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EMERALDS by K.A. Linde~ Review

Touted as the queen of angst by many of her readers K.A. Linde is at it again with another instalment of the All That Glitters series. Emeralds (#2.5) Is Trihn’s story. If you’re a Linde fan this won’t disappoint. Check out my review.

Emeralds is now available on Amazon.


Emeralds by K.A. Linde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To love him and sex him or hate him and sex him? That is the question you will be asking yourself about Preston Whitehall. And I don’t know that you’ll have the answer by the time you’re done reading EMERALDS. But you will have oh so much fun navigating through it while reading about Trhinity and Preston. Classic to K.A. Linde stories, EMERALDS is full of angst, tugging of the heart strings, indecision, hotter than hot sex. I also love that girls in this instalment of the All That Glitters series are still strong and independent women.
What I love about Linde’s characters are how driven they are and ambitious they are. K.A. Linde never has to go into extreme physical details to give the reader a mental picture of how beautiful her characters are. They all have great charisma and personality that the images you have in your head are nothing less than sexy and hot.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Trinh after being introduced to her in Diamonds. Her back story (Emeralds) gives us more understanding of what she’s all about. Trinh’s story line is totally age and lifestyle realistic. It’s full of fun, sass and the unknown of the heart.
As always the boys in Linde’s books are drool and heart thumping worthy. Preston’s character is confident, smooth and charming. I wanted to love him and kick him within a single page. Damn him for having Jedi tricks.
I absolutely can’t wait for Platinum.
D 5/5

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November 9 by Colleen Hoover ~Blog Tour & Giveaway~





November 9 is yet another breathtaking novel by Colleen Hoover that’s full of blushing, gushing, and heartache. I loved every page and breathed in every beautiful word.”
—Anna Todd, Author of the After series

Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day of her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Over time and amidst the various relationships and tribulations of their own separate lives, they continue to meet on the same date every year. Until one day Fallon becomes unsure if Ben has been telling her the truth or fabricating a perfect reality for the sake of the ultimate plot twist.

Can Ben’s relationship with Fallon—and simultaneously his novel—be considered a love story if it ends in heartbreak?



11109_408567071_hrColleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Slammed, This Girl, Point of Retreat, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Finding Cinderella, Maybe Someday, Ugly Love, Maybe Not, and Confess. She lives in Texas with her husband and their three boys.

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Flirty and Dirty Book Blog’s Review of November 9 by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m speechless, having just finished Colleen Hoover’s latest novel, November 9. I’ll admit when I first started November 9, I was hooked but…I wasn’t feeling the feels that I had hoped to. I’ve read enough by this fabulous author to know that they were headed my way, when…BANG…They hit me—hard! Sweet and tender, angsty and gut-wrenching…November 9 was just…WOW!

November 9 is such a unique story with unique characters. Fallon is a character that stole my heart immediately. You would have to be heartless to not feel for this beautiful girl, once you learn her story. And Ben…Ben was swoon-worthy from the get go, but there was something about him that I didn’t sit right, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until…Until Colleen Hoover hit me with a big-ass gobsmacking shocker!!!! Did NOT see that coming! I honestly thought my heart had been destroyed!

November 9 is one of those reads where you think you have it all figured out, but you never really do… So many WOW moments in this story. And then there’s the feels…OH THE FEELS! My heart went on quite the emotional ride—grab your tissues ladies, I sobbed like a baby—and it was so worth it.

Another unforgettable story with beautiful, tortured souls who have consumed my thoughts and my heart. November 9 is a story I won’t soon forget. If you’re looking for a story to steal your heart, November 9 needs to be on your TBR!  Nic

**I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review**

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WHEN I WAS YOURS by Samantha Towle~ New Review

81284_origTitle: When I Was Yours
Author: Samantha Towle
Release Date: Nov 10, 2015
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​“Marry me.”

“What?” I stared back at him, unblinking.

He moved closer, taking my face in his hands. “I love you, Evie. I look into the future, and the only thing I see clearly is you. Marry me.”

What’s an eighteen-year-old girl who was madly in love with her nineteen-year-old boyfriend say?

Of course, I said yes.

