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We are excited to be on the FAITH Blog Tour. Brei Betzold is a new indie author this is her second book. This author is definitely coming into her own and developing her own vibe as a writer.  She creates great characters that are easily loved or you can just feel a connection to them. Her characters have edge but are full of heart. And… they are funny as s**t.  Brei Betzold has a great sense of humor that definitely parallels in her stories. Check out the excerpt and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end!!


Faith Synopsis:

Mags is a single mother, running her own business trying to make ends meet. Drake is an A&R guy for a local indie record company who has been working nonstop for a year. When both finally take a vacation with family and friends, they are forced to finally admit, at least to themselves, that they have feelings for each other.

When they go home, they find it even more difficult to put the past in the past and maintain a relationship strong enough to face the challenges ahead. Follow along as they try to make a relationship work while fighting demons of their own, through circumstances not of their making, and with family and friends trying to help.


Sam walked up beside me cocking his head to the side and pointed. “Is that…” Then he started laughing until he was gasping for breath.

I looked to what he was pointing at and saw it, they weren’t just lawn gnomes, they were zombie lawn gnomes.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, then looked again. There were zombie flamingos and a few flamingos with Santa hats.

“Is that”—laugh—“a gnome”—laugh—“eating a flamingo,” Sam gasped out.

“God Damn It, Devlin!” I yelled, which caused Sam to fall on his knees laughing.

I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose, and took a deep breath.  My HOA was going to have a fucking field day with this.

My cell started ringing, I pulled it out of my pocket hoping to see my fucking sister’s name but instead was Eli.

“Hey Eli,” I clipped out, all I heard in return is laughter. “Eli, you there?”

“Yes,” he gasped out.

“Uhm okay, what’s up?”

“Your sister.”

“Zombie flamingos and gnomes?” I asked.

“What?” he laughed harder. “No.” I heard him attempt to take a breath. “With X, he has”-laugh—“two reindeer mounting each other with Santa watching”—gasp.

“He what?” I asked fighting off laughing myself.

“And a sign that says, ‘Do it X treme’.”

“Oh hell.”

“X is pissed, but laughing his ass off.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling.” I looked over to find Sam with his phone out taking pictures. “Hey get pictures.”

“Already done,” he said. “So what’s this about zombie flamingos and lawn gnomes?”

So I filled him in on what I found in my yard, which had him in hysterics again.

I finally got off the phone with him and called Seth, when he answered he was pissed. “My fucking wife moved all of the furniture into the front yard and arranged it exactly like it was in the living room including the Christmas tree and presents.”

“She was here and at X’s too.”

“Oh fuck, what did she do?”

“Uhm she set up two Christmas reindeer in his front yard so they were uhm, copulating and I have a yard full of flamingos, zombie garden gnomes, zombie flamingos, and Santa hat-wearing flamingos.”

When he stopped laughing, “Have you seen my wife?”

“No, I was calling to see if you had.”

“She’s hiding, she’s not stupid.”

Faith is available for download now. It is the second book to the My Misery Muse Series. Book #1 is titled My Misery Muse.

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  1. Atrocious writing. This excerpt is not funny, just stupid. But worse are the many, many grammatical errors — at least two dozen in this short piece — and the awful way the dialogue just does not flow. I’ve read other excerpts of this…umm…not sure what to call it…and it’s all the same bad ugly writing. Two thumbs down.