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His to Take by Shayla Black ~NEW REVIEW~


His to Take (Wicked Lovers, #9)His to Take by Shayla Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2015

Shayla Black is one of my go-to authors when I’m in the mood for a scorching hot and sexy read and she did not disappoint with His to Take — the perfect amount of sexy with loads of scorching buildup. This story will definitely make your blood pressure rise 😉

His to Take is book number 9 in the Wicked Lovers series. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series and thankfully I didn’t feel as though I missed out because of it. I’m confident that each of these books can be read as a stand-alone, although there are definite benefits to getting to know each of the characters from their own books in the series. I will definitely check out the rest of the Wicked Lovers books now.

The story was intriguing, the writing had great flow and the characters sucked me in. NSA Agent, Joaquin Munoz is a strong and sexy alpha, the kind of man I’d like protecting me *inserts Rawr* Bailey Benson is sweet and mysterious and she kept me wanting to know more about her story. Characters from the other books in the series also made an appearance in His to Take and now I can’t wait to go back and read their stories – Especially Sean, Mitchell and Callie’s story!

If you are looking for a sexy hot suspenseful read, look no further…His to Take, the latest in the Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black is just what you are looking for. Ladies, you definitely do not want to miss out on Joaquin Muñoz – Mmmm mmmm <3 Nic

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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Confess by Colleen Hoover ~NEW REVIEW~


ConfessConfess by Colleen Hoover

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+++++ Another absolutely beautiful emotional love story from Colleen Hoover. My heart still hasn’t recovered.

As always, Colleen Hoover’s writing leaves me speechless. This lady has an incredible talent for writing unforgettable stories and Confess was another example of that.

Right from the first few lines, I knew this book was going to find it’s way into my heart… and it did. Never predictable, except for the fact that I knew Ms. Hoover would suck me in and never let me forget Aubrey’s story! This is one of those stories that haunts my thoughts… and my heart.

Auburn Reed is such a beautiful character who has experience so much in her young life. All I wanted was for her to find the happiness she deserved. From the moment Owen Gentry entered Auburn’s life, I wanted to know how he fit into the picture 😉 His story is equally as emotional as Auburn’s.

Do you believe in fate? I do and after you read Confess you just might.

Confess was filled with brilliant characters, some I fell in love with and some I wished a slow and painful death 😉 The story is beautiful, and angsty and kept me wanting more. I laughed, and I cried, and I got angry. Had my heart-broken, then mended. The end of this book blew my mind! It was so beautiful — the perfect ending — and I swear I cried the entire time I read it. I’m teary-eyed right now just thinking about it.

If Confess doesn’t get turned into a movie, I’m going to be ticked! Confess had everything I look for in a true romance. I promise this beautiful, haunting story is not to be missed! Nic

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Release Date:  March 10, 2015

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Jacked by Tina Reber ~Signed Giveaway~



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February 28th, 2015

Snapped by Killian McRae ~COVER REVEAL~

snapped ebook cover


Snapped by Killian McRae

Release Date:  March 20, 2015

snapped full cover

On the surface, Taryn Pearson’s life seems perfect. No one sees how her past casts shadows over her present or senses the rage she fights every day to conceal. Total self-control has kept her safe, but it’s also left her isolated. Before transitioning from graduate school to her career as a lab assistant, her aunt urges her to be bold, expand her boundaries, and try something new. 

Photographer Rafael de le Sente escaped the barrio and demons of his youth, but he can’t outrun the consequences of his adult actions. Rarely able to separate work from pleasure, his licentious leanings finally cost him his biggest client. Rafael deigns to take on Taryn as a student for a price, proving his professionalism in the process. Almost immediately, he knows he’s doomed. Here is a woman who keeps his interest and tempts his libido. Every lesson further challenges her discipline and his control. Taryn may be just what he’s always longed for – an equal – but letting someone in so closely challenges his nature. 

Rafael never wanted love, Taryn never desired a lover, but they’ll need each other to finally bring their lives in to focus. Frame by frame, they move closer to accepting the pull between them. Every camera flash drags more of their pasts into the light, bringing them closer to a photo finish with fate.