Twenty-four hours later, I married Adam Gunner at a Vegas chapel to the sounds of “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Not the best omen. I get that now.

Then, exactly one week later, I left him. I walked out, leaving behind my wedding ring, annulment papers, and my heart, and he never knew why.

I haven’t seen him since. Not in ten long years.

Now, he’s here, standing before me. Looking at me with nothing but hurt and hatred in his eyes, he wants answers.

​Answers I can’t give.

7740130_origMY REVIEW (D)

This was my first Samantha Towle book. Yeah, yeah, don’t judge.
When I Was Yours was an enjoyable read. I liked the past present POV. The alternating time frames filled in gaps and explanations into the characters decisions and way of thinking. Through the span of time the reader is also able to really see the emotions and years of feelings that built up.
That being said there were times in the book where I wondered if the time frame was too long — if the characters Adam and Evie would have feelings that strong after 10 years. There is no definitive answer as this is a fictional book with fictional characters but it did cross my mind.
I loved Evie’s character and personality. She was fresh with the right amount of naivety balanced with the right amount of sass.
Adam was a likeable character but I didn’t find anything that set him apart from other book boyfriends. He had all the swoon and hottie factors and he kept my interest enough throughout the story. I was just hoping there would be something WOW about him.
The storyline itself was enough to keep me turning the pages. I loved the humor and banter between Adam and Evie.
The past POV were my favorite chapters because Adam and Evie’s relationship was what eighteen year olds should be like… fun, carefree, hot and with all the butterflies and feels you can fit on a page. It’s full of that push and pull angst that a second chance romance should have.
If you like stories of second chances and love that never dies then WHEN I WAS YOURS is a must read.
D 3.5/5 stars

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Monster Prick by Kendall Ryan ~Brittany’s New Review~

RELASE DATE: November 17th, 2015

Over my dead body. 

That’s what I told Gracie when she informed me of her plan to pick some random guy she met online to get rid of her pesky virginity. 

If anyone is touching her, it’s going to be me. 

I shouldn’t even be considering it, but I can’t get it out of my head: her, under me, begging me. 

Arrogant. Cocky. Prick. 

Those are the words I’d use to describe my older brother’s dangerously handsome best friend. 

When he learned of my plan to kick off my white cotton briefs, ditching my good girl persona once and for all by losing my virginity to the first eligible bachelor I could find, he flipped out. Said over his dead body. 

He says if anyone’s going to do it, it’s going to be him. 

I hate that I’m even considering his offer. 

But I am … I sooo am. 

Ever since he suggested it, all I can think about is his cocky smile on those full lips as he’s driving in to me. 

But if we cross that line … will I ever be able to go back? 

MONSTER PRICK, a sexy romantic comedy, is a spin off novella from SCREWED, but can be read as a standalone, as it features a new couple.

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Monster Prick by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Monster Prick is a spin off novella from Ryan’s last book Screwed (which I loved). This book follows the story of Hudson Stone the best friend of Hayden Oliver both of whom we met in Screwed. Hudson has known Hayden and his family, which includes his little sister Gracie, for his whole life. Gracie and Hudson have a had a thing for each other for most of their lives, so when Gracie declares that she intends to meet a man on an online dating site in order to lose her virginity Hudson is having none of it.

Now I have read every single Kendall Ryan book there is. Some I’ve liked, some I’ve loved, but no matter what they always left me with a feeling of warm fuzzies, contentment, and happiness. What was here was amazing, but to me the novella format only works in one of two situations; when it’s part of a continuing series or is a bonus book in an already completed full-length series and is about characters we already know and are invested in.

The entire time I was reading Monster Prick I kept thinking, I wish there was more to this. I will say, that while the book is marketed as a standalone (which it is), I’m happy I had already read Screwed because it gave me a feeling of connection to these characters that I don’t think I would have had without it.

With that said, the writing as always was amazing and what story was there was fantastic. Gracie and Hudson crackle on the page and due to their before mentioned history, the chemistry came across as believable. The book alternates between Hudson and Gracie’s first person POV and as I stated before this is a standalone so once you flip the last page you are done.

Love me a good Kendall Ryan book which may be why I wanted so much more of this book. All-in-all, Monster Prick was a solid 3.5 star read for me.

