FIRST POSITION (Dirty Dancing #1) by Melody Grace~ Review

First Position  (Dirty Dancing, #1)First Position by Melody Grace

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Italian hotness!!!
Can we say hot!!! First Position is sensually charged. I absolutely loved the quick paced dance with words. Melody Grace did a fabulous job of instantly setting the stage and drawing us into the performance.
The chemistry between the characters was definitely electric and I liked the forbidden aspect of it. Raphael and Annalise are the ideal of opposites attract. His uninhibited sensuality and her almost naive closed off attitude are a perfect pairing as the two dance their way through seduction, lust and need. Raphael is all sorts of Italian hotness. While reading First Position, I could picture him in perfect fitting clothes and the smoothest voice (like silk and wine) and Annalise, I could see trying to remain in the mold but desperately wanting out too. And taking place in Italy– it can’t get more sexy and romantic than that. Melody Grace assaults all your senses when reading this hot little number.
Because this part of a serial, the story is quick paced and easy to read. it’s packed full of story and when you get to the end, you definitely want more. I can’t wait to see where Raphael and Annalise go from here, especially from where this story left off. Definitely one click this one.
D 4/5

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