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In BREAKABLE, readers are introduced to teenage Landon on the worst day of his life, the day is family is ripped apart by the death of his beloved mother.  Webber flashes from the present to the past, young capturing Landon as he deals with the stark and painful changes in his life following his mother’s death, and present-day Lucas as he reacts to meeting Jacqueline Wallace, the young woman whose appearance changes his life for the better.  Loving Jacqueline is so easy, but Lucas knows just how breakable the soul is and that giving himself wholly to another person is the most frightening thing he’ll ever do.

New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hover says “Breakable was intense, heart-wrenching, and HOT – everything I hoped it would be and more.”

Flirty and Dirty Book Blog’s Review of Breakable by Tammara Webber

Breakable (Contours of the Heart, #2)Breakable by Tammara Webber

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

~~~5++++ INCREDIBLE STARS FOR BREAKABLE~~~ I loved Landon/Lucas Maxfield character in Easy but, reading his emotional story has made him one of my favorite characters! Thank you Tammara Webber, for this absolutely incredible read. So touching and beautiful… I’m still reeling.

~DO NOT READ BREAKABLE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ EASY~ The journey will not be the same.

Easy was one of my first “Indie” reads and will always be a personal favourite. There was something about Landon/Lucas that touched my heart deeply, because he seemed…. Breakable. He was so mysterious and I was left wanting to know his “whole” story. Thank you Tammara Webber, for writing Breakable and giving me the insight into this beautiful character, that I was hoping for.

I absolutely love how Ms. Webber has written Breakable, writing Landon for his past and Lucas for his present. I’m slow, so it took me a few chapters to catch on. 😉 Reliving Landon’s pain…his loneliness, his desperation as he tried to fight the demons from his past, broke my heart. So many powerful, tender moments. Then, being thrust into Lucas’s future. Feeling, him grow stronger over time… I was swooning all over this sensitive, strong man. I am always in awe, when female authors write in a male POV. In my opinion, Tammarra Webber has nailed it.

If you are worried that Breakable is Easy as told from a male POV, don’t be. Breakable is Landon/Lucas Maxfield’s journey.

If you loved Easy, I honestly think, you’ll love Breakable more. An emotional journey that you won’t want to miss out on. Not too heavy on the angst but enough to have you wiping stray tears as your heart aches for the young man who has tragically lost so much at such a young age. But then, your heart will fill with love for all he has overcome. Breakable is an incredible read that should not be missed.  Nic

*I was gifted a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review*

~A Flirty and Dirty Interview with the lovely Tammara Webber~

Who or what inspired the character of Landon Lucas Maxfield?

I’ve written a few characters inspired by real-life people – but Lucas came from my imagination. When I wrote Easy, I saw him through Jacqueline’s eyes. The careful, protective way he handles her fears and needs was based on my opinion of the kind of support a guy should bring to a relationship. I’ve been lucky to have wonderful, loving men in my life – from my father and grandfather to my brother and husband. Each of them shaped the type of man I envision when I form a story’s romantic hero.

How have you grown as a writer since your first book?

My very first book was actually about a bear who ran away from home. I was eight when I wrote and illustrated it. ☺ The first novel I wrote as an adult was a historical romance that I stuck through the shredder at work in a fit of well-this-is-crap. I wrote two more novels – one women’s fiction and one young adult – that I didn’t destroy and still have on my hard drive, where they will remain. My first published book was Between the Lines, which I originally wrote in past tense and only in my heroine’s point of view. On a suggestion from my critique partner, I revised the whole thing to present tense… and then I added the guy’s POV.

Writing Easy was much more straightforward than anything I’d done before. I couldn’t “hear” Lucas’s voice while writing it, but that didn’t bother me because I knew it was Jacqueline’s story to tell. There were no major revisions once I began writing it. I didn’t move chapters around or switch tenses. I was more confident in what I was doing, and I think that was the major difference. It took a lot of “practice” to get to that point.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always been a storyteller. Anything can trigger it, from an overheard conversation to a news story to something curious or horrible that happens to me or someone I know. When I was a child, I thought everyone was like me – inventing stories and wanting nothing more than to tell them.

Who are some of the authors who inspired you?

My earliest inspirations to write were the books I read as a child. Beverly Cleary was one of my favorites, but I was a voracious reader – I read every piece of fiction I could get my hands on. The books that inspired my earliest storytelling efforts – before I knew what a mountain I would face in becoming a published author – was key to me continuing to write into adulthood. In my teens, I fell in love with the classics (notably Austen, Dickens, Forster) and I discovered historical romances. In my thirties, when my oldest children moved from middle grade to young adult fiction, I found that instead of just leafing through the books to check content, I really enjoyed the stories. The combination of reading YA and going back to college to complete my English degree (and then working as an advisor at the university after graduation) created my NA voice.

What are the next three books on your TBR list?

I have a huge TBR list, but much of what I read now is manuscripts from critique partners or the few ARCs I agree to blurb. I’m about to start Tracey Garvis Graves’ new contemporary romance (as a beta reader – can’t reveal the title of that just yet). I read the rough draft of Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love, and she’s revised it since, so that’s definitely on the ASAP pile. And a week after Breakable releases is a book I’ve been waiting impatiently for (With the Band), which is third in a series (Luminescent Juliet) by Jean Haus.


Tammara Webber c Ami KellerTammara Webber is author of the New York Times bestselling New Adult novel Easy, the first novel in her Contours of the Heart series, and the Between the Lines series.  She is a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life.  Before writing full-time, she was an undergraduate academic advisor, economics tutor, planetarium office manager, radiology call center rep, and the palest person to ever work at a tanning salon.  She married her high school sweetheart, and is a mom to three adult kids and four very immature cats.  Connect with her online at,, and



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