***I was provided a complimentary from the author for my honest opinion***

Do Not Disturb by A.R. Torre ~Brittany’s New Review~

Do Not Disturb by A.R. Torre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, I enjoyed The Girl in 6e. It was original and fresh and I gave it a pretty stellar review. A 4.5 star review to be exact. And then, I read Do Not Disturb and fell even further in love with this series.

Everything I loved from the first book in the series is here. Strong female lead? Check. Fresh take on the thriller/crime genre? Check. Steamy scenes that never detract from the story? Check and check.

Deanna is still living the same life as before. Shut in tight in apartment 6e and working as a cam girl. However, one small change has occurred. After getting that taste of freedom in the first book, she is intent to now continue her ventures into the world of the living which includes spending even more time with UPS Delivery Man Jeremy. All while Deanna’s new found freedom is taking place, we are introduced to a new character named Marcus Renza. A bad seed who at the beginning of the book has just been released from jail for reasons that will come to light over the course of the first quarter of the book.

Do Not Disturb follows much of the same formula as the The Girl in 6e. Periphery stories unfold around our main character until they come to a head in the final act. These books very much remind me of reading the equivalent of a procedural television show. While the characters are the same from book to book, the story changes with each one. There’s a new crime or thriller to follow each week, meaning these books can be read back-to-back-to-back or one at a time with no worry for whether or not you’ll remember the previous book or not. Each story stands on its own. I will say that I don’t recommend reading them out of order because 6e acts as an exposition that explains the majority of the “why”. I feel you really need that in order to fully appreciate these books.

Again, each chapter jumps from first person narrative told through Deanna’s eyes to thirds person narrative following others within the story. While I found adjusting to this in 6e to be challenging at first, this time around I was ready for it and found myself not even remotely distracted by it. I also found myself far more invested in this story. I HAD to know what happened to these character’s and could not go to bed until I did. There was just something about it that hooked me in from start to finish.

Like with it’s predecessor, if you aren’t into mystery/thriller/dark reads, then this probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea. This series is very much in the same vein as You by Caroline Kepnes and Marrow by Tarryn Fisher, so if you’re looking for a warm and fluffy love story this is not the place.

Do Not Disturb was a book that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish and would demand that I finish just “one more chapter”. A solid 5 star read.

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Paris You Are In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Today a senseless tragedy of terrorism has claimed the lives of many in Paris, France. Whether oceans apart and miles away, terrorism affects us all. Please keep those who have succumb to this tragedy in your hearts.

We are one world, one nation and it disheartens me that there are those who think otherwise. May there be some peace.


Floating by Michelle Dare ~NEW REVIEW~

Floating by Michelle Dare
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

***I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review***

Floating tells the story of Lucy
Abrams. A young woman who one fateful night during high school almost
drowns in the ocean. The main reason that Lucy is still alive is that her
then boyfriend, Gabe was there to save her. This event has left Lucy with
debilitating anxiety when it comes to being near the ocean. There are only
a handful of people that she feels safe or comfortable with, that is until
she meets Ellis Sullivan.

Ellis is vacationing on Ray Point, when
one day while in town he see’s Lucy and is instantly smitten. So smitten
in fact that he cannot get her out of his mind and is determined to find
the beautiful blonde that consumes his every thought. Naturally Ellis
finds his mystery beauty and a relationship between him and Lucy ensues.

I waffled back and forth between 2 and 3 stars the entire time I
was reading it which is why I decided to go with a 2.5. This book at times
was a struggle for me for several reasons. The first was that Ellis came
off as incredibly effeminate to me in the beginning of the book. Now while
I don’t need my main male characters to be hulking alpha males, I do like
them to have a slight whiff of masculinity to them. There was a scene
early in the book where Ellis and his friends were driving around Ray
Point looking for Lucy. This scene really didn’t strike me as something a
bunch of grown men would drive around doing. As the story went on, his
character lost this characteristic but in the beginning it felt like a
woman writing what she thought a man would do.

Another thing that
irked me was the speed love. As a reader, love at first sight is one of my
greatest pet peeves. I will say, that Dare was able to turn me around on
this point because she crafted a beautiful relationship between the two as
the book progressed that made me the reader believe in this relationship
and that it could be lasting.

