BLACK OPAL (Peri Jean Mace #2)~ Review



“I knowed you’d be coming.” The voice came from next to my arm, male but high and reedy. “You here to make things right, ain’t you?”

Not according to Peri Jean Mace. She might communicate with ghosts, but right now she’s on a mission to catch her two-timing boyfriend with his pants down.

Instead, she’s drawn into a decades-old murder mystery, in a house full of strangers. To top it off, her boyfriend’s mother gifts Peri Jean with a spectacular gemstone that enhances Peri Jean’s own supernatural abilities.

What could go wrong?


This second instalment of the Peri Jean Mace series was really good. From start to finish I was invested in the story. Catie Rhodes did a wonderful job of keeping the reader in suspense the whole time. I love a good mystery where it’s not just a mystery story. The fantasy aspect of Peri’s character worked really well in this second book as the setting took place in Cajun country (Louisiana) where there is lots of magic and history of magic and ghost lore. Unlike the first book, I definitely felt the connection between Peri and Dean. It was much more viable and believable.
The story line for this instalment kept readers wanting more, asking questions and turning the pages. There were unexpected twists and just when you thought you knew “whodunnit” Rhodes switched it up to keep the reader guessing.
Overall, this was a great story
D 4/5

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