Review Requests

  • ARC’s or digital copies are greatly appreciated but not mandatory and not required to be reviewed. If it’s something we want to read– we’ll read it
  • no compensation or payment of any form is received in exchange for an honest review
  • while we do our best to read and review everything, we simply cannot get to every single one. 🙁
  • reviews are posted around release time. (so not earlier)
  • reviews are posted to our blog, Amazon and Goodreads. They are also shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You will be contacted when our review goes live.

Nicola and I will read almost anything. Currently we are really into contemporary romance and New Adult/Mature YA. But that’s not to say we won’t read other genres. 🙂

We are big supporters and fans of the indie/ self-pub authors!

We are always open to requests. Just know that we have a growing TBR list and may not be able to get to your book right away.

* Although we would love to get to every book. Time just doesn’t allow for this. Please know we would love to but just can’t always. However, if there is a book that we definitely want on our TBR list but can’t get to in a timely manner, we always post these in our recommendations on the blog, FB and Twitter. Many of our followers respond with positive posts and book love.*

If you would like to submit your book for review request you can submit it here using this form

Thank you for considering Flirty and Dirty.



  1. You make requesting a review so super easy! Thank you!

  2. Hey, is there a way to know if our review requests have been accepted?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jill,

      At the present time we have hundreds of review requests to go through. Unfortunately we can’t get in touch with everyone as quickly as we would like to.

      Maybe you could email us again.

      Nic xo

  3. You guys are so organized it puts me to shame. haha

  4. M. Christine says:

    Thank you!

  5. TJ says:

    Hello from across the pond in Australia! Just came across this fantastic blog today. Well done ladies & thank you in advance for supporting the indie world of book publishing! I look forward to reading your recommendations!

  6. C. Michelle says:

    Such a simple and to the point form. Love it! Thank you =)

  7. carladoolin says:

    Hi, Denise and Nicola! I was so excited when I found a CANADIAN romance book blog! I live in Central Ontario, and wrote my first (and second) indie novel set in Newfoundland. My books are a celebration of romantic love and love of my beautiful country. I hope you will get a chance to read and review ‘Spitfire’, and I’ll continue to follow your lovely blog.

    All the best!

  8. Such an effortless way to post a review request! My tired fingers are thanking you lovely ladies right now. 😉
    Thanks so much for proudly supporting Indie Authors! I came across this pretty little part of the blogoverse today and it’s so deliciously pink I could gobble it up!
    Cheers from Down Under,
    Carmen Jenner

  9. Love the blog, found it through Twitter and thanks for making a review request so easy. Because of your review, I’ve just purchased Real by Katy Evans.

  10. Jo Bissell says:

    Wow – great form. Love the Indie Author support. Thank you!

  11. Feeling the love for indie authors!!! You ladies rock!! Thanks for making requesting a review so easy. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  12. L.B.Dunbar says:

    Hi. Just wanted to add to my review request that Melissa Brown recommended your group as a reputable blog site. Thanks for adding me to the group on FB. Thanks for loving NA, contemporary romance and indie authors.

  13. Tee Swan says:

    Hi guys
    Thanks for making this soooo easy!
    Can’t wait to hear from you, I think that you may just have the best job in the world, hehe. I have just started following you and am very impressed with your content.

    Enjoy xx

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