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BEWAREBEWARE by Shanora Williams

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Well damn Shanora! So I’m a fan of Shanora’s FireNine series and was excited to read BEWARE. I like to go in blind with most stories so I had no idea what this book was about. Well let me just say I am an even bigger fan of Shanora. She took a risk I didn’t think any author would truly delve into and owned it. Beware is a sexy read, intense read and has a great story line with some suspense and heart racing moments. I couldn’t turn the page quick enough to solve my unanswered questions.
Donovan “ACE” Crow was alpha by right- he was a criminal gangster. But I tell ya i wanted to be on the wrong side of the law if it meant being with him. I enjoyed how he liked the challenge of London and didn’t back down. The two of them were intense and so stubborn when it came to each other.
London- could s**t get any worse for her? But she had the resolve that was iron clad and how she would get up in Ace’s alpha territory made me want to high five and do cartwheels. The two characters really played off each other well.
Although the sex was hot and perfectly in sync with who Ace was and how London tempted him, there times some of the little details were repetitive (eg. how she would knock her head back or dig her finger nails into his back). I’m sure there were a few other things she did while Ace was commanding her body, mind and soul.
As for where Shanora started, went and ended with the story– YES!!! WOOHOO!!! SCORE!!! WIN!!! Like multiple O good. It was perfect and I’m so glad Shanora Williams didn’t cop out, or sell out. I love reading about the truly bad, criminal characters. I love a story that isn’t entirely rainbows and unicorns. Shanora got down and dirty, gritty, nasty underground with BEWARE!!!
I can’t wait for her to do more like this story.
D 4/5

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