BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN by Amanda Bennett ~New Review~

Beautifully Broken by Amanda Bennett was absolutely beautifully delivered. She took something darkly acute and treated it with affirmation and grace.
The story is told through Bennett’s (the main character) heart. There is such an irony or paradox to her strength and resolve towards how her life should be. There were times you felt so broken along side her and other times you just wanted to smack her for being so self-condemning. Although, the situations Bennett finds herself in are intense, dire and severe, she suffers more from her internal battle that is present all along.
Beautifully Broken really elicited so many emotions. There were times it was difficult to read. not because the writing was lacking but because it was so full, it was sharp and cutting.
There were a few times in the story, I wished a particular situation had been developed upon more than it was. It didn’t necessarily take away from the story, I just think it might have given more insight into the thoughts of the characters — especially with the supporting characters. At times they were on the outside looking in almost. That being said, given the subject matter, I could see how they actually would be in the very position of being on the outside and being rendered helpless. Their presence was strong enough though, that they were able to bear some of the much-needed weight of the story. There were also times, I felt a bit rushed. I would like to see more authors slow it down a bit rather than get caught up in being aware of a book’s length. If a story is well thought out, readers won’t mind length. I liked that for this particular story, author Amanda Bennett was not vague with her intentions. It needed to be in-your-face writing. However, she was not so blunt that it took away from the heart and soul of the two main characters. There was always room for understanding and realization of the feelings and emotions of the characters. Which in turn allowed the reader to feel the story. Feel it in every word. Feel it in every action. I would have liked to feel it more. These characters were so full. They had so much to provide and sustain us with. I wanted to just feel more of them. I wanted to go deeper into their passion to fight, to resign themselves, to be who they were. I am hoping and I think that in the next book, Breaking Beautiful, we will get to see more of what makes these characters. We will get to feel more from these characters.

Although a tough story to embrace because of the emotions it brings forth, it is well worth the time and the heart to read Beautifully Broken. D 3.5/5

*strong subject matter, might not be suitable for all readers*

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