CAPTIVATING BRIDGE by Michelle Mankin~ Review

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One of my most favourite series– THE TEMPEST SERIES by Michelle Mankin is three books in now. #4 Relentless Rhythm is coming soon but check out my review for #3 CAPTIVATING BRIDGE. You will absolutely fall head over heels for Warren ‘War’ Jinkins. He’s an intense character for sure and so worthwhile your time to read all about him

Captivating Bridge (Tempest, #3)Captivating Bridge by Michelle Mankin

My rating: 3.5/5

Michelle Mankin is one of my favorite authors. The very person she is in life comes out in her stories and her writing—sincere, real, loving, fun, thoughtful and compassionate. CAPTIVATING BRIDGE was no different. Warren “War” Jinkins story was all those things. In every word Mankin made him speak on the pages of this instalment of the Tempest Series, I could picture War. Everything about him. His walk, his talk, his sadness, his hurt and his ability to love and to be loved.
Warren Jinkins is not the quintessential rocker, he is the quintessential misunderstood man. Another point of Mankin’s books is she writes beyond the rock and roll. Her characters are always complex and layered. War is by far her most intricate of characters. And I absolutely loved how she would change up what part of War we saw in every scene.
I will say that in all of Michelle Mankin’s books I have loved the female lead right from the first introduction. In Captivating Bridge, it took me a good part of the book to warm up to her. However, by the end of the story her authenticity revealed itself and she fit. She fit as one of Michelle’s female characters should fit with her rock boys.
I think War’s initial introduction and connection to the female character is what threw me off and bothered me for a good part of the story. I simply felt that given Warren Jinkins character, from our first introduction in the first Tempest book, Irresistible Refrain, he would have never connected with the female m/c. He was too angry and too hurt that I think Shaina (m/c) would have ticked him off more. She was too bubbly (and not that that’s a bad thing) that War wouldn’t have been in the mood to bother with her.
Shaina’s character too was one that was incredibly hurt and had much to give. In the beginning of the story, her father’s opinion would have been too important for her to introduce herself an connected with War the way she did. Also being a celebrity herself, she would have had some inkling as to who War was. She didn’t live under a rock.
Once I was able to get past this initial meeting between the two, I could see Shaina’s character more clearly. She ended up being a stronger and more real character for me.
Overall CAPTIVATING BRIDGE was a great read as all Michelle Mankin’s books are. War is an incredibly intense and on the edge character. I love that Mankin can create a character such as him that you can view in so many ways and angles. His story hits you straight in the heart and you can’t help but fall in love with him. He is one sexy front man who is more than just a rock boy.
If you haven’t started on this series you need to. The Tempest Series is one of my favorite. CAPTIVATING BRIDGE gets 3.5 stars.
I can’t wait for Dizzy’s story RELENTLESS RHYTHM!

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