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We’ve got a bonus scene from Kelly Elliott’s BROKEN DREAMS as well as Davetta’s review of the book. Be sure to enter the giveaway too!!! Flirty and Dirty loves us some Kelly Elliott.

Broken Dreams - Front CoverSYNOPSIS:

Courtney Will always dreamed of finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after, like in the fairy tales she read as a child. Her dreams were shattered one fateful night when her prince turned out to be her worst nightmare. Burying herself in her job as an editor, Courtney tried to forget her past, and she lost hope of ever finding true love.

Reed Moore’s past filled his world with guilt and anger, and then a mistake in college deepened these feelings. Fearing he will one day repeat his father’s mistakes with the woman he loves, Reed has vowed to never give his heart to anyone.

Reed and Courtney have each spent years building walls to guard their hearts, so when their feelings for one another explode into something unexpected, they argue and throw hurtful words at each other in hopes of avoiding the truth.

Will Reed end up being the Prince Charming Courtney has dreamed of her entire life? Is Courtney the woman who will help Reed move past the guilt and anger, so he can embrace love?

Can their broken dreams become their happily ever after?





I want to first say that I am a really big fan of all Kelly Elliott books. The Wanted Series are some of my favorite because they are all filled with so much love and friendship. I just love the fact that this group just keeps growing and growing and that means we get more and more books !!!

The Broken Series is giving me that same feeling of all there is in a romance novel. Lots of love and friendships that will stand together for each other no matter what.

Reed and Courtney’s story started on a whole lot of drama and really trying hard to fight the feeling they had for each other. So a lot of insecurities and playing games got them in a mess. When they finally get it together and can no longer fight this crazy love they have for one another…… BAMM, its off and running. They go from 0 to 100 and no looking back. They don’t waste anytime getting on with their relationship and it gets hot and heavy right away.(and I mean HOT) some times a little too hot and too much but hey I guess their making up for lost time.

Reed is the perfect cowboy gentleman. He is so loving to his girl and to his friends. I have to say he gets pretty emotional at time’s and really has no shame in showing is heart. He has his secrets and fears that he battles but he always is such a sweetheart. He’s the guy that you want in your corner.

Courtney’s story started off really sad and I’m really surprised that the subject matter was so dark. Not the style I’m used to in Kelly Elliott’s books. Even though it was rough to read, it made you really want this girl to have Prince Charming come along and take all the bad away. Courtney is just a little thing and jumps right at life without holding anything back once she leaves her demons behind.

Like always these books are filled with a lot of romance and swoon worthy moments. I have to say that it got to be a bit much in the bedroom,hallways,closets,pools,counter tops and where ever else they ended up. But it had the sweetness that I am used to and love in her books.Enjoyed it and looking forward to the next installment of The Broken Series.

This was a 3.5 star read for me. Davetta 🙂



Reed paced back and forth in front of the window as he pushed his hand through his hair. “When are they going to come back in?”

I smiled and said, “Reed, she just stepped outside for one minute to get Dr. Johnson.”

He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. When the door opened Reed and I both looked over at Dr. Johnson walking into the room and my heart instantly began pounding.

“Courtney, it’s good to see you again.”

“You too. Dr. Johnson, this is my husband, Reed.”

Reed reached his hand out and they both said, “Nice to meet you.”

After looking at my chart he looked at me and gave me a huge grin. “Are you ready to take a look at your baby?”

“Yes!” Reed practically shouted. I turned and looked at them and shook my head I mouthed calm down, as he quickly nodded his head.

Dr. Johnson laughed and said, “Lie on back and let’s get started.”

He pulled my shirt up some and pushed my shorts down a bit. When he poured the warm gel on my stomach I sucked in a breath of air.

He began moving the device around on my stomach as he started talking. “Now what we are looking for is the heartbeat, gestational age, and make sure everything is going as it should be.”

Reed leaned in and started studying the screen. Then I saw something moving…fast.

“Oh. My. God.” Reed and I both said at the same time.

I smiled and looked at Dr. Johnson. “Is that her heartbeat?”

“His.” Reed whispered.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

Dr. Johnson chuckled and said, “Yes. Baby Moore has a nice and strong heart beat. Around 150 beats a minute.”

“Incredible.” I said as I watched my little tiny baby on the computer screen.

“He’s the most beautiful looking baby I’ve ever seen.” Reed said as I watched him attempt to quickly wipe anyway a tear before anyone else saw it.

“Yes she is,” I said as I let my tears fall freely.

Dr. Johnson did a few more things, made some notes and then printed out a picture of our little bitty baby.

“Now, Courtney I want you to start taking this prescription. They are for prenatal vitamins. No drinking, no smoking, if you exercise I want you to continue. Any questions about anything you let me know.”

He wiped the gel off my stomach and Reed helped me sit up. I couldn’t help but feel so excited, especially every time I peeked up at Reed and he was staring at the picture.

“When can we see him again?” Reed asked.

“Probably not until you move into your second trimester, that’s if everything is going well, which I have no doubt in my mind it won’t. You’re young, in excellent health and the baby is developing right along.”

He told a bit more information as we followed him out of the room.

“Reed, it was a pleasure meeting you. Hope to see you at the next visit.”

Reed nodded his head frantically and said, “Oh yes sir. I plan on being here for Courtney for each visit.”

Dr. Johnson grinned and looked at me and said, “He’s a keeper.”

“I think so.”

As we made our way out of the office I could help but notice Reed looking around. “What are you looking for?”

“Nothing,” he said as he continued to scan the area. Then he smiled and looked down at me. The moment he looked at me my lower stomach began throbbing and I was wishing we were alone.

He grabbed my hand and walked up to a door. He walked in and shut it. I looked around and noticed an empty office. I spun around and gave him a confused look. “Why are we in an empty office?”

He locked the door and then began walking toward me as he lifted his shirt over his head. “When we walked by earlier I heard someone say this office was now empty and I had an idea.”

I began chewing on my lower lip and let out a moan at just the idea of him making love to me here.

“I want you, Courtney and I can’t wait another second to bury myself inside you. So I’m going to fuck you, here, in this office. I don’t know how many people will  be walking by, or if someone is going to come back. We may get caught and kicked out of the hospital and risk our child not being allowed to be born here because his parents…”

“Her parents,” I quickly said.

Reed rolled his eyes and said, “His parents just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. It’s a risk, but baby I’m willing to take it.”

He pulled his shorts and underwear down in one quick movement and exposed himself to me. I let out a giggle and quickly stripped my short and panties from my body.

Reed walked up to me and took me and lifted me as I wrapped my legs around his body. “I love you, Courtney.

He slowly pushed inside of me and began moving in and out, whispering how much he loved and wanted me.

As my husband and father of my child made love to me I pulled back and looked into his beautiful eyes. He smiled sweetly at me and I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.

“This so pushes us in the lead of Whitley and Layton.”

Kelly ElliottAuthor Bio:

Who is Kelly Elliott?

Really I’m just a wife to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a nack for making me laugh almost daily and supports my crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason…he claims it’s because he loves me… I’ll just go with that one!

I’m also a mom to an amazing daughter who constantly is asking me to make her something to eat while she has her fingers moving like mad on her cell phone sending out what I’m sure is another very important text message!

Oh…and I like to sit down and write in my spare time!

I live in the Texas hill country and one of my favorite things to do is go for hikes around our property with my second favorite man, Gus….my chocolate lab and my sweet girl Rose, our golden retriever. When I’m not outside helping the hubby haul brush or move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for me that day, you will find me inside reading, writing or watching HGTV and soaking in a nice hot bubble bath…..yeah that last one I just made up but it sure does sound nice!!!

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