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MAKE ME FORGET by Brandi Lynn~Release Day Excerpt and Trailer

Title: Make Me Forget
Author: Brandy Lynn
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Cover Design: Shoutlines Design
*Inspired by true events*
Where do you turn when the ones who are supposed to love you most, hurt you?
When is enough, enough?
That is the exact question Chloe Evans had when she escaped her own personal hell that terrifying night. Even though the road to rebuilding her life has been tough, she’s spent the last few years trying to mend her battered soul. Doubting that all her efforts are even worth it, she begins to feel she will forever be tied to the man who took everything away from her.
Ryder Matthews is the epitome of what most girls associate with perfection. With his good looks, bad boy persona, multiple tattoos and piercings he is every girl’s fantasy; every girl except Chloe Evans that is. Ryder sees Chloe as a challenge…one that he’s more than confident he will win.
Drew Nichols is every girls dream guy. He’s sweet, sincere, trusting, and most of all patient. He’s exactly what Chloe needs in her life, but is he who she wants?
We all have things in life we’d like to forget about. Some bigger than others. When Chloe uses college as her diversion to escape the memories, will either of them be able to make her forget?

“I told you!” I sing, putting down the utensils and glancing around the
room. It has gotten busier in here since we sat down. My eyes fall on the pool table behind the glass doors that
lead into the adjacent bar, where a couple is just leaving. “Ever play?”
She glances around to where I’m staring
and shakes her head. “No, can’t say that I have.”
“We could use a little bit of fun to break up the seriousness.” I
eagerly get up and grab her hand. Pulling her to her feet, we walk toward the
“I am going to look ridiculous,” she argues.
I laugh. “Does it matter? Just focus on us and I promise…I won’t laugh.”
“I’m gonna hold you to that,” she replies sarcastically, as I hand her a
pool stick. She watches me chalk it up and then follows suit.
I start to rack the balls, and she is intently watching me. “The key to
this game is to keep your eyes on the subject.”
She raises her eyebrows, and I laugh. “Don’t worry, you’ll catch on.”
“You go first,” she replies, eyeing the table.
I grab the cue ball and place it on the table then slowly I move the
stick and connect with the ball. It hits the balls and they all scatter, but
none of them land in a pocket. I groan. “The object is to get the ball in the
She laughs. “Really? What a concept.”
“Now, it’s your turn.”
She stands behind the cue ball, looking awkward but sexy as hell. As she
slides the stick between her fingers, she seems to wait for the perfect time.
Once she lets go, she misses the cue ball altogether. I try to contain my
laughter as I walk behind her. I wrap my arms around her, cradling her, showing
her how to shoot. She glances up and our eyes meet. If I knew that she wouldn’t
slap me, I would kiss her. Instead, I look back down to the balls and slowly
move her arm with the pool stick.
“Nice and easy,” I whisper. Her eyes turn back to the ball, and I can
hear her raspy breathing. I wonder if it is because of our close proximity with
one another. I feel my dick harden from the close proximity of having her bent
over the table, as images run through my mind of taking her on the table slow
and steady. The stick hits the cue ball and it connects with one of the
stripes, landing it in the corner pocket. I pull back slightly readjusting
myself before she notices that I’m sporting a semi from our brief
contact.“Great job!” I yell excitedly, sadly pulling away from her body.
She turns around and winks, causing me to take notice of the way that
she is suddenly flirting with me. “I had a good teacher.” She walks back around the table and shoots another ball into a
I stare at her, as she connects the cue ball with another and then
“Really?” I quip, placing my hands on the table staring at her. “Did you
just hustle me?”
She shrugs. “At least we didn’t play for money.” Then she runs the rest
of the stripes into the pockets and finally pockets the eight ball. She puts
her pool stick back in the rack and crosses her arms. “That was fun. Have any
other ideas?”
I shake my head. This girl hustled me, and I will never live it down. I
am thankful that the guys aren’t here to witness this shit, but I know that she
will find a way to tell everyone. For some reason, I don’t even care. I’m just
amazed at how the evening took a turn for the better.


