Connected by Kim Karr ~NEW REVIEW~

ConnectedI seriously don’t even know where to start with my review of Connected by Kim Karr.  I will say that Connected was so much more than I ever expected, definitely more than a 5 star read!!!  I will admit that my attention wasn’t immediately grabbed but that could have just been because of the head space that I was in because, by start of the second chapter I was completely hooked. I definitely couldn’t put this read down and was crushed when it ended, especially after I picked my jaw up off the ground!!!  OMG!!!  Connected had one of the best endings I have read in a very long time, you completely blew my mind Kim Karr!!!! 

Dahlia is simple character who has dealt with so much tragedy in her life, I fell in love with her right away. My heart ached for all she had been through in life.  I thought Ms. Karr did a fantastic job of acquainting the reader with Dahlia’s character.  Raine is amazing!  He’s strong, sexy, loving and tender.  The love he feels for Dahlia is so powerful!  He is every girls’s dream guy!  

I loved the musical references throughout Connected, I thought they were brilliant!  I honestly can’t put into words what I felt while reading Connected as I experience such a range of emotions.  Kim Karr damn near destroyed me but then she was forgiven for making me fall completely head over heals in love, then she blew my mind with an out of this world cliffhanger! Don’t worry people, this cliffhanger is AMAZING! The connection between Dahlia and Raine felt real and, their love was strong and pure.  Connected had amazing sexy love scenes and that was due to the connection created between the characters, it was so much more than sex, it was love.  We never know what’s in store when it comes to love, we all just hope to find that special someone we will feel Connected to!  Connected by Kim Karr should be your next read!  I can’t wait to read Torn!!!   N. 5/5



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  1. Alisa Kaminski says:

    Great review. I loved it too.

  2. Kelly says:

    His name is River.

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