BANG by E.K. Blair~ Review

The ladies and Flirty and Dirty got a little more dirty and had a three-way!!! REVIEW people, why do your minds always have to go there? LOL

FINALcoverphoto-2Check out my (D), Davetta and Naomi’s review of E.K. Blair’s Bang. One thing’s for sure, this woman messed with our heads. We haven’t read a mindF* quite like this one.

Hey everyone so Denise, Davetta and I (Naomi) are having a three way this week… (Review! A 3 way review! Get your mind out of the gutter) We are here to talk about the amazing, outstanding, off the hook read called BANG by the incredibly talented E.K Blair .


YAY!  Davetta shall we start with you?… what did you think about this book overall? 

Well BB where in the heck do I start… Okay so its not often that I DON’T cry at some point when reading a book (some may say I am a big baby. I say I am in tune with my emotional side!! lol) but believe it or not I didn’t cry whilst reading this book, and honestly I am shocked at myself.  I honestly feel that this is a book to completely ball your eyes out at various points because it was a truly tough read. Then I got to the end and what I can only describe as the floodgates opening and I cried my eyes out.  I was sucker punched and did not see the twists coming.

What about you Naomi did you love it hate it and did you cry?

Well BB I just could not agree more with what you have said.  I have to say I didn’t cry but my heart did.  In fact by the end of this read my heart had been torn, punched, scrunched, wrung, battered and left in tiny pieces.  If you are looking for a book that will drag you out of your comfort zone of billionaires and teenage angst then hop on the ‘BANG’ wagon (see what I did there!) because this book is so far from the norm it leaves your head spinning and your heart hurting.  But it also left me starved for more.

Hey D so were you left starved for more like me and Davetta?  What are your thoughts and feelings about BANG?

I was completely left starved for more yet this book was so full of emotion and raw edgy story. This book had everything in it yet wasn’t over the top or too ‘busy.’ E.K. Blair certainly has a way with her words. To be a fly on the wall inside her brain. I have yet to read a book that even comes close to what she did in BANG.

Okay Davetta now for the question that normally gets your motor running… but I am thinking it may be different this time.. What are you’re your thoughts on our leading men?

Okay so let me start off with the easy bit… you have Declan whom I found to be one of the most charming characters I have had the pleasure of reading. I mean for me ladies he couldn’t have been any hotter.  I love a brutally honest man who exudes control, but to be honest I don’t want to say much more as it could be a spoiler.  This book has so many characters that intertwine in a way that if I talk about them it could ruin it so that’s all I am going to say.

What did you think of the men in this book Naomi???

I have to agree straight off that this is a hard question to answer without giving anything away.  Sooo that being said I would have to say I love one of them, have no real opinion on the other and just new it about the third one because he just had my gut saying ‘nuh uh!’  I know that seems kind of cryptic but I assure you all it will make sense once you read it. I know my girls will agree with me on that.

D would you agree?  Is there more you could say in a clever unrevealing way about the men in this book?

Well… each of them harbor secrets and none of us know what exactly they are. Even through all the ugly, all three have something to love about them and something to hate about them. They are quite dynamic characters both soothing and volatile. They are unlike most book boys we have read about and that is what I love the most about them. Their unpredictability.

Davetta tell us your thoughts on the leading lady?

Well firstly I have to ask how one person can sustain so much trauma in a lifetime BB’s? This girl’s life was about as brutal as it get.  But you know what? I loved her, in fact I would go as far as to say I adored her even when I knew what she was doing would have dire consequences, I wanted her to be the one that was okay. If you ever meet a character that deserves a happy ever after more than her you need to tell me, because I sure haven’t.

Okay Nay spill the beans because I have to be honest I am not 100% on how you’d feel about this girl?

Well BB’s I have to say I also wonder just how much one human being can take before they crack irrevocably.  If this girl wore her mental scars on the outside then she would be covered from head to toe. When you read the synopsis for this book she will tell you that she is not innocent anymore but I don’t believe that.  This was just another story of the world and the shitty people in it taking something pure and twisting it.  I loved this girl/lady and I too wanted nothing more than a happy ending for her from the very first chapter.

D tell us your thoughts. Do you think Davetta and I have been suckered or did you feel the same?

You know me, always playing devil’s advocate. She was a vile, evil person. I agree, what she endured as a young girl, no one should ever have to experience in any lifetime. But her actions as an adult were incredibly selfish, delusional and twisted. Her heart was poison.

But again what I loved is we haven’t seen such a character like this in any other book. So for that I loved her.

As always our joint review on ‘BANG’

We truly believe that this book will leave you feeling like you’ve just jumped off a cliff and you will be freefalling through this book and at times wishing you could stop and find a ledge. But as with any free fall you won’t be able to stop until you get to the ground so just keep on going. Once you have read the first chapter of this book you have inevitably signed up for maybe one of the most f*cked up journeys of your reading life but equally we feel you will be reading a book you will never forget.  This book will make your skin crawl and give you homicidal thoughts that if it were real you may have acted upon.  When we discussed BANG after we had all read it we had so many questions that we spent hours putting out there to see if we all felt the same.  That to us is the sign of an amazing book when you can talk about it for hours and all have such valid things to say.  We believe that this is one of the most twisted love stories (if you can call it that) that we have ever read that will leave your heart racing frantically, missing a beat and stopping all together at times.  Thank You E.K Blair for this incredibly risky, smart, thought provoking slice of genius. NOW GIVE US MORE!!! 😉

Davetta – 5/5 Sucker Punching Stars  

Naomi – 5/5 I want/need/must have more Stars

D – 5/5 Sick Twisted when is the next one coming Stars

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