~Features and Goodies~ INTERVIEW with J Sterling author of THE PERFECT GAME

It’s Feature Friday again people. This week we have Jenn Sterling. She is a fantastic writer and an avid photographer. Her AMAZING NEW RELEASE The Perfect Game is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble along with her other books. Go get it!!!!

Her other books include:  Chance Encounters

In Dreams (The Dream #1)

Before the Dreams (The Dream #2)

This busy Goddess took time out to chat with Flirty and Dirty and answer a few questions. Check it out..

Why/how did you come to choose baseball as the sport revolving around The Perfect Game?
 This book is basically a huge part of my college life all wrapped up in one fictional tale. Baseball is the only sport I love. I grew up watching it and I played softball for over 12 years. The bottom line is, I know baseball (and ball players) intimately. I feel comfortable talking about the sport, the stereotypes and the guys who play it. 
Is there something about the name Jack?– because you had a similar name in Chance Encounters– Jax/Jackson
LOL- I only realized that AFTER I freaking named Jack, Jack. In all honesty, Jack’s original name was Logan. And the book was originally called “leap of faith.” Once I really got into writing the story, Logan wasn’t a strong enough of a name for me for this character and I needed something STRONGER- something that sounded good coming out of a loud-speaker (no offense all the Logan’s and Logan mommy namers out there). I literally sat on my couch yelling JAAAACK ??? CARTERRRRRRR and I was like, “yep. That’s the name.” lol
I love Cassie’s character. I love her smart mouth. I definitely see you in her. Have you always been that girl?
YES! I have always been a sarcastic, smart-assed, foul-mouthed sassy pants. That’s one of the things the real Jack Carter said about why he liked me. My attitude and its problem. LOL
Name a couple of songs from The Perfect Game playlist.
EASY! It’s way more modern of a playlist than I would usually use to write, but it’s what worked for me. This thing was on repeat the entire time I wrote. 
What happened to u- Usher
Love Somebody- Maroon 5
Nothing- The Script
Let Me Down- Kelly Clarkson
The whole playlist is here http://theperfectgamebook.blogspot.com/p/music.html
I loved that you integrated photography into the story and Cassie’s character. You are a rock star photographer yourself. What is it about photography that you love so much?
Everything that Cassie loves about photography is very much what I love. When I wrote what she loved about it, I really dug deep into what I loved about it and wrote it from my heart. I love the freedom of photographing things the way I choose to see them- framing them how I want- no rules- not bound by anyone else’s opinion, view or demands.. I’m big on freedom right now. lol
Tell us one thing about you not related to writing or photography.
I’m INCREDIBLY spiritual (not religious). I believe in ghosts, spirits, reincarnation and that people can really talk to the dead. But then again, if you’ve read In Dreams, you already know this about me. HA
We’ll definitely have to read In Dreams now. 😉 

You can find out more about The Perfect Game on its very own blog:


You can also go to her author page on Facebook:


Thank yo so much for taking the time to chat with us. You are the GODDESS of many varieties! We loves you <3

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