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LATCH by LK Collins~ Cover Reveal, Blurb and Trailer

So excited to share this cover with you!!!

LK Collins has a new story releasing soon. LATCH mark it on your TBR. Be sure to check out the trailer and enter the giveaway too for your chance at winning 1 of 5 ARC copies of LATCH.


C O M I N G   6-17-16

When New York City’s most desirable male escort gets caught, things get messy.     

Latch Teracino is God’s gift to women. He’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a man, and he’ll fulfill your hottest fantasies, all for a price. He makes a very good living pleasing the rich and famous. Like Abby McEllrath, married to Major League Baseball’s biggest all-star, which often leaves her at home, lonely and bored.

After years of neglect and disrespect from a man who promised to give her the world, she meets Latch in the most unlikely setting. For Latch, she’s just another client – it’s the way he works. And for Abby, she adapts. However, as time progresses, their explosive connection transforms from dirty, raw sex into so much more than just a paid relationship.

Lines are crossed.

Rules are broken.

And lives are shattered.

In the end, Latch and Abby have to make a choice, one that will forever change the course they were destined to be a part of. But sometimes a simple choice isn’t that easy, especially when the one you leave behind would rather die than live without you.

From bestselling author, LK Collins, comes LATCH another emotional roller coaster that will have you screaming at your kindle. LK writes an array of emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. She’s a lover of the oxford comma and everything in the writing world. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns, she always keeps her readers enthralled ’til the end. When LK’s not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, “The Prezident,” are sure to be plotting out her next tale. 
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FOREVER ROAD (Peri Jean Mace Series #1) by Catie Rhodes~ Review



Forever Road by Catie Rhodes

I haven’t read urban fantasy in a long while so I was pleasantly surprised by Catie Rhodes Forever Road. Initially I found the story a little slow going but there were bits and pieces that kept me reading and there were parts I skimmed or skipped over. I felt the individual character development was good and I could buy into their back story and such, including the bad, criminal ones. However, I was hoping the chemistry between Peri and Dean would intensify more to make their relationship more plausible and viable. I also felt that there were some character interactions that would pop up out of the blue and it made it hard to buy into the inter-relationships fully. This is what also made the story slow down or drag on in parts.
I enjoyed the suspense and the mystery of “who dunnit” and didn’t expect that twist.
So while I enjoyed the overall premise of the book, I wish there was a little more fire to it.
D 3/5

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EVERYTHING by Erin Noelle ~ Cover Reveal and Blurb

everything full












Title: EVERYTHING | Author: Erin Noelle | Release Date: June 23rd


Music was was part of my DNA, pumping hard through my veins, resonating deep within my bones. Not surprising, considering my dad was a global rock star and my mom had the voice of a fallen angel.

With my twin sister by my side in our indie-rock duo, Singed Wings, we were ready to finally see our name in lights when we opened for the hottest act to sell out stadiums – Jobu’s Rum Summer Reunion Tour.

The life I’d always wanted was finally within my reach. All I had left to do was finish out my last semester of high school. 

But there was one problem: Ms. Sloan, the new art history teacher. 

The same Ms. Sloan I’d met as Belle, the sexy little pixie who’d captivated me at a New Year’s Eve concert last year. 

The same Ms. Sloan who’d owned nearly every one of my thoughts since that night.

The same Ms. Sloan whose class I was in danger of failing. 

With my dream gig dangling just on the other side of that cap and gown, all of my focus should’ve been on my school work and improving my music as I prepared for my big shot to rock the world…

But I never expected her to rock mine first… and to change everything.

*Everything is a standalone novel. It is a spin-off from the Book Boyfriend Series.*

everything cover


Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and three fur babies. When she’s not reading or writing romance novels, she enjoys winning at cards and board games, awkward people-watching in public places, and doing cartwheels at the most random times. She’s usually barefoot, is never without a song in her head, and currently holds the title of World’s Best Procrastinator.

Her titles published include the Book Boyfriend Series, Dusk ‘Til Dawn Series, Luminous Duet, Fire on the Mountain series, and numerous standalone books that range from New Adult to Contemporary romance. Her books have been a part of the USA Today Bestselling list as well as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble overall Top 100. You can follow her on Facebook @, her blog @, on Twitter @authorenoelle, and on Instagram @erinnoelleauthor.

