~CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED by Aurelia B. Rowl~ Review

Christmas is CancelledI had the opportunity to read this a while ago. Any one you has read my reviews knows I’m not a big fan of novellas. Lately, some authors are making me eat my words. Aurelia B. Rowl is one such author. Christmas Is Cancelled left me pleasantly surprised.

One thing that I always enjoy in a read is geographic/ cultural slang. I have always found it interesting to compare to North American/Canadian slang. Rowl is from the UK so she did not disappoint in providing some of these phrases and words throughout the story.

Often times a novella lacks in development in both character and plot. Through the story and the epilogue Rowl did a good job of keeping the gaps from getting to loose and losing the essence of her story. She played the characters against and with each other that you knew just who they were and what they wanted. Dean and Tilly have a past that is so entwined and connected to each other that it was never severed even after so many years. Tilly is a strong woman but not so scorned that she doesn’t hurt. Her heart still bleeds and aches. She is also quick witted and warm. Dean is handsome not only in looks but his soul as well. He holds true to his word even if it means he is hurt. His heart never waivers although his resolve… One other thing that I found Rowl did quite well was write the story of a secondary character into the main plot. Novellas often have the secondary characters as fluff and insignificance. In Christmas is Cancelled, Phil plays quite a major role. In fact, you wouldn’t mind seeing where his character could go in another book.

One particular area of the story that I enjoyed is the epilogue. There are some letters or rather journal entries that solidify the story. They give it some soul. You’ll have to read to find out more.

Being a novella, Christmas is Cancelled is a quick read. It is a good one to read in between full lengths while you decide what is next on your list or even to take you out of that book hangover. I look forward to reading more from Aurelia B. Rowl. D 3.5/5

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