Finally, Lucy’s relationship with
Gabe (who is a very real presence throughout the book) angered me at
times. As the synopsis of the book states, Gabe never let go of the idea
that Lucy and he would end up together. To me it felt like this plot point
was used as a means to create tension, but in my opinion it wasn’t that
effective. I frequently felt bad for Gabe and it made me at times dislike
both Lucy and Ellis for it.

The book alternates each chapter
between Lucy and Ellis’ first person POV. It was nice to see both
perspectives while reading and definitely helped me the reader buy the
relationship between them. The description on Goodreads states that this
is book one of the series, but I felt that Floating ended in a way that
felt both final and satisfying. I have a feeling that if the series does
continue it will be about secondary characters we met in Floating.

All-in-all this wasn’t the worst book that I’ve ever read but in
the end fell a little flat for me. Brittany

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BLUE HORIZONS by Kathryn Andrews~ Review

Hey crew check out my review for Kathryn Andrews latest release Blue Horizons


Blue Horizons by Kathryn Andrews
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Will Ashton
Music is my motivation. I’ve always believed that, because of it, I would be somebody. Somebody to someone, and something to myself.

At age four, I picked up my grandfather’s acoustic guitar and, up until three weeks ago, I’ve never put it down. From a single chord to a full arrangement, music fed my soul. I craved it with every fiber of my being, but now, I just don’t know. That driving force that’s always pushed me has somehow stalled, along with the thrill, the passion, and the familiarity . . . it’s all gone. I’m beginning to worry that my love for music just isn’t enough.

As the summer tour finally comes to an end, I head to the Blue Ridge Mountains instead of returning to Nashville. It’s here that I’ve always been able to lose myself amongst the solitude and the lake, but what I didn’t expect to find was her.

Wild blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a laugh I find myself trying to coax from her has me completely enamored. She’s quiet, incredibly poised, and driven by secrets as big as the mountains around us. They’re what’s made her untouchable, and left me wanting to know more.

Maybe that’s what I need. Maybe I need more. Maybe I need her.

Ava Layne
They say that life isn’t about how many breaths we take, but how many moments take our breath away. But what if those moments aren’t filled with happiness and love, but something dark and haunting? For me, it’s those moments that’ve shaped and taken over my life. I can’t change who I am, God knows I’ve tried, and, because of this, I’ve accepted the silver lining . . . I’m alive.

Fifty-two white keys, thirty-six black keys, ten fingers, seven notes, two friends, and one stage. At the piano, on the stage, with my two best friends, I finally found myself, and I live for those moments. One by one, I collect them, cherish them, patiently waiting for the next, until it arrives and changes everything. That’s the moment I meet him.


I became a fan of Kathryn Andrews when I read her Hale Brothers series. I’m definitely remaining a fan after reading BLUE HORIZONS.
Andrews has a way of making my heart smile with her stories. Somehow she manages to maintain a sense of courtship for lack of a better word. Her characters aren’t in love by the end of the first chapter or ripping off their clothes three pages in. It’s almost a sense of old fashioned love where the feelings build and the couple really get to know each other. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t some granny love. There’s a whole lotta sexiness going on through every page turn.
Will Ashton is down home country boy who’s got a ruggedness yet boyishness to him. He’s a gentlemen who will make your heart go pitter patter and your panties melt. He’s sure of himself without being arrogant. He’s talented yet humble. Will Ashton just wants to “Be.”
Avery Layne has been betrayed and hurt in the most unspeakable way. She is extremely guarded. She’s timid. She’s the girl next door who had fairytale dreams. Avery Layne just wants to “Be.”
Together they navigate through circumstance and each other to find out what BE-ing means. I thoroughly enjoyed the build up of their relationship. The twists and snags in Will’s and Avery’s journey were perfect and kept me guessing the whole time. Kathryn Andrews writing style is fresh, light and down to earth. Her stories resonate with the reader. You can always relate to the characters on some level.
BLUE HORIZONS is well written, draws in the reader from the get go and has a great balance of emotions. If you haven’t read a Kathryn Andrews story, give it go. You won’t be disappointed.
D 4/5

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The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre ~NEW REVIEW~

The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of those books you’re either going
to “get” or not. I don’t think anyone who reads this will set this book
down when all is said and done and say, “Eh. It was ok.”