There’s a huge banner hanging above the entrance that says, Welcome
. Distracted with reading it, I almost collide with my resident
Popping her gum she sticks out her hand and says “Hey, I’m Erin, the RA for your floor and you are?”
Wiping my clammy hands on my jeans I stick out my hand, “Chloe Evans.”
She shakes it, then untucks a clipboard from under her arm and flips
through the attached stack of papers. “Okay…” she runs her fingers over the
pages. “Evans, Chloe… let me see. Here you are. You are in room 306. Third
floor,” she replies cheerily.
“Great. Thank you,” I say. Time to unpack. I head back to my car
to grab a couple of boxes. Heaving two boxes and a bag out of my trunk, I turn
to head up to my dorm when suddenly I lose my grip, my toe hitches on the curb
and just before I face-plant on the concrete, I’m caught by two strong arms
that pull me back to my feet.
For a moment, all I can see are muscular arms covered in tattoos. I
catch a glimpse of the name Matthews written in black Celtic script
running the length of his forearm from below his elbow to his wrist. When I
look up, his striking cobalt blue eyes distract me from my embarrassment. His
jet-black hair looks just long enough for me to run my fingers through it and
I’ll be damned if that’s not exactly what I want to do. His thick lips are
spread wide in a charming smile. His features are strong and his jaw line is
chiseled, softened only by a day’s worth of stubble. He’s the paragon of
masculine beauty.
Dumbstruck, I flush with embarrassment. I’m staring but who
wouldn’t stare at him? He’s amused; I can see
 it in his eyes.
“Tha –Than
– Thank you,” I stutter. Geez, Chloe
could you sound anymore ridiculous,
I scold myself. Get your shit together. Despite the cautioning voices in my head, I
hesitate to detach myself from his arms. Somehow I find the strength to step
back just a bit.
“No problem, sweetheart. Next time watch those curbs. I may not
always be around.” He winks and at first I’m speechless, then almost
immediately indignant.
 “I am not your sweetheart.” I’ve never been a fan of nicknames which is why I’m
so upset at his callous use of one. Just hearing the word ‘sweetheart’ makes me
cringe. That term is not a term of endearment for me. It brings back memories.
Memories that I don’t want unleashed and demons that I don’t want chasing me.
I’ve spent years ridding myself of those dark times and I do not want to go
“Not yet,” he replies. Those two words threaten to make me weak
in the knees. His voice is a dark rich baritone, like an audible dessert. He is
definitely confident and arrogant, I think to myself. Either way, I am ready to
give it back to him.
“Yet? I stare at him questioning with large doe-eyes. I cannot
believe the audacity this guy has. “You’re awful confident for just meeting
me,” I balk.
“I enjoy a challenge princess,” he winks, walking
away. Who the fuck was that? And, what
the hell just happened to m
Stepping into the building, I carefully maneuver myself through the
throngs of people towards the elevator. As I step in, one of the boxes starts
to fall from my arms and I quickly lean forward to try to catch it, when all of
a sudden the entire contents in my arms start tumbling down. “FUCK.MY.LIFE,” I
yell. Can this day get any worse? I
have been here for less than an hour and already I’ve made an ass out of myself
in front of people I don’t know.
“Here, let me help you,” a sweet sexy voice says. I peek around the
boxes and notice a gorgeous guy picking up the contents that are spread out all
over the elevator. He’s got dirty-blonde shaggy hair that hangs in a sexy mused
manner, blazing brown eyes that remind me of my favorite mocha chocolate latte,
tan skin that looks like he should be on a beach in Cali, and a straight
angular jaw line that’s clean cut. He is
definitely a pretty boy.
Wow, who
would have known that little old Radford could breed em’ like this,
I think
to myself. I’m taken aback by that thought just a bit. I mean I haven’t thought
about guys in a long time. It’s strange and exciting all at the same time. I really have made a lot of progress these
past few years. 
“Thanks so much. I’m not sure why I thought I could make it upstairs
with all these boxes without an incident. I am so clumsy. I really do
appreciate your help. I’m sorry if I inconvenienced you in anyway,” I ramble. What the hell is wrong with me today? It
must be the new environment. I typically don’t talk to men I don’t know and I
definitely don’t ramble on about nonsense.
Mr. Sweet and Sexy cocks an eyebrow and I see the tilt of a smirk on his
lips when he says “Really, it’s fine. I’m glad I was able to help out. Which
floor were you headed too? I can help you take up this load to prevent any more
accidents” Yep, kill me now. Immediately,
I feel my neck start to warm from the flush. I’m sure my skin is glowing
crimson red.
“Um, third floor, Room 306, I believe.” Oh. My. God. I just blurted out where I will be living to some random
dude because he’s hot, sexy, or showed me a little kindness. What the hell is
happening to me?
After everything I’ve been through you would think I know
not to give out personal tidbits about my life, such as where the hell to find
me. I quickly duck my head trying to hide the fact that I feel exposed, because
this guy, who I have no idea who he is, now knows where I will lay my head down
at night.
“Cool. My cousin is actually in 306, Alexis Nichols. That’s where I was
headed. “Actually,” he chuckles “She called me over to help her and her new
roommate unload boxes and shit. You must be Chloe?” Sticking out his hand, he
smiles a genuine smile with a slight glimmer in his eye. Introducing himself,
he says “Drew Nichols.”
Reluctantly, I place my hand in his and introduce myself; “Yes, I’m
Chloe; Chloe Evans. It’s good to meet you. So much for a good first
impression,” I giggle softly. Did I just
I am way outside of my comfort zone. This has to be my subconscious
talking because I, Chloe Evans, do not do shit like this.


