BECAUSE of KIAN by Sibylla Matilde~ Review

Not every book is for every person.

Because of KianBecause of Kian by Sibylla Matilde
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was incredibly disappointed wit this story. The cover and synopsis had me one-clicking and excited to read.
The premise of the story had potential but I found the storyline actually was forgotten and lost. It was replaced with constant sex, that contradicted the characters backstories. Much of the prose was quite repetitive and i will say the word detonate now leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
Kian, the main character had merits in his protective and caring nature.
Brynn was an interesting character and I think she could have been so much more given her history and where she was coming from. Unfortunately, I felt she often contradicted herself with her actions given the fears she held.
Overall the story did not draw you in– it was repetitive and the sex was filler rather than story.
The secondary character Sage and her backstory seemed like it was thrown in and didn’t really go anywhere or make you really want to find out more about her.
There truly was so much potential to this story but it fell short. And honestly if an ebook is going to cost $4 it really should be edited. There were countless spelling and grammatical errors– many of them affected how the sentences read.
This really wasn’t the book for me.

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