BORN SINNER (#1 SE7EN Series) by SL Jennings~ Review


SL Jennings’ BORN SINNER has brought back my love for PNR books. I could not put this down. Every single page was intense and had me on the edge. I felt like I was watching a movie the entire time.
The characters are unique yet relatable– and they’re not even mortal, I know.
Jennings wove an intricate tale of angels, demons, warlocks and otherworldlies (I’m making this a word). And while there were many facets and you can’t be drunk to read this, it’s not confusing or disconnected. In fact you continue to get drawn in and as Jennings reveals a little more each turn of the page into this dark world, you can’t help but be in awe. There are many stories out there about the Fallen and archangels, etc., yet Jennings made BORN SINNER her own and something different. I absolutely, unequivocally enjoyed every single character and their role in the story. The sexual tension in the book was crazy and I’m so glad that SL Jennings did not fill this story with wild demon sex. The slow burn was exactly what this story needed. And damn L is hotter than H3LL’s hot tub. Sexy doesn’t do him justice.
SL Jennings painted a mural in vibrant color with her words. This is definitely a series not to be missed.
D 5/5

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