Crew, I haven’t had a book leave me in as much as a mindF* as this one has in so long.


12814117_115025712226041_1554132550543859364_nSo this book has me all sorts of I don’t even know what. First, it’s an incredible read. I can’t, rather I won’t, go too much into the story because I think it’s best to go into AN UNFORGIVABLE LOVE STORY truly organic and blind to any of the happenings. The experience will be worth it.
What I can say, is I wanted to fight, kick and scream my way through this story. It left me scrambling for some thread, some lifeline of hope that love is not as relentless on its assault to make it difficult to embrace. That love would be easier, would breathe life into you not take it away. That love would not mark itself as an obligation or burden, rather it would lace its fingers with those who cherish it, revel in it.
AN UNFORGIVABLE LOVE STORY isn’t hopeless despair but it does bring clarity that love is abused, misused and thrown away like trash.
B.L. Berry painted an incredible canvas with layers and layers of beauty that is one’s heart and mixed them with sharp lines and edges of reality and selfishness. She finished it with a glossy topcoat of hope and possibility.
This is definitely one of my top reads and I hope that it will become one of yours.
D 5/5


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