will not look up. I will not look up. I will not look up
. I repeat the mantra in my head hoping that
I can avoid that intense stare of his. Those eyes are like a beacon looking in.
I could get lost in those cobalt blue eyes for days. It’s a powerful feeling
that makes me almost uncomfortable; like he can see my scars, pain, and the
numbness inside. I shift uncomfortably; I still haven’t answered him when I
feel him tilt my chin up with his index finger. Instinctively I pull away
looking at him like he has two heads. I hear him chuckle softly.
“What no answer, princess?”
“Sorry. I’m just…surprised that’s all,” I shift uncomfortably in my
seat, looking down picking an invisible piece of lint from the hem of my shirt.
“Surprised that I could sing?” he asks with mock hurt.
Throwing my head back, I laugh at his cockiness. “No, I was just
surprised to see you here, and that you can sing so…well,” I mumble slightly
embarrassed by my admission.
“So you do think I’m good, huh?” I see the laugh in his eyes and can
tell he enjoys this banter.
“Yes! Alright, I do. I thought you guys were pretty badass. The entire
show was phenomenal.”
“Ahh, see that’s all I wanted you to do. Just admit that you liked it. I
could see you bobbing your head all the way from the stage,” he laughs, and
when he does a deep throaty sound resonates from his windpipe. It’s so sensual.
I swear I want to bottle that sound up so I can pop the top and listen to it
anytime that I want.
“Well I did. You guys are great and if your fan club is any indication
they think so too. I point over his shoulder and he turns his head in the
direction I’m pointing in. I hear him let out a low hiss but not low enough
that I didn’t catch it.

Brandy Lynn resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, teenage son, and furry friend. She’s a retired blogger, chocoholic, aspiring writer, wine lover, avid reader, procrastinator, animal lover, and a craft fanatic. Her debut novel, Make Me Forget is scheduled to release on February 23, 2015.



Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens ~ New Review~


Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.5)Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Right now I want to hug S.C. Stephens for letting me into Kellan Kyle’s head. Thoughtless is one of my favourite reads, but having just read Kellan’s POV in Thoughtful… I knew you were going to gut me Ms. Stephens, I just didn’t know how deeply!!! Thoughtful was everything I hoped it would be.

If you are one of those people who don’t like a story retold from an alt POV, you may not want to read Thoughtful. But, that would be a HUGE mistake on your part. Getting into this beautiful, tormented character’s head was at times gut wrenching, but to be able to reread one of your favourite stories from a different perspective is amazing because it give another layer of depth to the whole story. I couldn’t put Thoughtful down and admit I was more than a little crushed when I finished it.

Thank you S.C. Stephens for putting my heart through the wringer, yet again! Thoughtful solidifies why Kellan Kyle and the Thoughtless series will always hold a special place in my heart. You won’t be disappointed!  Nic

**I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

Fifty Shades of Grey London Premier LIVESTREAM!!!!


