~FEATURES AND GOODIES~ An Interview with Kellan and Griffin from S.C. Stephens’ Thoughtless and Effortless (Thoughtless series)

Okay people… the Flirty and Dirty gals were lucky enough to be granted an interview with Kellan (lead singer) and Griffin (lead guitarist) from the famous D-Bags!!!!! I know– SQUEEEEEEEE. We just had to share with you all. So here it is…

As you all know Flirty and Dirty Book Blog’s most favorite band EVER is the Douchebags (or D-bags as they are also know) from Seattle, WA.  Kellan Kyle, the lead singer, has a voice that can turn you into a quivering mess.  The man is sex on legs.  If you don’t believe us just ask some of the ladies who were lucky enough to have membership in the “I’ve had sex with Kellan Kyle club”.  Sadly ladies Mr. Kyle is taken, he and his lovely girlfriend Keira seem to be going strong (we get first dibs if they break up!!!).   Griffin is the sexy bassist, he’s an absolute man-whore but from what we hear, he’s worth it ;-).  Kellan and Griffin have agreed to take some time out of their busy schedules to sit down and answer a few questions for us.

 ~wipes sweat from brow and takes deep breath~

Flirty and Dirty:

Kellan and Griffin, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us, we are two of your biggest fans EVER!


Kellan: Thank you very much. It’s always nice to meet the fans.

Griffin: Do we screw now or after the interview?

Kellan: Griff, if you’re going to keep coming with me to these things, you need to stop asking the interviewer that.

Griffin: What? It’s a valid question. I need to know what order we’re doing things.

Flirty and Dirty: Kellan


Are you currently on tour and if not do you have any tours coming up??  Your fans want to know where to find you!

Kellan: We’ve been touring off and on, but the really big tour is starting March 5th. We’re hitting just about everywhere, so you should be able to find us pretty easily.

Griffin: Especially me. I stand out.

Kellan: Your ego certainly stands out.

Griffin: So does my johnson.

Is Keira or will Keira be on tour with you?  If so, do you travel separate from the rest of the band or are you all on the bus together?


Kellan: Yeah, she’s coming. We’re all one big happy family on the bus.

Griffin: Yep, one big incestuous family.

Kellan: Not funny.

Griffin: Made me laugh.


What’s it like being stuck on a tour bus with a bunch of Douchebags?? LOL sorry we couldn’t resist that one!  In a confined space with a bunch of dudes for long periods of time must be tough (but us Flirty and Dirty girls would love to find out ~wink wink~) especially with Griffin!


Kellan: I don’t mind us all being together. It’s fun. But…touring does have its challenges. There are definitely a few things I would change, if I could. But overall, it’s great.

Griffin: Don’t be such a wuss. Every single minute of it is fucking fantastic.


Have you written any new material for the Douchebags?  If so, was there any particular inspiration behind your writing?


Kellan: I’m constantly writing new stuff. They may or may not make it into a song, but I’ve got pages and pages of lyrics. Most of the time I’m inspired by life, either my own or someone I’m close to. I like to write about things that matter to me.

Griffin: Like that song about banging random broads that you can’t even remember?

Kellan: That’s not what that song is about, Griff.

Griffin: Yeah, okay, Kell. Whatever. I’m not an idiot. I can put two and two together.

Kellan: Hmmm…do you know what two plus two equals?

Griffin: Fuck you.

Kellan: I’ll take that as a no.


The ladies really want to know, ok we really want to know, what was it about your girlfriend Keira that made you fall in love with her?  We are sad that you are taken but we very much love your girl!


Kellan: If you had a chance to meet her, you wouldn’t have to ask me what it was about her that made me fall so hard. You’d know. There’s just so much to love about Kiera. She’s warm, caring, absolutely beautiful. She’s a gift. I’m grateful every day for her.

Griffin: God, you’re so whipped.


Have you moved into the twenty first century yet and given up your Walkman for an MP3 player??  Who are you currently listening to?


Kellan: I don’t have time to figure that crap out. My Discman works just fine. I think I’ll keep it.

Griffin: Hey, Kell…what’s two plus two?

Kellan: It’s fuck and you.

Griffin: Dude, you gotta write that down. Those would be awesome lyrics.

Flirty and Dirty:  Griffin


You have a lot going on in your life, with the anticipated arrival of your daughter.  We were all surprised to hear that you were being taken off the market, but are you really off the market??


Griffin: Who the fuck said I was being taken off the market? I’m gonna be a dad…I’m not dying.


How excited about becoming a father are you?  Any words of wisdom for soon-to-be fathers?


