BANG (Black Lotus Series #1) by E.K. Blair~ Review

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I am absolutely blown away by E.K. Blair’s psychosexual thriller. You have never been on a ride more thrilling and unpredictable. You won’t know what hit you when you get done. BANG!


They say when you take revenge against another you lose a part of your innocence.
But I’m not innocent.
I haven’t been for a very long time.
My innocence was stolen from me. Taken was the life I was supposed to have. The soul I was born with. The ruby heart embedded in a life full of hopes and dreams.


I never even had a choice.
I mourn that life. Mourn the what-ifs.
Until now.
I’m ready to take back what was always meant to be mine.

But every plan has a fatal flaw. Sometimes it’s the heart.

**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only as some scenes may be particularly disturbing.**

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Bang (Black Lotus, #1)Bang by E.K. Blair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes LOVE is crazy and sometimes love IS crazy!

Love is ugly and will make you ugly. Love is sinister and makes you sinister. Love is evil and love will make the evil seep between its creases leaving you to bleed.

E.K. Blair’s Bang is all of that. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite books to date. I don’t know what twisted, sick depths she dug down to find this story within her but it is absolutely brilliant. Absolutely incredible!
Even if I were to give spoilers, which I WILL NOT do, you cannot begin to even foster an idea of how amazing this story is.
The plot twists (and there were a few kicks to my gut) and character deviations were beyond one layer or one answer. Every time I thought I figured something out, the game changed. And what a wicked, vile game you are brought into from the first chapters.
The characters were beyond what my words can even articulate. My skin crawls and it fires up with thoughts of their sociopathic beauty. With each turn of the page you can go from loving them to hating them to being indifferent. Reading about these people who were scared, vulnerable, toxic, evil, sexy, beautiful, and successful, was like indulging in a rare and expensive vintage wine while eating a grilled cheese sandwich—perfectly paired in taste but socially unacceptable.
The descriptions will blow your mind and all your expectations.
I have to give accolades to E.K. Blair for stepping way outside the box and creating this story. This girl took risks I have yet to see any author indie or traditionally published take. She found a way to fit a square peg into a round hole.
Bang is sexy, lustful, and deceitful. It is driven, it is fast, and it is calculated. If I could give Bang more than 5 stars I would.
D 5+/5 Wickedly delicious.

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  1. Traci says:

    Now when does book #2 get released? I’m dying!

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