You can watch the LIVESTREAM of the London Premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey right now!!!! <3 <3

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RETRIBUTION by K.A. Robinson~ Cover, Synopsis and Giveaway

KARRetributionBookCoversmallRetribution cover reveal and release date announcement!

I’m so excited to finally give you information on Retribution, book two of the Deception series. (Deception information here. This will be the final Deception book.

Release Date: March 17th, 2015


When Claire walked away from Cooper, she thought she was doing the right thing, the safe thing. Marrying Robert was supposed to solve all of her problems.

Unfortunately, Claire’s view of Robert changes from perfect to terrifying when she sees a new side of her husband—a violent side.

The last person she expects to save her is Cooper. When he does, they form an alliance to bring Robert down for not only hurting Claire, but for the death of Robert’s first wife and Cooper’s mother, Marie.

As Claire digs deeper into Robert’s past, she learns some truths that can never be forgotten. Suddenly, Claire is in danger, and Cooper is the only one who can help her.

Enter the world of Claire, Cooper, and Robert as new alliances are formed, relationships are shattered, and feelings simmering under the surface are suddenly brought to light.

Can Claire survive the truth long enough for Robert to finally face retribution for his past?

Preorder is available across all platforms, except for Nook.


Amazon UK:

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Nook: Not available




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HEARTH by Morgan Parker ft. poetry by Rogue~ Cover and Synopsis

Hey crew,

I can’t wait for this release. I think you will be in for a real treat and something different. Morgan Parker is releasing his serial shorts titled HEARTH. They are of the mystery/thriller genre with a side of romance. But the fabulous addition of poet Rogue will set your soul on fire. She is amazing with her words.

Check out this cover and synopsis. Add it to your TBR. If you’re on Facebook be sure to check out Rogue Poetry too!

Title: Hearth ( A Dark Series)

Author: Morgan Parker featuring Rogue Poetry

Cover Artist: Hang Le

Release Date: March 1st 2015

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller



He used to sing to her with a voice that burned like scotch and soothed like Johnny Cash.

Until she got older.

And died.

Now, nineteen months after identifying his daughter’s remains, Dave Richmond discovers the only clue into her mysterious disappearance and murder.

A USB flash drive with three letters on it – “rog” – filled with the most beautiful poetry he has ever read.

But the poetry is special. It’s haunted.

With love.


And death.   


RUIN YOU COMPLETELY by Calia Read~ Review and Trailer

Calia read


This was my second Calia Read story but my first introduction to the Sloan Brothers. Let’s just say I will be reading the other two very, very soon.

Calia Read has no problem drawing a reader into the story. In RUIN YOU COMPLETELY, she used the romantic setting of music (specifically piano, my favorite instrument, and Germany. Europe always gets me and sets you up for falling in love).

Mathias Sloan… I don’t know much about his brothers Macsen and Thayer but damn if the genetics run deep in that family. Mathias is a raw, no nonsense presence. He’s a brooder but in the sexiest of ways. I love his back story—which you don’t get the full details until near the end. And I tell ya, I kept reading and reading until my questions were finally answered. The anticipation was fabulous and I didn’t think that Calia Read extended or delayed too much at all.

Katja… love this name!– is a spitfire. I loved her cheekiness and her naivety. These qualities didn’t make her appear too young or inexperienced. It made her hopeful, strong and passionate. I loved that she would stand up to Mathias even when her resolve was breaking down.

The chemistry between Mathias and Katja was electric. The back and forth denying their true feelings gave me whiplash and made me want to throw my reader. I would be screaming at one of them to just eat their humble pie and give in to their feelings. If these characters were real, I’d shake them silly.

The timeline of the story is well paced and I love that it didn’t happen over a matter of a few days rather it was over a couple of years. This made it much more real and relatable.

As I said this was my second book of Calia Read’s and it definitely won’t be my last.

D 4/5

One click to your Kindle

Get a little more insight into the story. Check out the trailer!


Ruin You Completely from Becca the Bibliophile on Vimeo.

The Trailer was created by Becca from Bibliophile Productions –

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