EMERALDS by K.A. Linde~ Review

Touted as the queen of angst by many of her readers K.A. Linde is at it again with another instalment of the All That Glitters series. Emeralds (#2.5) Is Trihn’s story. If you’re a Linde fan this won’t disappoint. Check out my review.

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Emeralds by K.A. Linde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To love him and sex him or hate him and sex him? That is the question you will be asking yourself about Preston Whitehall. And I don’t know that you’ll have the answer by the time you’re done reading EMERALDS. But you will have oh so much fun navigating through it while reading about Trhinity and Preston. Classic to K.A. Linde stories, EMERALDS is full of angst, tugging of the heart strings, indecision, hotter than hot sex. I also love that girls in this instalment of the All That Glitters series are still strong and independent women.
What I love about Linde’s characters are how driven they are and ambitious they are. K.A. Linde never has to go into extreme physical details to give the reader a mental picture of how beautiful her characters are. They all have great charisma and personality that the images you have in your head are nothing less than sexy and hot.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Trinh after being introduced to her in Diamonds. Her back story (Emeralds) gives us more understanding of what she’s all about. Trinh’s story line is totally age and lifestyle realistic. It’s full of fun, sass and the unknown of the heart.
As always the boys in Linde’s books are drool and heart thumping worthy. Preston’s character is confident, smooth and charming. I wanted to love him and kick him within a single page. Damn him for having Jedi tricks.
I absolutely can’t wait for Platinum.
D 5/5

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