~FEATURES AND GOODIES~~ Teaser from Liz Crowe’s FLOOR TIME – Stewart Realty Book 1

If you haven’t had a chance to read Floor Time by Liz Crowe, here is a fabulous teaser 🙂


“I love you Jack.” He dropped down and tugged her arms over her head, pinning them there, making her whole body sing with response to this small gesture. His lips hovered over hers. She shut her eyes, waiting for the inevitable smart-ass remark or equally flippant response, hating herself for admitting it. “I shouldn’t, but I do, and I probably shouldn’t have said it either,” he cut her off, his lips on hers. He kept his body separate, their lips and his hands on her wrists the only connection. When he broke away, he shifted the hand holding her down, threaded his fingers through hers and gripped hard. The tenderness in his gaze forced her to look away.

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