A Stolen Heart by Beverley Hollowed ~COMING SOON~

Make sure to take a look at A Stolen Heart by Beverley Hollowed. I have this on my TBR, will you be adding it to yours???  Don’t miss the sexy teaser and YouTube video below 🙂  Enjoy! 

A Stolen Heart cover

A Stolen Heart by Beverley Hollowed

Emma Daniels had the perfect life. She had the perfect husband, a gorgeous little girl and a beautiful house in the suburbs of New York. What else could she ask for to make her life complete, except maybe a new baby they had both been longing for?
… Just as Emma dreams comes true, tragedy strikes and Emma’s heart is broken for a second time in her life. Now she must pick up the pieces and face a future of a life raising two small children alone. 
Finding it a little hard to cope, she returns home to Ireland, to the love and safety of her family. But old ghosts from the past come back to haunt her.
Emma’s life is thrown into turmoil when she comes face to face with Zach Adams. A face from her past and the man who broke her heart the first time.
As old wounds are opened again and new ones rock her world, Emma feels that maybe she is being punish for things she has done in her past and secrets she has been carrying for five years.
Can she find happiness again and does the key to her future happiness lie in her past.





“They barely made it into Zach apartment before they were pulling each other’s clothes off once again. Zach picked her up and carried her straight to his bedroom. He threw her down on the bed and crawled over her and found her mouth. His hands slid down to his trousers and quickly pulled the buttons open, free his rock hard shaft. He reached for her… panties and slid them down her legs as Emma pulled her summer dress over her head. Zach pushed his trouser further down. He pressed himself up against her and quickly found her mouth, plunging his tongue inside. He wanted her now. Zach had thought of nothing else for the last week except making love to her again. He could wait no longer…”


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