FINDING MY WAY (Beaumont #4) by Heidi McLaughlin~ Review

I love this series, the boys of 4225 West are hot and oh so loving. They have their hang ups to work through but you will fall in love with them. here is my review for the fourth book in the series, FINDING MY WAY…

Finding My Way (The Beaumont Series, #4)Finding My Way by Heidi McLaughlin

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I was provided an ARC by the author for an honest review…

I love the boys of Beaumont. And the front man from 4225 West, Liam Page has a story to tell that will make you love him even more.
Go back ten years when the transformation of Liam Westbury to Liam Page all began. The pressures of being the town golden boy can be insurmountable for most add to that a family and an entire town that just doesn’t understand there is more to life outside of football and a small town. What will you end up with? One heck of a rebellious teenage boy who is trying to find direction, purpose and somehow do it on his own—for those who never really understood him in the first place.
I really enjoyed how Heidi McLaughlin tapped into that small town mentality of either becoming a lifer or getting out of there and never looking back. I thought it was sincere and also applied to so many of us, especially when we are young and trying to find our niche in life.
There were times I thought Liam presented as too mature for an 18 yr old and senior in high school but at the same time he was not living your typical teenage carefree life. He had the weight of his family, his name and his town all on those young shoulders.
During Liam’s time in Los Angeles, we get to see his reckless and rebellious side. I like this bad boy persona on him. Not because he was a bad boy but because the driving force in everything he did was for the ultimate outcome of love and family.
As this is a prequel of sorts to Forever My Girl it was a great read to see where the characters from the first installment came from. For example, Sam Moreno is quite a dynamic character in Finding My Way and after having thought she was such a B**CH in Forever My Girl, I had a shift in my opinion of her. A very small shift but hey… Also in book one Liam comes across as a bit of jerk but again in this installment, reasons become clearer. I almost wish I could have read this as the first in the series. Either way will not affect the series and the story line. I would just like to know if my opinions of the characters would be different.
There were parts of the story where Liam was repetitive and should just shut up and deal or take direct action and stop whining about it. But ultimately that was his hang up and something that he struggled with all the time. He did come across too soft when it was his choice in the first place.
Overall I really enjoyed this story, loved that we got the window into the past, and love my boys of Beaumont. Having read all the other books in the story, you see the growth in the characters and the story. Heidi McLaughlin’s Beaumont Series is definitely worth the one clicks and the time to read. Not to mention Harrison James is in them. 😉
D 4/5

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