FlirtySubs Exclusive ~ A Sexy Max POV from Work of Art -The Unveiling by Ruth Clampett

23411923 Flirty and Dirty Book Blog, along with our blog sisters, The SubClub Books, are thrilled to bring you this Exclusive, Sexy ~ POV from Maxfield Caswell of Work of Art – The Unveiling.



As I drag the brush dripping with crimson paint across the blank canvas I keep glancing over to the canvas on my right. I keep going back to this last work, layering more paint, more color but I’m still furious because it isn’t right. I hate it. At this very second I hate everything about it, and I take my palette and hurl it at the travesty pretending to be a painting.

“Worthless piece of shit!”

The violent act scars the canvas surface with blotches of random color. The initial satisfaction of letting out my rage is short lived. What in the hell is wrong with me?

If Ava were here she would soothe me and quiet the ugly noise in my head. I’ve ached for her since Santa Fe and suddenly not having her with me is unbearable. I don’t give a fuck about the late hour or the number of miles between us. I grab my stuff, get in my car and fire up the engine. I need to get to her.

I’m almost to Ava’s house when I realize that showing up in the middle of the night without warning might not be a good idea so I pick up my phone.

Her sleepy voice is the best sound. “Hey, handsome. What’s up?”

The words tumble out of me, probably not making any sense at all until she says exactly what I need to hear.

“Come over. I’ll be here waiting.”

When I’m finally on her couch she’s my port in a storm, touching me, grounding me, and reminding me how big love can be.

Hey eyes light up when I open my bag and give her the books I bought for her project. I’ll buy her books every day just to see that sweet smile.

“Max, what made you think to get me these?”

Doesn’t she understand that I’d do anything for her? 

I peel away all the darkness so she can look in my heart. “Don’t you realize that I’m always thinking about you, and want to help you? I want your happiness more than my own now. I fucking love you, Ava.”

Her face is full of emotion, as she sighs and crawls over my thighs. I ascend to my kind of heaven when she straddles me. The way she tenderly cups my face with her hands before she kisses me douses my flames of anxiety. Now a different kind of fire’s lit and I’m burning.

I run my hands over her silky skin as she sinks onto my lap where I’m hard for her. When I part her satin robe open and she’s gloriously naked I’m overcome with raw desire.

She undoes my jeans and I help her. When her hand is finally gripping my cock she licks her lip, her expression brimming with lust as she whispers, “Do you know how good it feels when you’re inside me?”

If you tell me Ava, I may never leave.

She takes a deep breath as she lifts her hips and hovers over me.

“Come on, baby,” I whisper, my eyes focused where she’s pressed against me.

We both moan as she sinks down until I’m completely inside of her.

I take a sharp breath, close my eyes, and thank the gods for this otherworldly woman who can both bring me to my knees and make me fly.

She rocks her hips slowly, my head falls back, but my gaze never breaks away from hers. She knows she owns me as she rises and falls over my world.

I love her soft until she begs for hard, watching her eyes widen and feeling her heart pound under my fingertips. My hands slide down to cup her ass as I guide us to the point where things get wild.

With each hard swivel of her hips I’m more stirred up.

“Like this?” She asks her skin damp, her hair tangled wisps around her face.

Oh yeah, just like this baby. Fuck me forever.

“…this is all I need.”