to wake me up instead up just texting me or something in the morning?” She didn’t sound very impressed with me so far.

“I moved his coffee cup.” I said the words almost like they were part of some grand conspiracy and had to be spoken in a hushed voice.

“What?” Now she sounded really irritated with a side of confused. I pressed on.

“Then it fell and shattered.” Cheyenne huffed into the phone making her displeasure with my late night call all the more evident.

“Kat, are you drunk?” I made my best effort to explain myself.

“Yesterday morning, when I went to get a cup for coffee, I opened the cabinet and shuffled some cups around looking for my favorite cup and well, I didn’t realize what I had done until after I had done it, but I grabbed his favorite coffee cup and shoved it up to the top shelf! Anyway, I came back later and when I opened the stupid cabinet his favorite cup fell off the shelf and shattered on the floor.” I knew Cheyenne well enough that I could nearly hear her sit up in bed to take in the meaning of what I was trying to say in an inarticulate manner.

“Oh?” She sounded like she was testing my statement with a questioning “oh”, but it wasn’t really a question.

“Yeah,” I said matter-of-factly. This gesture of putting my husband’s favorite coffee cup out of sight since he too was often out of sight would seem ordinary to most people but the fact is, to me it was one giant symbolic representation of the storm brewing within me for the past seven years. The cup breaking all over the floor, sending skittering pieces of glass all about only further confirmed what I felt. Cheyenne recognized the coffee cup incident for what it really was, immediately just as I did. She let out a long sigh, now fully awake and no longer sending beautiful ice blue laser eyes long distance my direction. She asked another question that wasn’t really a question but more a statement.

“So you’re done then?”

“Yeah, I’m done.” Without missing a beat my closest, friend told me she would make arrangements to take a couple days off to fly out and spend a long weekend with me. Cheyenne’s career choice had just about one perk and that was that she determined her own schedule. Other than that, she hated being a masseuse. It was a bit of a fall back career. She needed the work once her jerk of an ex, Matt, asked for a divorce out of the clear blue. She was qualified and she was a great masseuse but she always had bigger plans that had yet to come to fruition. She had a ridiculous clientele base, mostly male, and mostly wealthy. Although, her drop dead beautiful looks greatly influenced that, I was sure.

A few days after I told Cheyenne about the coffee cup incident, I was in my car and on my way to pick her up from the airport. It was a Thursday afternoon in mid fall in El Paso, Texas when I bubbled with excitement and nerves at the sight of the airport parking lot. I parked my little Honda that I loved so much, smacked my lips in the mirror after applying a little lip gloss, then strode across the parking lot as fast as my legs would carry me. I was wearing my favorite jeans which were pool water blue and had this great vintage look to them like they had been worn at least a million times and washed just as much. They also had these really great holes across the knees I had put there on purpose. They now had character with loose light blue threads hanging down from the fair sized holes that exposed each knee cap hidden below the mess of torn, loose thread. Before they just looked like jeans that had gone through the wringer. With the tattered knees and especially with me wearing them, those jeans more than looked the part. Every time I slipped them on I could not help but entertain the thought that they were very symbolic of my life in general. A tangled mess of worn, damaged threads nested around a hole that barely concealed the flesh and bone peeking out from beneath. I chose my favorite brown leather boots and a simple white, knit, fitted top that didn’t over expose my figure.

I had been lucky enough when drawing from the gene pool to inherit full breasts, curvy hips, athletic legs, a fair backside, auburn hair, emerald green eyes, and plump lips. As an adult I felt blessed for having the features and form that I did despite the torment I endured as an over developed young girl.

After making it through the front entrance of the airport, I made it to Cheyenne’s gate just in time to see her face bounce up and down behind a few people blocking her path.

My best friend was not blessed in the height department. She stood a mere 5’1” but I would give her credit, she knew how to work every inch of that 5 feet. She beamed her super white, toothpaste commercial smile at me while wiggling past the hoard of other passengers.

