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This Feature Friday we have the fabulous Liz Reinhardt! She is a Contemporary/New Adult writer who just released Fall Guy (a MUST READ BTW!). Her work includes the Brenna Blixen Series — Double Clutch, Junk Miles and Slow Twitch. She also collaborated with another fab writer Steph Campbell on the book Lengths (again another MUST READ). She is also the author of Inherit, a mature YA Paranormal, and Forgiving Trinity.

Flirty and Dirty got a chance to catch up with Liz and got a little interview. Here’s how it went down…

Thanks Liz– you know you rock right? We love you.

1. What is it about romance that makes you want to write about it?
I’m kind of a romantic at heart! I met my husband when we were pretty young, and it wasn’t always 100% easy and rosy. We had our ups and downs, but, in the end, we always worked really hard because we are just very much in love. And I love reading about that…about couples who work really hard and do the best they can and seem like maybe they make no sense together, but love each other so much, everyone wants to root for them! After more than 10 years together, I think my husband and I like each other even more than we did when we first me!

2. Do you think you might venture into other genres? (although we really like that you enjoy contemp/romance)

I actually did write a YA para, called *Inherit,* which was an incredibly fun experience and really made my brain work in a whole new way! And I started out writing adult contemporary romance, which was fun, but wasn’t drawing me the way Young Adult and New Adult romance. One thing I’d love to write about is those first few crazy, amazing years of marriage when you’re trying to get your footing and learn how to go from being two separate people to a working unit. And maybe the years with young children. Because little kids are hilarious and I honestly cannot think of anything sexier in my personal life than watching my young, crazy husband become this patient, loving father. It’s absolutely amazing!

3. You co-wrote Lengths with another amazing writer Steph Campbell– how was that? It seems like it would be a difficult task especially to get the right vibe to the book? (Lengths was some AWESOMENESS by the way)

Thank you so much! I’m so thrilled Steph agreed to work with me! What happened was that she was reading my book (*Forgiving Trinity*) while I was reading her book (*Grounding Quinn*), and we’d always been friends, but we suddenly got to emailing more and more. And we were joking that Trinity and Quinn were basically like sister separated at birth, and then I said that we should, maybe, someday write a book together. And Steph was like, “Dude. Don’t joke. Cause I’d love to do that.” She sent me this gorgeous picture from Pinterest and the idea of Marigold, Deo’s mom. Then I wrote a chapter. And she wrote one back. And I wrote another. It was amazing. The story just poured out of us, and I woke up every morning so excited to see if there was a new chapter. It was incredibly fun and Steph and I wound up developing this incredibly fun, easy, lovely, amazing relationship! We plan to write more books together, AND I’m super, super, super excited because I get to meet her at an indie writer get-together this weekend. After countless hours on the phone and online, this will be the first time we meet in person, and we absolutely cannot wait!

4. We gotta ask a couple of Fall Guy questions (I can’t just ignore the fact that Winch is one of the HOTTEST book boys ever!) — was there someone who was an inspiration for his character? or how did you come up with his whole timber/persona? He has just the right amount of bad boy.

This is so incredibly weird, but my first inspiration was this show called *My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.* My mom made me watch it. And there were these travelers who live in Great Britain and they work very hard, but are a little bit of outcasts. And it made me think, ‘What if you were a good person, but got tangled in bad stuff? What would you do?’ And I started re-watching movies like *The Godfather* (which I LOVE), and Winch just took shape in my head. I have a huge crush on him, and am so glad readers have loved him the way I do!

5. Will there be a follow-up to Fall Guy?

There will! I’m currently writing Benelli’s story! And it’s been so interesting, because, where Winch was stuck and looking to get away, Benelli is something of a daddy’s girl and wants to be more involved with the family. It’s just an extremely compelling premise! And I am so in love with Benelli and her man!

6. What do love most about writing? Cuz let’s face it– it’s not always easy.

I absolutely love it when the characters just jump up and down in my brain and demand I write their stories, even when I don’t want to or don’t feel like it. Some days it’s a bit of a grind, but when I go back and re-read, I realize that what was easy for me to write (or hard) is indistinguishable as long as I follow my characters’ voices. I just love when a seed takes root and blossoms in these crazy directions you never expected. It’s almost like looking at a baby picture of your child and thinking, “I have no idea what this baby will look like or be like.” And then, five years later, you look again and say, “Oh, of course! That’s exactly the way she was going to turn out and she’s perfect!”

7. Tell us one thing about Liz Reinhardt that isn’t related to books.

That’s a good question! I love violent, gory mobster movies! And documentaries about anything from the Dali Lama to marijuana! And crazy teen ballet dramas from Australia! I am a very eclectic movie/TV viewer! I hate cooking, I love travelling all over the world, and I plan to learn to ballroom dance one of these days, even if I’m a total klutz!

Thank you SO MUCH for asking me these great, fun, funny questions!! I had such a blast answering them! You girls ROCK!!

Liz is ROCKTASTIC!!! We love her here at Flirty and Dirty and we absolutely love her writing. If you haven’t read any of her books, you are seriously missing out and need to get them right away!!

Here are some links to her blog site and to her books available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble —

http://elizabethreinhardt.blogspot.ca/                                                                                                                            (blog site)

http://www.amazon.com/Liz-Reinhardt/e/B005LR2EW4/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1348812226&sr=8-2-ent (Amazon link)

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/liz-reinhardt?keyword=liz+reinhardt&store=allproducts               (Barnes and Noble link)

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