~ANGUISH by Lila Felix~ Review

Hey crew! What an amazing read!!!  AnguiSH by Lila Felix. I love Breaker and Ash!!!! Check out my review and then go one click this one.


When I opened up the book, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. I had read a couple of teasers but never read the synopsis or anything. The title alone made me want to read this. I tend to like the ‘squeeze my heart that it hurts but I love this book’ kind of reads. Right from the first words, this book with its quirky dialogue, witty sarcasm and poetic descriptions captivated me.  This was one of the things I most noticed about Lila Felix’s writing style—it’s different from everything else that is out there. I found myself stopping to just absorb her words and think about the combination of words she used. Love it!!!

Breaker James has become a recluse when he should be out enjoying girls, friends, and college life—all of it is just too overwhelming!!!

Ash is unique, talks too much and people think she tries too hard. Her heart longs for family life and relationships that she thinks are out of her reach. She just wants to live happy and free from judgment.

Together the two find strength and understanding about what they are capable of and how truly good and loving they are as individuals. That their giving and generous hearts aren’t a fault but a strength that will bring each other out of the thoughts that bind them. Through each other they find way to express their strengths and show what a gift they are in each other’s life.

I loved the humor in Anguish because it was playful and easy yet so significant in both Breaker and Ash seeing what mattered. The two were so candid and free with one another. They didn’t need to hide behind their insecurities.

“You ruined our first date.”

“You ruined my attempt at not loving you. Get over it.”

Lila Felix’s story development was absolutely amazing. She created these two characters brought together by coincidental circumstance. There is incredible chemistry between Breaker and Ash. Felix continually, page after page, built the connection between the two yet not once was I ever thinking, I wish these two would hurry up and get it over and done with- just sleep together already. The sexual tension was crazy good. Don’t get me wrong I was constantly rooting for Breaker and Ash but the two having sex was not at the forefront of the story. I wanted Breaker and Ash to build on their feelings, build on their heart and build on their fear that both had of opening their heart to true love—because both felt somewhat undeserving of it. Lila Felix rocked this story without gratuitous sex scenes. She made Breaker and Ash’s love so much more than the physical and even the emotional. It was mental healing as well—knowing you are not to blame or you are worth it, is different from accepting it and living it. Anguish was about this journey.  This is one of the best books this year that I have read about living for you and finding inner understanding and acceptance. This is an absolute 5 star read!!!

“Finally Breaker James, finally, I knocked and you answered the door.”

“I wasn’t listening before. i will listen for your knock from now on– I promise.”

D 5/5

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