~AFTER TUESDAY by Renee Ericson~Sneak Peek and Trailer

After TuesdayAfter Tuesday by Renee Ericson is only a whisper away from release. Set for April 9, 2013. We have some sneak peek snippets and a trailer. Can’t wait to read this one. Think my heart is definitely going to smile. check out the following links for the trailer and an unedited version of Chapter One.

Here’s a teaser just to get you goin’…

I don’t know how it happens but his smile gets bigger as he says, “Do you ever watch soccer?”

“Well, I guess not. I mean, I saw that some British movie a long time ago about it. But I guess they call it football and it’s huge over there. Everyone loves it. All I really got out of it though was that Brits say words like knickers and bullocks, have scheduled tea time and listen to way cooler music than us. Oh and the clothes! Everyone is so trendy. I don’t know if I understand the humor. People keep saying it’s British humor, but I just don’t get it. I loved the accent and…” I turn to look at him. Why is he grinning at me from ear to ear? Did I say something funny? Crap. What did he ask me? “No, I don’t watch soccer.”

I look down at the hands in my lap and start to nervously push the skin back on my cuticles. Then the strangest thing happens, I see Brent’s hand cover my own and give a little squeeze before he puts it back on the steering wheel. It happens so quickly that I don’t have a chance to realize it did until it’s over. Stunned, I turn and look at Brent who gives me a sidelong glance and grins as I try to process what just happened.

Chapter one link: Click here for Chapter One

Book trailer: Click here for trailer

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