DEEPER by Robin York~ Review- Incredible Read!

There are some books that just resonate with you and you aren’t sure what it is about them but it consumes your thoughts trying to figure it out. Deeper by Robin York is one of those books. My review probably doesn’t do the book or the author justice but wow what an amazing story teller York is. I can’t wait to read more of her work.

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Deeper (Caroline & West, #1)Deeper by Robin York

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

what an incredible read!

Deeper by Robin York isn’t necessarily a new storyline/premise. However, what makes this book extraordinary is this author’s way with words. There are very few authors whose style of writing grips me in such a way that I want to crawl inside of the book to feel even more emotion. I found myself rereading passages for the pure lyrical beauty of the words. Robin York’s words are raw, edgy, concrete and emotionally charged.
I want to soak up the words endlessly.
The story itself was one that dealt with some troubling and common social topics. Both Caroline and West were great characters full of life. Their angst tugged at the heart and you couldn’t help but want to root for them. Their honesty and vulnerability was realistic and sincere.
Deeper is one of those books I can’t seem to articulate the beauty of. You just have to read it for yourself.
Can’t wait to delve into book #2 Harder where Caroline and West tell us more.  D 5 +/5

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