Cheyenne really was gorgeous. Together, we always commanded the attention of others in a room and it often created more trouble than we desired. We talked a little too loud, laughed too hard, and always had a great time together. She, too, lucked out in the gene department. Other than being rather short she was undeniably a knockout. She had natural platinum blonde baby soft straight long hair, flawless alabaster skin, the most crystal blue eyes I had ever seen, a superior smile that could reduce any dentist to tears of joy, an equally curvy body like mine and she worked hard to keep her muscles toned. Many women either secretly envied her or just didn’t care to hide it and outwardly spewed their bullshit in her direction which we both got a kick out of. We found it shallow but incredibly entertaining to see grown women act like teenagers. By my own definition, a grown ass teenager is an adult who is stuck in a perpetual state of adolescent behavior. These types of woman are almost always shallow, close minded and green with envy of anyone who is better than them in anyway. We had actually become quite skilled at laughing off the verbal assaults and evil eyes that would get sent our direction. These women intended their insults to be hurtful and demeaning and I imagined they would ooze pleasure from every pore at the sight of a few tears or even one of us bolting for the door. However, when we burst into uncontrollable laughter they really saw red. We had been called every name in the book and have even been accused of some pretty terrific things. We always laugh it off knowing that they are just words and both of us have had our fair share of real hurt and real tears and any of that crap didn’t even merit a watery eye or a second thought.

After hugging, jumping up and down and talking in sentence fragments over each other, we made our way to my car and headed straight for drinks. Sitting down at the bar I knew what was coming because she got that look on her face that told me she was thinking about something.

“Ok, what? Just come out and say what you want to say,” I said, dreading the conversation. The bartender took an awkward three seconds too long stare at the both of us and we both smiled politely thanking him for our drinks but mentally dismissing him from our conversation at the same time.

Cheyenne drew in a short breath and huffed it right back out. Her elbow was propped on the bar and she rested her chin in her upturned palm. If her goal was to look annoyed and exasperated she had accomplished it.

“Okay fine. Where is Aidan?” She asked flatly.

“Um, he has business in California.” I replied with the same tone, and there we were like two tennis players serving up bullshit by the mouthful. I stirred my drink with the tiny red straw and kept my eyes askew.

“Have you spoken to him about…you know…the whole coffee cup thing?”

“No. I didn’t really plan on explaining that one. He’ll think I’m nuts and give me that crazy stare which just makes me want to kick him in the balls and run.” I followed up my statement with a shrug and a slight smile. She gave me the same crazy stare for talking about the crazy stare which made both of us erupt into a huge fit of laughter that caught the attention of everyone else at the bar and won us a few dirty looks from the “grown ass teenagers”. After we wiped away our tears from laughing and caught our breath we continued our conversation and cocktails.

“Seriously, Kat, what is the plan? What is going on? Spill it.” I knew those were commands disguised as questions from an irritated Cheyenne.

“Well, it’s just… I don’t know.” My shoulders slumped in defeat. I gestured at the bartender for another round and then clasped my hands together hoping that holding my own hands so tight could help me hold onto my sanity a bit longer. Cheyenne squared her shoulders to face me and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Okay, start talking. What the hell has been going on between you two? Did he screw up again? Because I swear Kat, if he did I will kill him myself!”

I laughed at her idle threat. Mostly because Cheyenne was so pretty and petite it was hilarious to see her super pissed. A visual image slid sideways through my brain of Cheyenne going head to head with my husband in a physical altercation. Although she could be quite feisty when she needed to be there would be no contest unless there was a gun, flame thrower, or explosives involved. My husband, Aiden, towered above both of us at 6’4”. He was exceptionally tall and lean with a chiseled body of defined muscle. He boasts an all American boy smile which he gladly shared with anyone who looked. He was and probably always will be a diehard flirt. Aidan has beautiful blue gray eyes and ash brown hair that he kept rather short on the sides but longer on top and he always styled it to look sloppy. With his hair going in no specific direction it gave him that distinctive look that he either just walked out of the shower or the bedroom. Either scenario was fine by me and plenty of women who laid eyes on him.

Cheyenne rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue. “What has he done this time to make you move his favorite coffee cup, which caused me to fly across the country to be with you? Also, what is the likelihood of me going to jail for assault?” I nodded and gave her an endearing smile knowing full well that she was serious about the jail part.

“Well, it’s just that with everything that he’s done in the past seven years it just feels like I am at the end of my rope.” I furrowed my brows thinking aloud about the disaster that had been my marriage. “He has betrayed my trust so many times it just feels like irreparable damage now. He has done enough to take down three or four marriages. Honestly I’m not sure how we made it this long. He is just so damned charming he knows what buttons to press to reel me back in every time. My missing back bone certainly doesn’t help.” I audibly scoffed at myself and it came out sounding more like a mix between a disapproving sound and a gag. I actually felt repulsed with who I had become and how much time I wasted at Aidan’s side. I took another long sip of my cocktail and absent mindedly spun a napkin around on the bar.

