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Cut Too DeepCut Too Deep by K.J. Bell

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I can’t get enough of Miller!!!! Finding love in an unlikely and unexpected place.
I love when I can get lost in a book that doesn’t have the cookie cutter book boy with the cookie cutter sex scenes and the cookie cutter HEA.
KJ Bells’s CUT TOO DEEP had me turning the page from the very first chapter. The initial relationship between Miller and Hadley developed over letters. Although the physical attraction may have already been there, the emotional connection between the two became the foundation for their relationship. I really appreciated this aspect of the story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against sex in a book. In fact I love those books. But if a story doesn’t warrant those torrid F* scenes then don’t put them in. Yay for KJ Bell for not just adding gratuitous sex for the sake of a sale. It also is much more difficult to write a story than it is to write sex. We all know how sex ends. Do you know how the story ends?
But speaking of sex… those moments between Hadley and Miller were so sensual and truly loving. Hadley had a very dark past before Miller and there is no way she would have just jumped into bed with him– no matter how hot this gorgeous Italian made man was.
Cut Too Deep was well thought out and flowed well following the characters secrets. The twist in the story was good.
Mac, Hadley’s best friend– I loved his character. he was a great friend that also added some lightness to the story (Hadley’s backstory is quite heavy). I really hope there will be a follow up book that will feature Mac.
I think that Cut Too Deep, displayed KJ Bell’s writing talent well. She is able to write with a sincerity that is both beautiful and sexy. I love that she was able to write about an atypical book boy. He was mature (in his 30’s), he worked hard for his money (not just some random billionaire alpha) and family was extremely important to him. Taking care of his own. Hadley was not a pushover or some meek female m/c. She was fun, not overtly beautiful per se (unassuming beauty) and didn’t need to rely on a man to get on with life.
Cut Too Deep was a well written story and characters. It is definitely worth the time to read.

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