Griffin: I can’t fucking wait. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m totally gonna teach her the guitar. She’s gonna be my rocker chick. And I’m gonna teach her to not let any dude fuck her over. That’s what all dads should teach their daughters.

Kellan: Interesting.

Griffin: What? Guys suck. I’m gonna teach my girl to stay away from ‘em.

Kellan: Very interesting.


How do you feel about raising a daughter?  I mean after all of the women you have bedded, how do you feel about someone treating your daughter that way?


Griffin: Huh? I’ll chop off any guy’s nads if he even looks at my girl wrong.

Kellan: God, do you even listen to yourself?

Griffin: What the fuck are you going on about? I’m talking about protecting my little girl.

Kellan: And you don’t see any correlation between how you treat women and how you want your daughter to be treated?

Griffin: Uh…no. Those chicks aren’t my kid. What do I care what they do? Or who they do…especially if it’s me they’re doing. Like I’m gonna put a stop to that.


How is Anna feeling?  Are you being attentive, looking after her needs?


Griffin: Oh, don’t you worry. I take care of any need Anna has. Repeatedly.

Kellan: And loudly.

Griffin: Hey, I can’t help it if my girl’s a screamer.

Kellan: I meant you.

Griffin: Fuck, if you knew the things Anna can do, you’d scream too.


Will Anna and the baby tour with you or will you be solo?  Does Anna trust you?


Griffin: Trust me with what? Anna and me, we don’t have rules. Not like this pussy-whipped pansy.

Kellan: Hmmm…


Will you change your skirt chasing ways to settle down as a family man??  There will be a lot of broken hearts if that happens!


Griffin: Pffft. I don’t plan on changing. Ever. I fucking love who I am. Take me or leave me.

Kellan: That’s not what I heard.

Griffin: Excuse me?

Kellan: Nothing. I said nothing.


Ok, so we just HAVE TO know, how did your junk get named “The Hulk” and is it true??


Griffin: Here, I’ll show you. You can see for yourself how I got the nickname. Careful though, you do not want to make him angry.

Kellan: Jesus Christ, Griff. Zip up your pants! God, I apologize. He’s very unprofessional.


Flirty and Dirty:  Kellan and Griffin


This question is for both of you… what is it about being on stage that you love? (Griff, you’re not allowed to answer ‘women’)


Griffin: What do you mean I can’t answer women? You want me to lie? Fine…tits. I get flashed every night, and I fucking love it.

Kellan: You’re so deep, Griffin. It’s like I can feel my mind expanding when you talk.

Griffin: Hey, I’m just being honest. You’re gonna be lame and say music, aren’t you?

Kellan: Well, that is a highlight. And the fans. I just love being able to connect with them. And seeing them singing along. I love that. There’s something surreal about watching someone sing words that I created. It’s incredible. I’ll never get tired of it.

Griffin: Yep. Lame.


We would really like to thank you both for taking the time to talk to us!  Say “Hello” to Keira and Anna for us and tell them that the Flirty and Dirty Book Blog girls have their backs  🙂


Kellan: I will definitely say hello for you. Thank you for having us. Maybe next time, I’ll gag him.

Griffin: Ooooh, yeah. Ball gag. Oh God, that reminds me, Anna did this thing last week, where she took this ball and ran it up my—

Kellan: I will let you play lead tonight if you stop talking, right now.

Griffin: (Waves goodbye)


  1. svannort says:

    Too cute! Love Kellen and Griffin! 🙂

  2. I have had these books on my shelf for 6 months now I have got to read them!! Great interview!!!

    • flirtyanddirtybookblog says:

      What are you waiting for??? These are some of the most brilliant novels ever written!! Hurry up and get reading, you are missing out 🙂

  3. Ha I love it and Love Kellan too, Griff your a D Bag:0)

  4. Lee Clements says:

    Fantastic!! Love it.!

  5. Dione Sage says:

    I loved this interview! Good job F&D and thanks for sharing some insight with us on two of my favorite guys!

  6. Loved it as always Griffin never ceases to amaze me with the stuff that comes out of his mouth as for Kellan he’s so hot

  7. Brooke says:

    I LOVE THESE TWO!!! Griffin has me in hysterics laughing and Kellan just warms my heart!! One week, one week, one week….that’s my mantra…one more week. I might not make it!!!

    Awesome interview ladies!

  8. Joy says:

    Brilliant interview…had me laughing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. Fabulous interview, girls! Thanks so much for “enduring” Griffin 🙂 and sharing all the goods with us!

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