Blessed Tragedy by HB Heinzer ~Excerpt~

Blessed TragedyHave you read Blessed Tragedy by HB Heinzer yet??  Check out this little excerpt, looks good doesn’t it!!!  Make sure to add it to your TBR if you haven’t yet 🙂 


“You guys really went above and beyond today, you know that?” I changed into my tank top and lounge pants, unphased by the fact that Colton was sitting on the bed watching me.

As Colton started unbuttoning his shirt I slid behind him to the closet. He handed me his shirt and I hung it up while he finished undressing. I chuckled at how domestic the entire situation would appear to most people. We were an old married couple who’d never shared more than a platonic kiss.

“What’s so funny?”

“Us, that’s what.” It was a bad sign that going to bed was quickly becoming the best part of my day. “I’m sure everyone in this house right now thinks we’re together, and that’s without seeing us getting ready for bed like any other married couple in America. You’re handing me your clothes to hang up, I’m laying out everything we need for the morning. It’s just weird.”

“Would it upset you if they think we’re together?” Colton’s question caught me by surprise. I wasn’t sure how to answer, not wanting to make a fool of myself by saying the wrong thing, whatever ‘the wrong thing’ was.

“Not really. I mean, we know what we are, right?” I wanted to see where he would go with the conversation rather than letting on that part of me wanted there to be something more between us. I was still struggling with the thought of getting involved with someone I wouldn’t be able to avoid if things didn’t work out. I was on emotion overload with my mom’s death. This wasn’t really the time for me to make decisions like this.

“Right, but what do you want?” I want to not be talking about this. I want to be sleeping. Yes, it’s something I had been thinking about but he couldn’t possibly know that. That meant he’d been thinking about it too, so I had to assume that meant he was interested in something else as well. I would have figured he’d have long ago given up on chasing me since I did spend so much time.

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  1. Well, I love the teaser! 😉 It’s definitely going on the TBR!