~ADORE ME (Keatyn Chronicles #4.5) by Jillian Dodd~ Review

Adore Me (The Keatyn Chronicles, #4.5)Adore Me by Jillian Dodd

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OMG So let me just say Vincent?- yeah, so over this loser guy! He’s ruining everything and he leaves me in such a rotten mood every time I think about him. Even retail therapy doesn’t seem to work. Keats has been through so much. She couldn’t even enjoy her Thanksgiving break all that much. Well she kind of did. Cuz when Aiden is around her, how could she not. He is so to die for. Um… not literally but he is so cute and sweet. He’s the God of All Hotties. And I am now more convinced than ever that he has special powers. And can I just say I would love a picture of the Titan. Maybe even autographed. LOL. But seriously was Aiden not totes romantic. I loved him and Keats when they had their shared moments. They were incredibly sexy, sincere and heartfelt. They were so intimate without actually going all the way. *sigh* so beautiful.
I loved spending the Thanksgiving weekend with Aiden, Keats, Peyton and OMG Damian. We totes got to see more of him this time and not on stage so it was just who he is, not the rock hottie. He is like the best BFF too. He knows Keats so well and is always going to support her in the best way.
We all wanted that guy BFF like Damien when we were in high school. Although I’m pretty sure where you and I went to school was definitely not Eastbrooke– school for hotties!
And let’s talk about J-Dodd for a sec. Because after I read each book in this series, my girl crush for her gets bigger and bigger. For the love of Jimmy Choo, how does she come up with these stories lines? Oh and the way she keeps us guessing… or more like wishing. Like wishing on the moon. Or wishing for moon boy. J-Dodd does an amazeballs job of keeping us one step behind her. Just when we think we know who Keatyn will end up with, Jillian switches gears and takes the story in another direction.
Keatyn really has come a long way since Stalk Me. She has matured and grown so much just as you would expect with all that she has gone and all that she is fighting.
Moving forward, I am so looking forward to reading HATE ME- although the title worries me a little. And while I’m waiting for its release, I’m going to wish on the moon that it’s Aiden. Cuz it’s always been him. For me anyway. D 5/5

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