“Well, has he had another affair?”

“Not that I know of but I haven’t been digging. I’m just too tired to deal with it Chey. I’m not going to snoop around like some private detective all my life.” I shrugged and glanced at Cheyenne. She looked at me with sympathetic blue eyes and I instantly felt the sting of looming tears. The lump in my throat grew exponentially and it was hard to discern if it was the alcohol or my circumstances that were making me so emotional. A couple of fat tears rolled down my cheek.

“I don’t even know how I got to this point. I’m such an idiot.” My voice was weak and quiet. I shook my head slowly from side to side as I looked down. The weight of the shame and embarrassment I felt was crushing.

“Hey. Don’t do that to yourself.” She reached over and placed her hand on my shoulder as she kept talking.

“You loved him and you got lost somewhere along the way. That doesn’t make you an idiot. It makes you human.”

“No, but tossing myself and all my dreams into the trash and staying with him for so long definitely makes me an idiot, Chey.” She didn’t respond to my self-depreciating dialogue.

“Kat, I only want you to be happy. Is this what you want? Because divorce is ugly and painful, and it’s going to leave a nasty scar. Are you ready to walk away?”

I knew I had two options. I could either stay with my husband and just cope with having to share him with God only knows how many women and possibly never get myself together, or gather what was left of my dignity and walk away from seven years of nothing but bad luck with a little hope. I knew what I had to do. After the coffee cup incident I found myself doing a body check similar to what a person does when they are in some type of accident. Except, my check was more of an emotional inventory.

Heart? Broken. Brilliant!

Ego? Seriously wounded. Great!

Self-confidence? What’s that? Oh joy!

Dignity? Little to none. Excellent!

Self-worth? No habla ingles! Ah shit!

I escaped that thought and I turned in my seat to square my shoulders with Cheyenne’s and I tossed back some words she once spoke to me.

“I have to leave him. What choice do I have?”

Flirty and Dirty Book Blog’s Review of Seven Years Of Bad Luck

Seven Years of Bad LuckSeven Years of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of J.L. Mac’s debut novel Seven Years of Bad Luck. I could not put this novel down nor could I stop thinking about it! I was sneaking around reading it every chance I got! I was sad to finished reading this fabulous novel. Congrats J.L. Mac on creating such a captivating story your first time out 🙂

Seven Years of Bad Luck is Kathleen (Kat) Cooper’s story. Kathleen has been lost for so many years she’s not even sure who she is anymore. Something in her finally awakens and she desperately wants to find the woman that she once was! Will the emotional scars she has ever heal or will they hold her back from finding happiness. Kat and her best friend Cheyenne decide to start a new life together and so the journey begins. I found J.L. Mac to be a very descriptive writer, so much so that she had my heart aching while I was getting acquainted with Kathleen, I was moved to the point tears (no UGLY tears were spilled folks!!).

Ms. Mac has created some absolutely fabulous characters. I found Kathleen to be very lovable, I felt connected to her right from the beginning. I wanted to see her find what she was looking for, I wanted her to find happiness… she deserves some happiness! Kat’s best friend Cheyenne also deserves to find some happiness. Cheyenne is the kind of best friend who has always got your back but won’t hesitate to call you out on your crap! Aidan, what can I say about Aidan except he is a gigantic ass, an ass that you will love to hate and boy did I hate him! Then there’s Tucker, I felt robbed that we only got a teaser of who Tucker is…ladies here is your HOT tatted up shmexy man! Finally there is Ben ~wipes drool from chin~ Ben is charming and successful, he won’t take no for an answer, he will go to great lengths to get what he wants. I just can’t bring myself to tell you anymore about Ben without dropping spoilers but what I will say is that Ben has made it to my Top Ten Book Boyfriend list! I dare you not to fall for this AMAZINGLY SEXY man!