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Wrong by Jana Aston ~Brittany’s Review~

WrongWrong by Jana Aston
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was one of those books for me that you pick up and start reading and can’t quite decide what it is about it, but try as you may you just can’t get into it.

The story itself is cute enough. A young college girl by the name of Sophie has been seriously crushing on a regular named Luke that frequents the coffee shop she works at. When Sophie decides she’s ready to go all the way with her boyfriend, she does the responsible thing and makes an appointment to get herself some birth control. Low and behold who ends up being her OBGYN, none other than her coffee shop regular crush. Naturally wacky times subsequently ensued.

Several things about this book made me a little crazy. The first was the descriptive detail that Aston used for everything. And when I say everything, I literally mean EVERYTHING. For example, within the first few pages of the book an entire paragraph was devoted to the bus route description, times, stops, everything. While I can understand and appreciate the idea of show don’t tell when it comes to reading this fact made Wrong tedious. This was especially true since the entire book read this way.

The second thing was how young Sophie as a character read to me. I understand that she is a 20 something college student, but there were times I felt her grating on my last nerve and questioning what this mature doctor would be doing with her. She frequently threw temper tantrums, which she even recognized in her internal dialogue, that I just could not wrap my mind around.

Finally, this book is filled with the cliché storylines that we have come to know and love. Domineering male takes the virginity of a young inexperienced woman, jealous crazy ex girlfriend, unexpected pregnancy, you name it it’s here.

What Wrong’s saving grace was for me was the witty banter in between all the muddled bits. Aston’s flow with words when not getting bogged down in the detail was fantastic. Her dialogue between her characters was razor-sharp and funny. I found myself laughing out loud at several points while reading. I wish that wit and writing style had been spent developing the relationship between Sophie and Luke and that we had been able to get to know these characters better through their shared time together and dialogue between the two. Much of what we the reader learn about them is superficial. I wanted to know more about them and what made them tick.

All in all Wrong was a quick cute read that just fell a little short for me. 2 1/2 stars.

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9 Letters by Blake Austin ~Brittany’s Review~

9 Letters9 Letters by Blake Austin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book. This beautiful, heart breaking book.

9 Letters tells the story of Luke. A man who has been completely and totally emotionally broken after the sudden death of his wife Emily a year earlier. On the one year anniversary of her death, a box that contains 9 letters from Emily shows up at Luke’s house. Each letter contains a task that Emily asks Luke to complete in order to help him move on from her passing.

I truly believe it’s rare to find books in this world that can affect you mind and soul. I can probably count on one hand how many I have found like this. The kind of books that change the way you see the world and the way you perceive things to be. 9 Letters was absolutely one of those books.

We the reader were immediately immersed in Luke’s pain. And it was hard not to be when Austin so vividly yet so simply painted the picture of this broken man with his stunning words. I never once felt pity for Luke, or annoyed that he couldn’t just get over it already. That’s because I was too busy feeling with Luke. When he wept, I wept. When he laughed, I laughed too. I was so invested in this character. And that’s another amazing thing Austin did. He developed a complex yet simple character that I deeply care about the instant I met him. Was Luke perfect? Absolutely not. But it was his flaws that made him all the more rich to me as a character.

Along the way, we also meet Rae. A young woman who plays a roll in Luke’s journey. Honestly, I loved the relationship between the two but for me this book was about Luke’s grief and the metamorphosis of his character. To whittle this book down to just a mere romance is a disservice to the stunning writing and storyline because it’s SO much more than that.

The other thing I loved about this book was Austin’s writing style. It didn’t read like anything I’d read before and it certainly didn’t read like a first time author. His cadence is all his own and keeps you glued to the page the moment you start reading. This book felt like nothing I had ever read before and will never find again. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt this author will be one I will return to again and again.

This is easily going to be one of my favorite reads this year. I whole heartedly recommend you do yourself a favor and grab this book. 5 huge stars.

***I was provided a complementary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

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