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Hey Flirty and Dirty Crew….

Finally got to our admin stuff. Sorry, been reading some really fab books lately and it’s hard to tear me away from them. 😉

WinnerIf you see your name listed below please send us an email with your email addy as well as mailing addy if it was for signed books.

Congrats to all of you! Thanks so much for the Flirty and Dirty LOVE! <3

Be sure to stay tuned for our next giveaways. We’re gonna have some faberiffic ones comin’ your way!

Sandy Hook Fundraiser

1st prize pack– Kindle and a whole lotta books… Jansen Garland (do your happy dance girl)

2nd prize pack– a whole lotta books… Victoria (not too shabby at all)

3rd prize pack– a whole lotta books… Martha Schlegel (3rd’s a charm and a nice lookin’ prize bounty)

Thank you to all of you who donated to such an important cause. Those families need to know that not all hearts are ugly ones.


6 Month Blogiversary!!!

$20 Amazon gift card… Michele

$10 Amazon gift card… Debra Diaz and Kim Ostrander Zelman

$5 Amazon gift card… Tina Van Egeren, Rachel Ann Ramos, and DeAnna Postell

Congrats ladies! You can now start checking off some of those reads on your TBR.

5000 Likes Celebration!

Joanne Bustamante-Careri… Thoughtless signed copy

Jena Brignola… Come Away With Me signed copy

Nice ladies. Hot book boys in your hands now.


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