BEND by Kivrin Wilson ~ Review

Every once in a while a story just resonates with you or finds a way of sticking with you. BEND by Kivrin Wilson is one of those stories.



12670667_1032056626920013_3610483797586789369_nall the feels. intense. sweet. hot. loved it.
Bend is one of those books that plays in your head over and over. I loved the characters. Both were stubborn, independent, intelligent and sexy without the author having to throw in their physical attributes at every mention.
Kivrin Wilson wrote an emotional story that didn’t send you into the depths of a book hangover. Rather, her story was thoughtful, and her words streaked the pages with feelings that burrow into your heart and fill it with hope.
One of the things that I absolutely loved about this book was playful and sarcastic banter. I found myself laughing often, yet it wasn’t overbearing where it squashed the sincerity of the story. The inner dialogue had me in fits of giggles.
I have to mention the sex scenes. They are ridiculously HOT!!! I have to say, lately sex scenes in books bore me. They are the same thing over and over– gratuitous and something in the realm of a teenage virgin could do better. But Jay and Mia’s scenes were intense, smokin’, put them in a new age Kama Sutra textbook, unexpected, real, emotional and I could go on. I’m hoping Kivrin Wilson sets up seminars on how to write sexy. Oh my heck!
BEND was about second chances, taking a leap of faith, following your heart and embracing the love that was always right in front of you.
BEND is one of the books on my must read list!
D 5/5

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