~EMERGE by S.E. Hall~ Review

17933507Hey everyone its Book Best Friends Naomi and Davetta back again! We have been lucky enough to be asked back to do another review for our favourite Flirty and Dirty Book Blog!! So without further ado this is our review of EMERGE by S.E Hall.

Davetta it’s great to be back reviewing another book so tell me, tell me what did you think about this book overall as I know you are not always so keen on the teenage love stories?

Well you are right about that BB I am so not into the teenage love stuff normally but I have to tell you this book blew that theory right out of the water.  I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have read about growing up and falling in love. This story just covered so many issues and I just loved the characters in the story.  I couldn’t put it down.

Naomi great to be back again! So come on girl what did you think about our teenage love triangle book?

Well BB I have to say that I could not agree with you more about this book, what a fabulous surprise it turned out to be.  Once I picked it up couldn’t put it down and the more I read the more I was pulled in, it was great. I also have to agree that this book did cover so many issues of growing up, I loved how the importance of friendship was portrayed and how the author got the message across that we all need people in our lives.

Davetta I know how important the lead lady is in a book for us and we are so not into the flaky whinging girlies we sometimes get what did you think to Laney?

Oh I am so happy you asked that question!! I loved Laney for so many reasons, firstly she was just so wise beyond her years and you feel like she doesn’t even realise how together she is.  My favourite traits in a leading lady are always a smart mouth and as you mentioned a non-whinger because hey real girls don’t whine they just get on! 😉 But even though Laney was tough and honest to a fault she had such a huge heart that sometime you just worried was going to get broken.  But Laney Walker took the hard knocks this book provided and carried on regardless and that is why I loved her.

What did you think of Laney Naomi??

I just could not agree with you more.  Laney has so many different dilemma’s and crappy situations to deal with and although at first you think she may just curl up and not deal with what life is throwing at her she comes out swinging (did you like my little bat reference there BB 😉 ) and I think that is when you meet the really Laney Walker that I felt had been hiding away and waiting to come out.  I loved her and her one liners she is for sure a great female lead and one I can’t wait to read more of.

So Davetta onto one of your favourite questions… what did you think of the boys?

Ha ha!! So I have to say when I read the synopsis and it said love triangle I wondered if it would be hard to read as I know we have both struggled with them before, but only because you always want one guy to be the victor.  Nuh uh not with this book I literally was like ‘NO pick him’ and then NO NO I think it should be him now’.  I have always had a favourite when reading these types of situations and it is nearly always from the beginning but that just did NOT happen with Emerge.  I literally loved Evan and Dane equally and they both said things that made my heart swell and just made me think ‘poor boys’ as neither deserved not to be with her. I mean poor Laney too because what an awful predicament to be in, having to hurt someone whether it be one of the boy’s or herself.   So even after reading this book I can still honestly say it is too hard to pick who the better man is!

Did you like the boy’s as much as I did Naomi??

Why of course BB!! Lol!! I thought that the love triangle in this book was brilliantly done and although I know I should have been of the same opinion as you about the boys I wasn’t. *hangs head in shame* I know I should have been conflicted and torn but I just knew who I wanted Laney to be with. What was so great was the fact that SE Halls wrote this book so honestly from both boy’s perspectives that I felt actual guilt at times for rooting for one person only… but hey what can I say… a girl wants what a girl wants!! 

Okay so last but not least our joint opinion on this book overall?

This book is predominantly about growing up and realising the limits and restrictions you and others give you without even realising. The issues of trust and honesty were so brilliantly captured in this story, making us as readers realise that heartbreak can be caused in so many more ways than just your lover hurting you.  

We both absolutely loved how the importance of friendship and love was portrayed and how no matter who we are we all need people in our lives that love and care for us.  We loved the people who became a part of Laneys life throughout this story, they were all awesome and although we really did love all of them, Bennett and Sawyer were our favourites as thier one liners (along with Laneys) had us laughing and smiling throughout the book.

So all in all we can honestly say we truly enjoyed this sweet but tough love story and felt the title is just so perfect because it is exactly what Laney Walker does, she Emerges into her life and into love learning so much along the way.  This book is the beginning of a series and we will be there on release day of the next book eagerly waiting to one-click!

Davetta – 5/5 Stars for this book that had me hooked by the first chapter

Naomi – 5/5 Stars for a book that took me by surprise

As always a HUGE thank you to the Flirty and Dirty ladies for this great opportunity!! We hope you like our review! 🙂

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