Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid ~NEW REVIEW~

Elements of Chemistry (Elements of Chemistry #1.1-1.3; Hypothesis, #1)41y3M6dBhHL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elements of Chemistry consists of 3 novellas (Attraction, Heat, and Capture) which tell the story of Kaitlyn Parker and Martin Sandeke, two college students who are currently chemistry partners. One night, Martin makes it clear that he wants so much more from Kaitlyn than to be just chemistry partners. Attraction, acts as the exposition of the story. It introduces us to our two main characters and sets the framework for the relationship to come. Heat, very much works as the conflict which will lead to the climax of the story. Finally, Capture acts as the climax and conclusion of our story.

Kaitlyn is your typical girl. She’s smart, pretty, funny, awkward, and a multitude of other things. The one thing I did notice about her was that she wasn’t perfect. You know. The A typical, model thin, weak, simpering female protagonist that so many author’s write about now. She has a brain and she uses it to speak her mind, quite intelligently I might add. Martin at first glance appears to be the typical boy from every other book you’ve read. He’s more beautiful than looking directly into the sun, he comes from money, has a chip on his shoulder, and of course wants the one girl who no one would ever predict he could love. But as we get further into the books, you begin to realize that there is so much more to Martin than meets the eye and that’s what gives this character weight.

But what I loved about these books was that I totally got this relationship. Reid painted these two in a way that made me the reader believe that they belonged together. Even though all the signs pointed to why they shouldn’t work, you get why they do. The other thing, pun unintended, was that their chemistry palpable. These two people just worked so much better together than apart.

The only reason this wasn’t a solid five-star read for me was at times Martin came across as an a*#hole. There were several times I struggled with his character, but in the end I trusted Reid to get me through it and in the end she did. The books are told through Kaitlyn’s 1st person POV and as I stated before there are 3 novella’s (approx 150 pages per book) that make up the whole series.

This was my first Penny Reid book and I can honestly say it won’t be my last. As an author, Reid brings such an original voice to books that I have not read before and doubt I will encounter again any time soon. She fills a void that, in my opinion, has been far too long vacant. One where smart women, write smart books, for other smart women. It was just so freaking refreshing.

Solid 4 star read from start to finish. I can’t wait to get my hands on another one of this author’s books. Brittany

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