CAN’T GO WITHOUT by Angelisa Stone ~ Review

Loved this book!!!!

Can't Go Without (Oasis Waterfall, #2)Can’t Go Without by Angelisa Stone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Angelisa Stone’s cheeky style of writing. She keeps it fun and sassy but still manages to pull at your heartstrings.
Ah, Tristan O’Donnell not a complicated guy but so many complications. Your first introduction to this indifferent manwhore has you wanting to dismember him. But there’s always a story inside a cover. The family outcast, Tristan lives up to the ugly expectations in so many ways all to hide what is really going on.
Tristan is one of those characters that even if you wanted to dislike him for his crass, arrogant ways there’s no way you could deny his sincere, protective and loving side. Did I mention what a narcissistic ass he was? Did I also mention how incredibly loyal he is?
Sometimes family ties aren’t the ones that bind and sometimes they can become even more fortified. I really enjoyed how she played up the O’Donnell family dynamics.
And one moment, one tiny prick to your heart can change the lives of so many people.
Stone offers up a good balance of humour, sexy and sincerity. Her words demonstrate how she writes from her heart and personality. Can’t Go Without is a quick-paced fun read dipped in schmexy.
Want the perfect weekend or summer read- look no further as Can’t Go Without is it. While it can be read as a stand alone you can introduce yourself to some of the characters in the first book Can’t Go Home.

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