~FAITHFUL by Kelly Elliott~ Review


So my review is kind of two fold this time around.

First the book as part of the whole series—I absolutely love this series. The sense of family is the driving force to my adoration for Kelly Elliott and her books. Ok—yes the book boys are freakin hot. But their sense of family and loyalty makes them that much more attractive as well. Gunner, Jeff and Josh are so incredibly invested with their heart and souls towards the women they love and their children makes them incredibly swoon worthy and notable. And I absolutely love the grandparents and parents of the main cast.

Another point that I love about Kelly’s stories is how she interweaves other characters stories into the main without it seeming disjointed or out of place. Again I think this comes from the sense of family whether blood or circumstance, that Kelly has created amongst all the characters. So Brad and Amanda’s story?—so tough and so real. You’ll have to read for details but I really liked this part of Faithful. Also the sub story surrounding Scott and Jess’s, although we have just been introduced to it, will be fabulous.

I have to mention that Kelly’s book boys are such gentlemen without being pushover puss pusses. They are thoughtful and loving yet at times are such guys that they are goofy and all out dense lol. In other words although they are fictional characters that can take away our daily grind they are not so over the top perfect that it’s just too much. Oh how I love Kelly’s cowboys.

The book girls are fabulous. I love their strength and smart mouths. I love that they stand up for what they want and draw strength and depth from each other. And I love how Kelly Elliott doesn’t forget that she is writing young women that there are times they jump to conclusions and maybe run their mouths more than they should. This makes them lovable, relatable and funny as all get out.

Kelly Elliott’s books are read worthy because she writes from the heart. She writes what she feels. Her books are funny, loving, endearing, sexy and down to earth.

What makes this two fold for me and in turn a 4 star rather than a 5 star read is some of the repetition. Throughout the book there were a few things that were repeated. One in particular was Josh’s smile—heart-stopping smile was made reference to in abundance. Now before y’all call in the firing squad, I don’t have a problem with Josh’s smile. In fact that is one of the things I find most attractive in a man. However, Josh was so much more than his smile and in fact Heather loved him for so much more than his smile. I felt like there could have been references to other parts of Josh that could melt our hearts and our panties. I know it seems trivial but it stuck out for me as a reader. And I’m one of Kelly’s extremely devoted fans so no hate please. I just wasn’t feeling that part of the story. After a while it felt frivolous for me.

Should you read Faithful- abso-freakin-lutely!!! Will you fall in love with these gorgeous Texans heck yeah!!! (no not Truck Yeah). Will you want more from Kelly Elliott? You know it!!! So if you haven’t got on the Wanted Series, you need to. D 4/5

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