~FIGHTING FOR FLIGHT by J.B. Salsbury~Review




So I came across Fighting For Flight by J.B. Salsbury while cruising through some new releases.  There were a few things that immediately hooked me into getting this book.  First, the characters names – they hadn’t been used yet in other books and Jonah Slade just rolls of the tongue in a sexy way. Raven sounded like a tough girl that could hold her own yet be caring and loving.  JONAH!  I just love saying his name.  Then there was the fact that Jonah was an MMA fighter. So we still had the tatted up bad boy image without using the guy from the wrong side of the tracks, misunderstood brooding type or the hottie rock star.  Could this draw into the story be any more enticing?  How could a muscled, tatted up hottie named Jonah not make you want to read the book?

When I started reading Fighting for Flight, I was instantly hooked—and not by Jonah but by the female primary Raven Moretti.  This girl has attitude and I don’t mean in a bad way. She has spice to her yet she maintained a sweetness to her that made you love her.  She isn’t an in your face character yet she is strong and has such presence.

Jonah and Raven’s connection is believable and written well. She grounds him and brings some calm to his intense celebrity life all while figuring out her sexy and alluring side.  Raven’s character also didn’t make excuses for her life. I liked that she took it how it was thrown at her.

I mentioned that Jonah wasn’t the typical book bad boy. What makes him such a fabulous character is that his story is credible. Salsbury did a great job of layering Jonah Slade. His sports figure status I think also added to his likability. As a reader, it’s almost like we can see falling for a sports star over another type of celebrity. He wasn’t uni-dimensional—he wasn’t just a bad boy player.  One point that I really enjoyed was his relationship with his mom. They were solid and close. Jonah had a lot of respect for her and held his mom in high regard.

Blake—now here’s how a secondary character should be presented in a book. He will have you laughing your a** off with his quick lines and clenching your thighs with all his schmexy no filter attitude. He is one definite reason to read Fighting For Flight.

This is J.B. Salsbury’s debut novel and she writes with an experience and maturity not often found in new writers. Her characters are well thought out and well developed.  As for her story she interwove smaller stories seamlessly and the over all story flowed and left me not wanting to come to the last page.  She added an element of suspense, love, humor and life without making it a jumbled mess. And let’s face it well written book hotties and strong women make for the perfect all nighter 😉  D 4.5/5

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