For me, Seven Years Of Bad Luck was a brilliant read that took me on an amazing journey. I fell in love, had my heart-broken and had fun with a best friend… what more could you ask for right?!? I laughed and I cried, my heart ached to the point that I shed tears but thankfully, I was not left with a book hangover! My pulse raced at the incredibly HOT sexy scenes, and my heart skipped a few beats when Ms. Mac threw in an unexpected twist but, through it all my heart was filled with love! Looking for a sexy hot fabulous love story… Look no further, you will not want to miss out on Seven Years Of Bad Luck by J.L. Mac.   Nic

JLMACAbout J.L. Mac

J.L. Mac currently resides in El Paso, Texas, where she enjoys living near her parents and siblings. She was born and raised in Galveston, Texas, until she married her husband in July of 2005. She has two young children and is married to a soldier in the United States Army. J.L. and her family have lived all over the United States and have enjoyed each new experience in each new place. J.L. admittedly has had a long and sordid love affair with the written word and has loved every minute of it. She drinks too many glasses of wine on occasion, smokes fake cigarettes, and says way too many swear words to be considered “lady-like.” J.L. spends her free time reading, writing, and playing with her children.




FALL (Seaside #4) by Rachel van Dyken ~ Release Info and Giveaway!!!

Hey crew, I know y’all are waiting for Rachel’s release of Toxic but did you know she just released book four of the Seaside Series too?


Fall (A Seaside Series Novel #4)
Author: Rachel Van Dkyken
Release date: January 28th
Genre: New Adult


If you look up British in the dictionary…A-list celebrity Jamie Jaymeson’s name would be next to it. Along with charming, witty, man-whore, and a lot of other adjectives that he wouldn’t appreciate being attached to his name.
He has everything in the world going for him.
Until fate decides his number’s finally up.
Caught in a compromising position that really wasn’t his fault to begin with (really it wasn’t)—Jaymeson’s been told by his agent to lay low in the one town he swore he’d never return to—the seventh circle of hell, known by its residents as Seaside, Oregon.
Two months? He can do anything for two months. Especially if it means getting a part in the new book-to-movie series that has girls all over the world swooning.
Play nice? Keep it in his pants? Please. He played an alien once—he was going to totally rock it.
Until a certain someone who he may or may not have publicly humiliated—rejected, then humiliated again, suddenly pops up next door.
Self control has a way of flying out the window when the one girl you can’t have—is suddenly dangled right in front of you.
But Priscilla isn’t just off limits—she’s a pastor’s daughter and barely legal to boot. So Jaymeson does the one thing he swore he’d never do—he tries to be friends. With a woman.
Only, it’s exactly what he needs.
Until suddenly, he craves more.
He wants to date her.
She wants to date someone else.
He wants to kiss her.
She asks him to give her lessons for her new boyfriend.
When opposites attract, sometimes the only option you have is to leap—and trust the fact that when you fall—that special someone falls too.


 Excerpt from Fall

“Are you alright?” A voice jolted me out of my hell.

“Shit!” The cup tipped off the table; I barely caught it with my left hand. Heart racing, I glared at Pris. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Mugs don’t kill. Guns do.” She grinned.

“Cute, you should put that on a t-shirt,” I mumbled.

“Maybe I will.” Her voice was light, teasing. Why the hell wasn’t she in bed?

Bed. Bed. Bed. Sex. Shit. Bloody. Freaking. Hell.

My eyes scanned her half-naked body. She was wearing my boxers. Mine. Something that had once been against my skin was now touching hers. I’d probably never wash those boxers, I’d still be eighty and sleeping with them under my pillow telling myself that I made the right choice in leaving her behind, in keeping my heart closed in a cage where it belonged.

“Are you okay?” Pris took a tentative step toward me, her hand reaching out, making a beeline for my arm.

Her fingers grazed my skin.

I jerked back. “Uh, yeah.” Laughing, I grabbed an extra cup. “I just couldn’t fall asleep so I thought I’d make some tea.”

“Tea?” Her eyebrows rose. “How very proper.”

“That’s me,” I said dryly. “All…” My eyes raked over her muscular legs. “…proper.”

Clearing her throat, she stepped around me and grabbed the tea that I’d been holding onto like a lifeline. The way I figured, was if I was keeping my hands occupied then I wouldn’t be touching her. I wouldn’t be forcing myself on her, right? If I was touching tea I wouldn’t be touching tits.

Aw, shit.

I think I just made it worse.

Because my eyes naturally went to her chest, then snapped away like I was a fifth grader with his very first crush.

