AFRAID TO FLY by S.L. Jennings Review

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AFRAID TO FLY by S.L. Jennings. Check out my review.


Afraid to Fly (Fearless, #2)Afraid to Fly by S.L. Jennings

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Afraid To Fly was my first S.L. Jennings book ever and I loved it. Won’t be my last.
While the subject matter and the main character, Dominic’s back story is quite a heavy subject matter, Jennings does a really good job of keeping us afloat without diluting the intensity of the story. Her variety of character personalities is one way she is able to do this. They are sincere character traits that we all can relate to on some level. I love that Dominic wasn’t an all out alpha or a total wuss. He was a man’s man but he was respectful and had a heart that would make yours melt. Also the inter-character relationships are viable and perfectly ordinary that you get sucked into their every moment together– laughing, crying, and everything in between. She also breaks up some really heavy moments with humour that fits the scene and the characters. It’s humour that you would totally cross into your own everyday life. there were countless times throughout the story that I thought to myself– yep, #truth or #thatsohappenstothebestofus
I also really enjoyed how Jennings tied in Dominic’s career with his back story.
If you’ve never read an S.L. Jennings book, you might want to change that status. I’m glad I did. I will absolutely read another one of her books. Her stories are well thought out, great timeline and she gives us enough back story to answer any questions but doesn’t bombard us with it that you feel like your stuck in the past. Her characters are well layered giving us multidimensional and relatable characters that aren’t crazy over the top or overly cliche.
If you want a story that gives you a mix of emotions and tugs at your heart strings with just enough angst that you just might toss your kindle but won’t dare because you need to know what happens next, then AFRAID TO FLY is one such story to get your hands on. S.L. Jennings is definitely an author that has been added to my “Definitely Read” authors.


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