The story
centers around Deanna Madden, a women who is so plagued by visions of
committing murder, has decided the only way to keep those visions at bay
is to lock herself away from the world inside apartment 6e. In order to
support herself she works full-time as an online cam girl, or in other
words, she performs sex acts of all kinds online for different men and
women in exchange for money.

As Deanna’s story unfolds, several
characters are brought into the fold. The first is the delivery boy (guy?
man?) Jeremy. Since Deanna has sentenced herself to a life of being a shut
in, Jeremy acts as her outside source of all necessary items. Although
he’s nothing more than a UPS man, there is a relationship there early on
in the story that has formed between these two over the three years she
has lived on his route.

The second, is a young girl by the name of
Annie whose story is told on the periphery of Deanna’s. We see her play,
attend her birthday party, and through several other moments that define a
child’s life. The final is an unnamed man who we the reader learn early on
has nothing but less than honorable intentions.

Obviously at some
point all four storylines converge, but frankly to tell you more would be
to ruin the enjoyment of reading it yourself. I will say the manner in
which Torre crafted this convergence was both brilliant and well written.

The books jumps from Deanna’s first person narrative, to third
person narrative following Jeremy, Annie, and the man. Not going to lie,
at first I found this very jarring as the reader. One minute you were in
Deanna’s head and then the next you were in Jeremy’s. Once I got about a
quarter of the way through though, I was able to grow used to the cadence
with which Torre wrote the book.

The Girl in 6e is also the first
book in the Deanna Madden series with two more books to follow. Do Not
Disturb is currently available and If You Dare drops in the next couple of
day. So if you’re series shy like me, and wait for all the books in a
series to be out before starting you’re good to go.

This most
certainly will not be the book for everyone. Torre colors far outside of
the lines for the entire book and you will either be able to hold on in
order to see the whole picture or will give up trying. I was in the former
category and am so glad I did. The Girl in 6e is original and like nothing
else I have ever read, and that final masterpiece that Torre created in
the end was so worth it.

If you’re tired of reading the same old
same old and are truly looking for something outside of the lines then you
definitely just found your next read. The Girl in 6e was most definitely a
solid 4.5 star book for me.  Brittany

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TAINTED BLACK by Shanora Williams~ Review


Tainted Black by Shanora Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always enjoy Shanora Williams’ books. She writes with a good balance of sexiness, humour and angst.
Whenever I read a book, I go into blindly (avoid reviews, do not seek out info on social media, etc.) The only thing I will do is look at the cover and read the blurb. So, I had no idea of the subject matter of the story.

I love books that tackle subjects that are “taboo” to many readers. I love those difficulties and challenges. I feel Williams did a great job in handling this storyline with a sincerity and thoughtfulness that many books do not have. I also think that many of us have fallen for the wrong guy and probably more than once. It usually never bode well for the heart or the mind but the attraction and the feelings are undeniable and incredibly strong.
Chloe and Theo fall into this category. Keep in mind there is nothing illegal or non consensual about the relationship but it is a touchy one for some.

I fully enjoyed the push and pull of Chloe and Theo’s relationship. I felt that Shanora Williams did a stand up job of letting us get to know the characters from all sides– individually, as a couple, family wise, socially, that the reader could really connect and understand the attraction and the love and lust between the characters. As a reader i was able to feel the indecision and the emotional pain from the characters.

Overall characters and story line were well thought out and written. The twist and unexpected moments were a really good “wow” factor. I also like how the secondary characters, mainly Sterling, factored into the story. I kept turning pages thinking something else was going to be revealed about him when the proverbial bomb blew and enjoyed where Williams took his story line.

I know most readers must have their HEA. Keep in mind this isn’t a Disneyfied HEA so it may not be for everyone. However, I felt that it really and truly was a HEA and it was the only one that could be. I think in real life it most definitely would happen this way.
TAINTED BLACK is another book on the Shanora Williams list that keeps me a fan. She keeps real with a big helping of sexiness, angst and fun.
D 4/5
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