“So…” Pris ignored my jerky movements. She probably thought I was about ready to piss my pants or something. Ants in the pants, ants in the pants! Yes. I was officially reverting back to my childhood.

Trauma does that to a person.

So does delirium.


That’s what I was experiencing, because, dear God, she had vanilla-scented skin. I leaned toward her, my head turning into her shoulder.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“Checking.” I cleared my throat and stepped away.


“Bed bugs.”

Yes. I’d just said bed bugs. I just officially ruined the mood and gave men everywhere a bad name.

“Eww!” She jumped into the air. “You have bed bugs?”

“No!” I yelled. “Of course not! But one should always be careful when one is staying…” I waved my hand into the air. “…abroad.”

“Stop saying one,” she snapped.


Shaking her head, she put a tea bag in each mug. The kettle whistled, prompting her to fill the mugs with the steaming water. I let her do it. My mind had left me and I knew my body was next to go — next in the very long line of betrayal. I figured if I touched the kettle I’d somehow find a way to burn my nether parts off. Because really, that’s just the type of night I was having.

“Here.” Pris thrust the mug into my hand, setting hers on the counter to cool, then jumped up and sat so she was at eye level with me. “I’m sorry you can’t sleep. Is there anything I can do?”

Yeah. She could stop — just stop — breathing so effing close to me.

Wait, did that mean I wanted her to die?

Shit. I was turning into a serial killer.

“No,” I croaked. “It happens sometimes.” I blew across the mug. “I’m sorry I woke you up.”

“You didn’t.” She picked up her mug and lifted it to her lips pausing before taking a sip. “I fell asleep right away, and then, I don’t know, I guess my body wasn’t ready to go to bed yet. I woke up and heard you rummaging around in the kitchen.”

I winced. “Sorry. I tried to be quiet.”

“Jamie Jaymeson being quiet. You let me know when you discover you have that particular talent.”

With a laugh I clinked my mug to hers. “Cheers.”

Pris took a sip then jerked the cup back. “Ouch.”

“What?” I set my mug down and reached for hers, setting it next to mine.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “It’s not a big deal I think I just burnt my lip.”

“Let me see.” I stood in between her legs and braced either side of her face with my hands.

In hindsight… that was where I went wrong.

I knew I was struggling — I should have never touched her. I should have left her alone. I should have taken a step away instead of forward.

“Your lips look…” Incredible. Delicious. Plump. “Unharmed.” I inwardly groaned.

“Good.” Her answer was low, hypnotic, her tongue reached out and licked her lower lip.

And my body took the bait.

With a moan I crushed my mouth against hers and lifted her body against mine.

Her arms went around my neck as I devoured her lips — they tasted so sweet. Her body was hot, it slid against mine. My reaction was so violent I almost dropped her onto the floor.

Pris’s tongue pushed into my mouth. Damn, the girl was aggressive. I loved it. Smiling against her mouth I bit down on her lip and let her taste me, let her explore as my hands moved to her hips, setting her feet on the floor as I still held her body against mine.

Slowly, I slid my hands underneath her shirt, and lifted, the friction of my hands against her skin made me dizzy. Pris wasn’t just my obsession — she was my damn downfall. She made me feel weak, like I was drowning but I didn’t want to be saved. For the first time, I wanted to pull someone else down with me. And stay there.

Her breath hitched as my hands reached her bra.

She pulled back, slightly.

But it was enough for my brain to function on a logical level. I wanted to give her all of myself — but I had absolutely nothing to give her.

The math didn’t make sense.

I’d give her all I had — which was nothing.

And she’d give me everything.

“Pris,” I murmured against her mouth. “I’m sorry.” I stepped back, still gripping her wrists. “That shouldn’t have happened. It’s late and—”

“—what?” She jerked away from me, rubbing one wrist with her other hand.

“No, don’t be mad. Please.” Why did I feel like getting on my knees and begging? 

“I wouldn’t survive it if you said you hated me right now. I know it’s what I deserve. I know I’m an ass. I’m a whore. I’m all those things, but please, please don’t say this changes anything. I can’t…” Dammit. “I can’t lose you, Pris. You’re the only real friend I’ve had.”

Fall is available now!!!!!

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About The Author:
Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal,
and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When
she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting
her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir
Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers!
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