Battle by K.J. Bell ~NEW RELEASE & REVIEW~


A battle is fought by soldiers on the ground in a time of war. Or at least that’s what I used to think.

I’ve never had to fight for anything in my perfectly planned life, and I certainly never thought I’d have to fight for love.

I was wrong.

One wild, carefree night, and one stupid dare made me realize you can’t appreciate love until you’re forced to fight for it. I want the complex, sexy bull rider who stole my heart in the middle of a deserted wheat field. But Battle McCoy doesn’t believe in love.

What do you do when you aren’t prepared for battle? When someone you care for becomes your greatest enemy? And your surrender is imminent?

I’m going to fight.

There’s a chance he’ll destroy me, but my heart will go to war to make him mine.




My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOT DAMN! Battle McCoy is one sexy HOT bull-ridin’ cowboy you do not want to miss out on<3 <3 Brilliant story! Can’t wait for you all to meet Faye and Battle. 

When I first started Battle by K.J. Bell I thought it was going to be a book about some dirty talking, egotistical, sex-on-a-stick cowboy…Boy was I wrong. Battle McCoy is so much more than I gave him credit for. The story may be named after the main character, but is it? Could it be named for the struggle – the Battle – of two people willing to fight for love and acceptance. 

I absolutely loved the characters in this story. They were genuine and I felt immediately connected. Faye was tired of being told how to live her life, the life that was expected of her. Wanting more out of life, fate would throw her a curve ball when she met Battle McCoy. With a reputation for being everything she has been taught to stay away from, she chooses to take a chance. Instead of dealing with the hand life has dealt him, he builds a persona that would keep any woman with half a brain, far, far away… Until he meets Faye. Battle and Faye are both strong characters. Faye is anything but a victim, she refuses to settle in life and is willing to fight for what she believes in. I LOVED her character. Once you get to know the real Battle McCoy, he will melt your heart – along with your socks and panties off! Just sayin’ 😉

An angsty, but not over the top angst, read that was packed full of heartfelt sexual tension. There is some HOT sexy time in the book so make sure to have a fan close by 😉 Battle had me wanting more after every page. I laughed with the characters and I cried with the characters. I fell in love with not only Battle and Faye, but their family and friends. Thank you KJ Bell again, for giving me another family of amazing characters to love.
Even if you aren’t into “cowboy” reads, I really think you will enjoy this story. 

If you are looking for an incredible love story, Battle, by K.J. Bell, is one not to be missed. Nic

**I was gifted an advance copy in exchange for an honest review

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